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“I Think I Miss You” But “I’m Here Now” With New Music | Fresh Music Freaks

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Disclosure – “My High”

After launching “ENERGY”, their third album, with the rousing title track last month, Disclosure returns with another pulsing new single My High”. This track finds Aminé and slowthai going head to head on an insanely exciting hip-house rampage. This release further demonstrates the versatility and innovation harnessed by the Lawrence brothers.

Jack Garrett – “Love, Death & Dancing”

English alternative electronic singer/producer Jack Garratt released his highly anticipated sophomore album “Love, Death & Dancing“. The mature second album is laced with lyrical tales of disappointment and reinvention and a unique production style that ushers in many breathless moments. Jack’s modern pop sound is unforgiving, dramatic, and uplifting all at the same time. Keep an eye on this progressive singer as he claims 2020 as his year!

Maya Jane Coles – “Gravity” (Remixes)

Maya Jane Coles has unveiled the remix package for her latest single Gravity“. The three-track remix EP features remixes from some of dance music’s most revered names. First up, Canadian favorite Jacques Greene delivers a shimmering, sparse take on the original that ensures Ry X’s delicate vocals take center stage. Calibre then steps up with a richly melodic drum & bass edit before Emanuel Satie’s crafts a moody, atmospheric rework. This remix release has a little something for everyone!

Louis the Child – “Here for Now”

Chicago-bred production duo Louis The Child release their debut album “Here For Now“, which is comprised of fourteen anthemic tracks with features from the likes of EARTHGANG, K.Flay, Foster The People, Bob Moses and more. The new album is a must for your summer playlist!

The Lights Downtown – “I Think I Miss You”

The Lights Downtown release their newest single, “I Think I Miss You,” a nostalgic sad song you can party to. It’s the soundtrack for the period after a relationship ends, where you think you want to get back together, but it’s probably not the best idea. You’re torn because you kinda feel like you hate them, but you can’t stop thinking about them, and you don’t even know if you were right for each other. All you know is that you think you miss them. This track is so relatable because we’ve all been in this situation.

GATTÜSO & Laidback Luke – “Heart on my Sleeve”

GATTÜSO teams up with dance music icon Laidback Luke and pop artist/songwriter Sarah Reeves for the summertime smash “Heart On My Sleeve”. The explosive electro song has everything fans want in an anthemic dance hit; soaring vocals, a powerful build-up, and a cascading and energetic drop. GATTÜSO and Laidback Luke showcase their penchant for progressive-house in this collaboration, combining elements of each producer’s signature sound to create the perfect heat-seeking tune.

Bonnie X Clyde – “Love is Killing Me”

BONNIE X CLYDE, who is Paige Lopynski and Daniel Litman, have released their brand-new summer single “Love Is Killing Me” on Ultra Records. It’s an electronic power-packed love song but its theme can also be applied to other life experiences.

Ian Axide – “Spherical”

Multi-faceted Spanish producer, DJ and label boss Ian Axide released his eagerly anticipated debut album “Spherical“. Known for his highly experimental soundscapes and hard-hitting atmospheres. Ian’s uniquely underground treatment across the entirety of Spherical is both wonderfully dark and hypnotic, whilst maintaining the impressive quality of engaging the listener from the very start. Complete with incredible complexity, energy, and intricacy across its ten-track duration. Ian capitalizes on his innate ability to draw you into a dark, industrial construct, as he explores a remarkable array of timbres from across the techno spectrum.

Molly Parton – “Americans”

Molly Parton unveils his newest single “Americans“. Constantly challenging the status quo with his sound and forward message, Molly Parton creates a shining testament of strength and togetherness in his newest track. Taking a powerful stance in the world of country music, Molly Parton advocates for the side of country music rooted in powerful storytelling and community, themes which, in his words, “are integral to understanding and being an advocate for many of the civil rights battles being fought around the world today.” Despite its lighthearted production, “Americans” is a Herculean call for unity.

DVRKO – “Lights Up”

Enigmatic, masked artist, DVRKO, releases his second original single, “Lights Up”. Buoyant and building, this track seizes music-lovers’ yearning for all that’s life-affirming with an unabashed, hands-in-the air exuberance. “Lights Up” conjures the summer concert atmosphere with a promise that all is not lost. The vocal melody feels just right, like something from a dream that’s been yearning to be sung. DVRKO is here to lead the charge with his dynamic blend of swelling sonic climaxes and monstrous beats. “Lights Up” is a song of perseverance that feels like… hope.

FLAK – “Waiting Up For You”

FLAK releases his newest single “Waiting Up For You” featuring the Danish acoustic pop singer Michael Hauste. This new release is an electro-pop gem that will have you singing along in no time!

Conrank – “Sound Burial”

Worldwide DJ and producer Conrank releases his newest track Sound Burialfeaturing legendary drummer KJ Sawka. This new release is hype from the second it starts, with dramatic percussion and a super catchy hook. This will definitely be a new dancefloor favorite!

Galvanic & DLJ – “Dead Man”

Galvanic and DLJ deliver their emotionally-sound and intellectually riveting single, “Dead Man“. This release is a narcotic, stark, and shadowy single that explores the unwelcome symptoms of the human experience. Combining the musical elements of electronic, indie, and hip-hop, “Dead Man” is a place where poetry and pain collide. Its stripped-back nature is hypnotizing, allowing the powerful lyrical content to reign high above the beautifully simplistic production. This collaborative gem comes at a time in modern history where pain and heartbreak are all too familiar. A powerful and authentic manifesto, “Dead Man” is a gift stitched together by the hands of empathy and vulnerability.

Vintage Culture – “Vintage Culture & Friends 3”

Vintage Culture debuts “Vintage Culture & Friends 3“, a collaborative five-track EP featuring Gabe, KVSH, Dashdot, and Meca. Vintage Culture stays true to boundary-breaking form in his new release. A sonic showcase of the Brazilian powerhouse’s various strengths, Vintage Culture flexes his unique style while simultaneously breaking the mold. Each track on the EP boasts a stunning lyric video. A journey outside of typical comfort, “Vintage Culture & Friends 3” solidifies the producer’s legacy as a powerful authority in club music around the world.

Daniel Dejman – “Go Back”

Up-and-coming techno maestro Daniel Dejman is back once again with yet another unyielding original production and his second offering of the new decade, “Go Back“. The atmospheric, spine-tingling tune immediately begins with an enveloping sense of palpable urgency, interlaced with a heavy vocal over a compellingly rich bassline. The ruthlessly propulsive rhythm carries throughout the entirety of its nearly five-minute runtime. All of the track’s unique auditory qualities blended with one another produce a dimly lit cerebral effect on the listener and flawlessly underscore what makes Daniel Dejman’s signature brand of heart-fluttering, heady techno so appealing.

Obylx – “Invincible”

Bristol-based producer obylx releases his newest single Invincible“. This latest anthemic offering includes electronic-rock vocals and futuristic future bass production stylings. This track is a triumphant piece of work that represents the progress obylx has made since the release of his previous single, highlighting a clear path of mental development and climb. The musician is honest with his fans, sharing “there’s still a way to go” but the hope and sheer unstoppable attitude found within the single leaves the listener with the firm belief that anything is possible.

Slow Magic – “Somewhere”

Slow Magic looks to the horizon with his newest single “Somewhere” featuring Woven In Hiatus. This track serves as a bustling testament to the producer’s strengths. Kicking off with buoyant staccato synth work, Slow Magic quickly unfurls into his illustrious effervescent sound. Woven In Hiatus’s coos crescendo into the mix as the pair carry on in sweet serenity.


New Zealand-born indie-electronic producer BAYNK has unveiled his hotly anticipated new EP A STUDY IN MOVEMENT“. This new EP is a multidisciplinary project that illustrates BAYNK’s wide-ranging artistic talents. It’s a must to check out for your summer playlist!

* Featured Image | via Disclosure, Jack Garratt, Daniel Dejman, and Conrank*

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