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” I Like To” “Stay” And Listen To All The Hot New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Autoerotique – “Count on You” (Youngr Remix)

UK producer Youngr has released a superb rework of Autoerotique’s “Count On You”. Youngr has been sweeping fans off their feet with his vivacious bootlegs for quite some time now, and he’s doing it all over again with this brilliant edit. Sporting a ridiculously funky groove that pushes the moment into full swing and then some, this bootleg further cements Youngr’s reputation as one of the most gifted creators out there whilst expertly building to the full release of the bootleg mixtape in September. Until then, a new bootleg will be released every week!

Gentlemen’s Club – “Death Club”

Gentlemens Club returns to Bassrush Records with a lethal collab “Death Club.” They have brought on fellow Bassrush alum Aweminus on a massive track that perfectly brings both of these heavy-hitting artists into the fore.

Justin Martin – “Stay” (Tchami Remix)

Justin Martin‘s released “Stay” back in April and it’s a stunning emotive house cut that sways and bounces beautifully through Martin’s idiosyncratic style. Now, we have Tchami stepping up on the remix duty. This new rework is a funky house gem!

Cheat Codes – “Heaven” (Niiko x SWAE Remix)

Multi-platinum electronic music trio Cheat Codes have tapped LA-based duo Niiko x SWAE for a new house cut of their latest single “Heaven“.  An instant classic from the first beat, the song fuses elements from all over the house spectrum and provides the perfect dose of escapism during this time. Niiko x SWAE add their signature upbeat and vibrant spin on the original tune, shifting the pop-driven single into a danceable house track. Their rework will be the lead single on the full official remix package.

Oblyx – “Through The Night”

Bristol-based producer obylx released his latest single Through The Night“. Opening with an orchestral tone, the new track stands as a triumph to boldness and subversion. There is a darker element, acknowledging the previous situation the artist found himself escaping and yet with its bold, brass instruments and jagged electronic embellishments, a sense of pride is portrayed. Acting as a single of both encouragement and triumph, obylx continues to share his own personal journey with the world in a unique manner.

Rob Tiera – “For You”

Burgeoning DJ, producer, and all-round musician Rob Tirea returns with his brand new single For You“. This new release is an emotive deep house opus that’s as fun as it is impassioned. The cinematic track opens with minimal flair, highlighting Rob’s own textured, pitch-bending vocals alongside atmospherically heady-house production elements. Drawing the listener in closer and closer, the cut begins to swell, picking up its pace in preparation for a euphorically anthemic drop and subsequent groove-induced walking bassline. The subtle beat permeates throughout its entirety, maintaining Tirea’s irresistible signature four-on-the-floor momentum. Wholly multifaceted, “For You” is another prime example of the L.A.-based musician’s keen penchant for producing quality, club-ready dance music with an indie-pop edge.

Annix – “I Like To”

Drum & Bass duo Annix release their newest single “I Like To”. This new track is a throbbing, dynamic bass fueled hit! With its powerful beats and catchy hook, this single is bound to be a new fan favorite.

Rainer + Grimm – “Home”

Rainer + Grim release their newest single “Home” featuring Brianna Corona. The track is about letting go of unnecessary stress and remembering to enjoy life, something we all desperately need right now.

Kat Saul – “Monsters”

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Kat Saul releases her new single “Monsters”. This release explores the fear that comes from the unknown, something that I think we can all relate to right now.

MNNR – “Close Your Eyes”

Rising Italian producer MNNR has been making an undeniable splash in the house music space.  His latest creation “Close Your Eyes” sees him channeling a more underground tech approach, which he utilizes a reverberated vocal loop, wonky flourishes, dark melodic pads, and clutch 808 percussions.  

Cali Rodi – “God Save The Queen”

Cali Rodi released an empowering new pop anthem, “God Save The Queen,”. The idea behind this track came to Cali after suffering a physical assault in broad daylight. No one helped her, no one wanted to get involved, and it got her thinking about how hard it is to be a woman existing in this world. She has transformed her own struggles into an empowering anthem!

snny – “Postmodern Black”

Rising international musician snny has released his latest single, Postmodern Black“. Opening with strong, bold notes an “in your face” bassline, this release quickly eases into itself. snnys mature vocals complement the cheerful synth lines, creating an effervescent atmosphere and drawing the listener along with its carefree style. Encompassing independence meeting positivity, the single lays down a solid sonic path towards individualism and free-spirited attitudes.

*Featured image | via Youngr, Rainer + Grimm, Niiko x SWAE, and MNNR*

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