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“I Just Wanna Dance” and “Only” To This Hot New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Above & Beyond – “Club Mixes”

Above & Beyond is keeping us excited with the flow of new releases and the first to come our way is a collection of their “Club Mixes“. It spans fifteen years and contains some of the band’s most influential catalog. The timeline begins in 2006 with the iconic “Alone Tonight” right up to now with “Bittersweet & Blue”. The Anjunafam can also soothe those quarantine blues and get their weekly Group Therapy fix with Tony and Jono from Above & Beyond during their weekly isolation live streams on Twitch as part of #AnjunaUnlocked. Head to twitch.tv/anjuna to check the weekly program of live streams.

Disclosure – “ENERGY”

U.K. duo Disclosure releases their new single “ENERGY” ahead of the August release of their new album of the same name. “ENERGY” puts a raucous Brazilian rhythm to the track against cut-up samples of Eric Thomas. Thomas gives the whole album a kind of manifesto: “Look! Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Are you hearing me?” The single will definitely bring you to your feet and roaring with positive energy!

Mark Farina – “The Story”

Om Records is celebrating twenty-five years in the game this year! One of the legends to call Om home dating back to his early days of Mushroom Jazz is none other than the maestro himself, Mark Farina. His new single “The Story is the first release from this summer’s “Om Records-25 Years” anniversary album. Mark teams up with collaborator Homero Espinosa to create a groove-heavy statement piece. Heavy horn stabs and organ slabs ride on the steady breakbeat reminiscent of classic years gone by with a message still focused on the here and now.

Daði Freyer – “Think About Things” (Hot Chip Remix)

Icelandic breakout star Daði Freyr partnered with Hot Chip for the first official remix of his hit Think About Things. Adorned with an infectious chorus and a modern disco flare, Hot Chip cranks up the synths and adds extra punch! This track is dancefloor-ready and is funky, cool, and nostalgic.

SIAN – “Freakuency”

Avant-garde electronic artist SIAN releases his new single “Freakuency” with “Wake Up” off his forthcoming album “X“. Infamous for delivering sweat-soaked, hypnotic performances with each seminal release standing the test of time; SIAN burns deep into the collective psyche of Electronic Dance Music like hot black chrome. Adhering more to the avant-garde side of club culture. SIAN offers provocative instrumentals, synth-pop laden compositions, and industrial-influenced techno, all seeping with mystery and darkness.

ZHU – “Only”

ZHU and Tinashe collaborate on the haunting new single ONLY. The searing interplay between the two distinctive vocalists fuels a song that spans the spectrum from loneliness to connection, quiet to frenzy, darkness to light. It will surely be a new fan favorite!

Yung Bae – Bad Boy” (Torren Foot Remix)

Australian producer and DJ Torren Foot reveals a new tech-house remix of Yung Bae’s hit single “Bad Boy“. Torren Foot spins the original funk track into a club-ready tech-house heater with minimal dub elements and intricate house rhythms.

GATTÜSO – “Life”

GATTÜSO’s puts a fresh spin on Des’ree 1999 hit single “Life”.  This international collaboration is produced by GATTÜSO in tandem with the Danish duo Sorenious Bonk and singer Signe Mansdotter. The aptly titled and upbeat song encourages us to reflect and embrace the great things we experience in our lives. “Life” is realized through Signe Mansdotter’s commanding vocal and a hybrid of Sorenious Bonk and GATTÜSO’s chill meets house production.

Rat City – “I Just Wanna Dance”

Producers extraordinaire Rat City return with their first single of 2020, “I Just Wanna Dance“. A horn-drench slice of soulful pop, sure to keep toes tapping and airwaves sizzling into the summer, with Isak Heim on lead vocals. Rat City is known for their eye-popping visuals, and the video for “I Just Wanna Dance” is no exception, combining technicolor animation with a fun crime caper storyline.

Flak – “Honest”

Tropical producer from Chile, Flak releases his newest single “Honest” featuring the Danish acoustic pop singer Michael Hausted and the American pop singer Rosemary Joaquin. This track is an electro-pop gem, with catchy lyrics and an underlying groove, it will have you singing along in no time!

Bonnie X Clyde – “Atypical”

Electronic alt-pop duo BONNIE X CLYDE have teamed with hit pop songwriters Melanie Fontana and Lindgren on the embracing new single “Atypical”. Just like the infamous gangbusters duo, continuously living life on the edge and wanting you to join the ride, “Atypical” is all about being different, being you and that being enough. The track is about a girl taking radical responsibility for all the good and bad going on in her life.

Aslove – “Boom Boom”

Forging a bridge between dance and pop, Aslove debuts “Boom Boom” featuring Franky.  An ultra-catchy synth-laden feat. Aslove’s unique style swings back in full force, shining through in each powerful release. “Boom Boom” sees Aslove’s production and composition skills at its best! Teaming up with English songstress Franky, the pair deliver a radio-ready hit suited for dancefloors worldwide.

SNSES – “Cycles”

Weaving a sonic journey into serene sound, SNSES blends uplifting indie electronic elements with captivating pop vocals to deliver “Cycles” featuring Karra. An ode to breaking past toxic phases of life, “Cycles” aims to encourage listeners to rise up against ultimately unhealthy relationships. Featuring a mirage of dance music and breezy pop elements, this release is SNSES at his best!

Biicla – “Deeper” (Zeds Dead & Funkin Matt Remix)

Enigmatic multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer Biicla has propelled to fame from an extremely small town in Russia and just released his newest single “Deeper”. It’s a refreshing, uptempo future pop single featuring alternative singer-songwriter Modeness. Zeds Dead and Funkin Matt put their own twist on this hot new single and it’s a dancefloor-ready banger!

Crankdat “Poppin”

Crankdat and the mysterious void(0) have geared up to unleash neck-breaking bass with Poppin. Both producers are making their Kannibalen Records debut with this double single release which features the original “Poppin” and its VIP counterpart. “Poppin” leads the charge with absolutely unrelenting energy and they bring everything they got for a heavy headbanging anthem. With “Poppin (VIP)” the two producers take things a different route by offering up a more wonky, minimal version. Both tracks pack enough low frequency for any rail rider out there looking to rage!

Truth – “Druids”

TRUTH are one of New Zealand’s finest creative exports! They are a world-renowned bass DJ/producer duo and they release their diverse, new four-track DruidsEP. Sonic architects of songs with an emotional heft as heavy as the subwoofer rupturing basslines that underpin their work.

Kid Bloom – “Wounded/Surrounded”

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kid Bloom releases his new single “Wounded/Surrounded“. Slick synths and sparse bass entwine with 808s as Kid Bloom’s dynamic vocals echo above a glitchy beat.

Rosa Anschütz – “Diopter” (Hior Remix)

Hior tends to be characterized by both cinematic and ambient qualities, but they rarely take on the full pulse of a techno track. That was until he decided to remix Rosa Anschütz’s hit single “Diopter“. While the accelerating beats take listeners straight to a dance floor mood, Rosa Anschütz’ singing grounds them. He has a way of humanizing songs with her exquisite vocals. Despite the sense of confusion and even anxiety created by distorted drone soundscapes, Rosa’s voice is a bright lifeline guiding us through the chaos.

Maggie Szaboo “Back Where We Started”

Canadian electro-pop artist Maggie Szabo releases her newest single  “Back Where We Started: Remix Diary”. This release is an epic and bold journey, which features high-profile collaborators such as Barkley putting the twist on Szabo’s standout original. The EP is filled to the brim with gorgeously crafted vocals, surrounded by sultry and vibrant melodies that will entice your ears, with intricate beats that will have your head swirling.

Roger Shah – “Helping Hands”

Legendary trance producer Roger Shah was looking for a way to help with the global COVID-19 pandemic. He went into the studio and created a warm and emotional track  “Helping Hands”.  With this release, he is donating all the profits towards a charitable cause to help fight the global pandemic. This release has complex & powerful chords, an emotional plucky melody, as well as his signature Balearic strings and guitars. “Helping Hands” is a powerful uplifting trance anthem that will take you on a journey to a more positive and hopeful state. All profits from the sales of this track will be donated to the charity ‘Direct Relief‘ specifically towards COVID-19 Relief.

*Featured image | via Mark Farina, Disclosure, Above & Beyond, and Roger Shah*

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