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“I Don’t Know” “The Warning Signs” But I Need New Music “Till I Die” | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Above & Beyond – “Diving Out of Love”

Trance heavyweights Above & Beyond release their new single “Diving Out Of Love“. This new track was debuted in Prague last October and is the final single to be released from the Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy 350 event. Receiving a final polish during lockdown earlier this year, “Diving Out Of Love” was a centerpiece track on the trio’s “Anjunabeats Volume 15 compilation. This track is an uplifting power-house tune and will definitely get your body moving in the living room or on the dancefloor!

Anjunadeep – “Reflections Vol. 1”

Anjunafamily favorite Anjunadeep releases the first installment in a new compilation series dubbed Reflections“. Marking the label’s 500th release, “Reflections Vol. 1” is a collection of downtempo and ambient electronica. This release also features breakout talents like Qrion and Nox Vahn, and new faces like PBSR, Kitput, and Vár Sofandi. Label boss James Grant explains: “Electronica and chillout were what first got me into electronic music and so it’s a very natural evolution for Anjunadeep to be expanding further in that direction via this new series.”

Helmaud – “Hey Boi”

Award-winning musician HELMAUD premiered his latest single, Hey Boi!” ft. DIXIE. Opening with an unstoppable attitude and the jangle piano keys to highlight it. This new release is created to raise eyebrows and send a message. DIXIE’s strong and powerful vocals lead the single, flirting with the bassline and adding her own reverbs to HELMAUD’s dynamic production style. Encompassing an intoxicating femininity meeting a brash, in your face tone the single will be sure to make itself at home on any playlist. You can also check out the new video here!

Oblyx – “Skin”

Bristol-based producer obylx released his latest single, Skin“. He shares some insight into the meaning behind the single, “Skin is about letting yourself go, putting your cards in the table and saying this is me and this is what I want.”

Lost Kings – “Oops (I’m Sorry)”

Los Angeles based producers Lost Kings release their latest track, “Oops (I’m Sorry)” ft. multiple Grammy-nominated hitmaker Ty Dolla $ign and critically acclaimed recording artist GASHI. The track features Lost King’s signature production sound and a sexy bass beat.

Disciples – “I Got You”

Platinum-selling UK trio Disciples make their debut on the iconic Ministry of Sound imprint with their new single I Got You“. This new release is a distinguished dance anthem, combining sunkissed piano chords and energetic drums, with the trio’s very own Duvall and Luke Mac delivering their trademark complementary vocals. The track marks a fresh chapter in their musical journey, as they look ahead with a string of exciting releases in the pipeline.

Valentino Khan – “Division”

Valentino Khan continues the journey through his “French Fried” EP with “Division”. This is the third single from the artist’s forthcoming project, of the same name. A foreboding tempering of bass lays way as the track quickly swells into heavy mid-tempo punch. Nefarious kick drums sit powerfully between spellbinding vocal chops and blistering synths as Valentino Khan further explores the darker side of his production skills. Masterfully showcasing his own impressive hand at French electro, Khan combines the roots of the genre with his own tasteful nuances.

Hidden Face – “I Don’t Know”

Fast-rising producer from France HIDDEN FACE has been shaping up to be one of the most awe-inducing names coming out of the progressive house scene as of late. He is out with his next EP, “I Don’t Know”. This new track is a groovy downtempo gem and needs to be on your end of summer playlist!

Saint Mars – “Ocean Blue” (Droid Bishop Remix)

Prominent Synthwave producer Droid Bishop has remixed Ocean Blues, the latest single from Indie-rock band Saint Mars. Droid Bishop’s remix paints the track with a neon brush, capturing all the emotion of the original and transforming it into a groovy retro-synthwave hit. Tryzdin’s powerful vocals melt into the warm and bubbly synths while Droid Bishop’s signature guitar work underpins the groove. This single reveals charming intricacies over repeated listens.

Lucii – “Till I Die”

WAKAAN favorite Lucii welcomes the autumn with the release of “Till The Day I Die“. The midtempo bass cut doubles as the lead single of her forthcoming 4-track EP, “Wicked”, slated for release on October 23rd. This new release kicks off with a haunting guitar riff that quickly cascades into a hazy midtempo bassline. Lucii injects her trademark subtle, yet commanding, vocals, and eerily romanticized lyricism to paint the story of unwavering, unconditional love. The enthralling track explodes into a swirling concoction of oscillating and unforgiving subs, sprinkled with glistening vocal chops.

Outwild – “Everbright”

Toronto-based dance music talent Outwild returns to the release radar with an exciting deluxe edition of his highly-successful Everbright” EP. Formerly known as Inukshuk, the up & coming producer recently changed his name after reexamining his connections to his heritage.

Deepfake – “The Fakeside”

Dark and grimy bass-tech producers DEEPFAKE unveil their debut EP “The Fakeside“. Ranging from empowering synths to rumbling, energetic bass, the three-track EP will have you going through all the motions. Leading you into a serene trance before the pulsating beat takes control. The Detroit duo who perform anonymously, use anti-facial recognition masks to showcase their allegiance to the Anti-Surveillance Movement. This EP pays tribute to the dimension that is known as The Fakeside; a realm where anything can be real or fake, and where time and space become interchangeable.

Colin Macleod – “Warning Signs”

Colin Macleod shares his brand new track Warning Signs”. This new single is off his upcoming new album “Hold Fast”. This release demonstrates his abilities at the other end of the sonic spectrum. It’s a strident country-rocker propelled by an arena-scaled hook, its anthemic fervor heightened by soaring vocal harmonies and crowned with a reverberating guitar solo. The single offers further insight into the Hebridean take on Americana that flourishes throughout the “Hold Fast” album.

Roxy Tones – “Dancing In The Corner”

German producer Roxy Tones released his huge new single “Dancing in the Corner” featuring Dominic Neill. This new track is a gloriously uplifting and rapturous Electronic Dance Music tune and will surely be a new fan favorite! 

GLD – “This Isn’t Just A Phase Mom”

Connecticut duo GLD release their new EP “This Isn’t Just A Phase Mom“. Bringing together future bass, emo, and trap, the five-track EP shows the essence of the innovative producers. GLD have constantly been pushing boundaries and this new release is no exception. The post-genre EP brings forth the unique sound, signature melodies, knack for storytelling, and emotive lyrics of GLD throughout.

*Featured image | via Above & Beyond, Lucii, Oblyx, and GLD*

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