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‘I Believe’ That You’ll See ‘Colors’ When You Hear This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Giuseppe Ottaviani x Lucid Blue – ‘I Believe’

As you’d no doubt expect its musical end resonates with all the ebullience of Giuseppe Ottaviani’s trademark sound, albeit topped off by Lucid Blue’s production and FX aftertouches. As it transitions through the drop, ‘I Believe’s synths go wheels-up, delivering on its sky-raking production-promise.

Mat Zo – ‘Love Songs’

“‘Love Songs’ is a journey back to 2004, around the time I started making music. I had the vocal sample sitting on my hard drive for a couple of years, and I always kept going back to it just playing chords on top of it, trying to figure out what to do with it. One day I was listening to ‘Another Chance’ by Roger Sanchez, which was an old favorite of mine, and I realized some of the ideas from ‘Another Chance’ would work really well with that sample. I wouldn’t say I ripped it off completely, but I definitely borrowed a lot from ‘Another Chance’.”

Mat Zo

deadmau5 x The Neptunes – ‘Pomegranate’

The luscious ‘Pomegranate’ straddles remarkably well between the two worlds of deadmau5 and The Neptunes. Heavy electronic basslines, shimmering tones and sensual lyrics delivered by The Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams combine for a breezy collaboration ready to dominate radio waves and playlists this spring.

Andrew Rayel x Roxanne Emery – ‘Never Going Down’

A superb get-together between Andrew Rayel and Roxanne Emery, ‘Never Going Down’ is a beacon of hope fans can always draw strength from. Armed with a high-energy intro, the piano-led vocals of Roxanne Emery and huge synth blasts, this release is a surge of power and emotion ready to take on the world.

Fatum – ‘City Lights (feat. Dan Soleil)’

A gorgeous, sun-touched offering from Grammy-nominated group Fatum, ‘City Lights’ fuses the act’s musical brilliance with the radiant vocals of Dan Soleil. Immersed in glowing progressions and synth waves bursting with color, this record is one of those cuts fans will keep cranking up the volume for.

Armin van Buuren – ‘Blue Fear (Eelke Kleijn Day Mix & Eelke Kleijn Night Mix)’

Made exclusively for Armin van Buuren’s RELAXED’ album, Eelke Kleijn pushes one of Armin van Buuren’s most iconic classics, ‘Blue Fear’ back into the contemporary. Steeped in nostalgia whilst striking gold with rich atmosphere and amazing builds, this remix will swiftly find its way into the hearts of dance music lovers worldwide.

Dezza – ‘Carry Me (feat. Mike Schmid)

Dezza continues to ignite the progressive world, and ‘Carry Me’ featuring the vocal talents of Mike Schmid is an ambitious production that cements his place as a leader in the genre. In ‘Carry Me’ a lusciously distorted bass and polished rhythm section propel the track forward, giving it an injection of invigorating energy that is complimented by elegantly arpeggiated synths, ethereal pads and Schmid’s soaring vocals.

Feenixpawl – ‘Colors’

“‘Colors’ is actually a song we’ve been working on sporadically for a few years. We loved the vocal from the moment we heard it, and we thought it was a great opportunity to make something a little left of center. The sound is definitely a change-up from what we’ve done in the past and it’s been a bit of a labor of love for us. We’re so excited for people to finally hear it!”


DESTRUCTO x Bruno Furlan – ‘Guest List (feat. Dances With White Girls)’

Known for his infectious productions, Bruno Furlan joins DESTRUCTO to drive ‘Guest List’ with vocals and featured production from LA’s Dances With White Girls.  Together they have made a track ‘for ravers only.’

CloZee – ‘Winter Is Coming’

Burgeoning with worldly bass, CloZee’sWinter Is Coming’ serves as an impressive testament of her ability to effortlessly blend spiritual harmonies with tribal bass. A mellifluous journey, ‘Winter Is Coming’ is a welcoming jump into the rabbit hole of CloZee’s ‘Neon Jungle’. Transcendent to its core, ‘Winter Is Coming’ finds itself rooted in organic soundscapes, all while guided by the unique freeform melodies signature of the French producer. A true showcase of her innate ability to create deeply lush levels of sound through solely instrumental means, CloZee’s ‘Winter Is Coming’ is the musical maven at her best, and serves as a shining taste of what is yet to come from her ‘Neon Jungle’.

BIJOU x Kaleena Zanders – ‘One Life’

A pairing of solid beats, fresh vocals and peppered beat drops, ‘One Life’ is where sheer infectiousness meets dance floor flair. Showcasing the signature touches of American DJ/producer BIJOU and frequent accomplice Kaleena Zanders, this record holds an empowering message bound to make the crowd party even harder.

H3NRY THR!LL – ‘Money’

With ‘Money’, H3NRY THR!LL delivers rumbling bass lines that reverberate underneath muted 8-bit-esque melodies and weaves layers of FX’d vocal through a multitude of stuttering and shuddering trap rhythms — truly giving fans yet another weighty dose of the bass magic he’s becoming increasingly known for.

Lee Foss x Anabel Englund – ‘Warm Disco’

Clocking in at over six and a half minutes, Lee Foss and Anabel Englund’s Warm Disco’ pairs the two artists for what they are known best for – Foss’ creative nu-skool house music production and inviting vocals from Englund.  It is a sensual track built for late night sets that will get you up and moving from your couch.

Hosh & 1979 – ‘Midnight (The Hanging Tree) [Themba’s Herd Remix]’

Esteemed South African house producer Themba has remixed the Hosh & 1979 smash ‘Midnight (The Hanging Tree)’. Ramping up the percussive elements and looping Jalja’s pitch-perfect vocals, Themba’s ‘Herd Remix’ sees the exciting young artist deliver a vibrant, energetic take on the original that’s positively brimming with colour.

Sullivan King x Kai Wachi x GG Magree – ‘Flatline’

Flatline’ kicks off with soft guitar riffs from Sullivan King himself before GG Magree’s impassioned vocal leads the listener through a self-reflective verse augmented by Kai Wachi’s compositional prowess. This heartfelt introduction paves the way for an even more powerful drop and chorus that will leave you tearing up and head banging.

Yoste – ‘How It Was’

Yoste shares one of his most introspective and relatable releases yet with new piercing track, ‘How It Was’ out today via Wonmore/Island Records. ‘How It Was’ doesn’t just bristle with enduring afflictions such as disconnect and anxiety, it’s also full of hope as a result of unconditional love which is just what the doctor ordered during a pandemic. Amplified by its mid-tempo electropop that is sure to creep into audience’s subconscious, ‘How It Was’ tales of youthful disaffection and the importance of leaning on others around you to help navigate life’s potentially paralyzing ailments as the young singer vents about being “still young and full of doubt.” ‘How It Was’ is without a doubt a catalyst for love.

Violent Vickie – ‘Circle Square’

Violent Vickie has returned with ‘Circle Square’, a gloomy, noisy electronic track with forlorn and haughty vocals that explores the illusion of not belonging.  The second single from her upcoming ‘Division’ LP, ‘Circle Square’ is a mix of techno/electro beats and noisy synth texture,  reminiscent of the dark techno tunes Vickie partied to at Oakland warehouse parties. 

*Featured image via Giuseppe Ottaviani, Feenixpawl, Dezza and Mat Zo*

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