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‘I Admit It’, This Week’s New Tunes Are ‘Massive’ | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Various Artists – ‘A State Of Trance Year Mix 2020 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren)’

Looking back, we can only emphasize how strange of a year it’s been. The global pandemic helped realize how important it is to look out for one another, that standing together is the only way to make a difference. Now more than ever, the A State Of Trance community is a beacon, a guiding light that can help people move forward knowing that there will always be someone or something to fall back on. And that empowering message of support and unity threads through the entirety of the brand-new ‘A State Of Trance Year Mix 2020’ mix album.

Seamlessly mixed by Armin van Buuren himself for the seventeenth time in a row, this latest edition of the acclaimed A State Of Trance Year Mix series shows that inspiration can spark no matter the situation. Featuring more than a hundred breathtaking creations from some of the most esteemed acts in Trance and Progressive, this mix album fully represents the power of music and how it can be an outlet for those who need it, creators and listeners alike.

Craig Connelly – ‘A Sharper Edge REDUX’

With a seasonal symmetry so perfect it might even have been planned, Craig Connelly brings a winter REDUX to his early summer-released ‘A Sharper Edge’. Drawing to a close the-year-that-was in the most uplifting of ways, through the twin prisms of the remix and his own studio/spinning work he brings new aspects and angles to his much-applauded second longplayer.

ZHU – ‘I Admit It (NGHTMRE Remix)’

ZHU is one of my personal favorite artists and it’s always dope working with him. He has an amazing vision for what he wants and always makes it happen. For this remix [‘I Admit It’], I tried to give it even more energy than the original, and added a second drop that’s a bit more melodic. I hope everyone has as much fun listening to it as I did making it!”


Omnia – ‘Massive’

Aptly titled ‘Massive’, Omnia’s next release on Armind is a speaker-buster in optima forma. From the mighty, bass-heavy drops to the Ukrainian DJ and producer’s iconic chord progressions and synth soars, this track will prove a more than suitable follow-up to last summer’s ‘Escape The Night’.

Roman Messer x Ahmed Helm x Cari – ‘Infinity’

As can be expected from reputable creators such as Roman Messer, Ahmed Helmy and Cari, ‘Infinity’ goes right onto any Trance fan’s shortlist. Complete with captivating melody lines, thrilling builds and a colossal drop able to knock entire crowds senseless, ‘Infinity’ is one of those records you’ll come back to every single time. 

Maarten de Jong –  ‘Energy Crash’

Maarten de Jong’s Energy Crash’ is definitely not for the faint of heart. With ferocious basslines wreaking havoc left, right and center and a beautiful melody that provides the right amount of contrast before pushing the track back into destruction mode, this brand-new release from the Who’s Afraid Of 138?! regular ticks all the boxes of a high-octane, fan-favorite speaker-buster.

Delaney Jane – ‘Somewhere Else’

“The EP was titled after the first single I put out this year, called ‘Somewhere Else’. The song is about wanting to escape your reality, even if it means leaving everything you know behind. To me, it couldn’t be more perfect to how I’ve been feeling, and how so many of us are probably feeling this year. I wanted to share a body of work that could help people escape reality. I wanted to give them music they could dance to and feel a little lighter listening to. With so much darkness shadowed across the world right now, the least I could do was bring in a little light. ‘Somewhere Else’ is my gift to 2020 and everyone enduring it.”

Delaney Jane

MAKJ x JYYE – ‘Promises’

A pledge for another year filled with music as brilliant as previous release ‘Green Light’, ‘Promises’ sees MAKJ link up with JYYE for his second-ever record on Armada Music. With a set of dark vocals threading through the suspenseful builds and arpeggio-driven drops, ‘Promises’ guarantees a sonic experience that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Walden – ‘Fire (Lia Rose)’

Adding a dark sprinkling of Walden​’s melodic magic to the release, ​‘Fire’ is the final ​Release Deep ​production of the year, with the label already lining up various exciting releases heading into 2021. With ​Walden even enlisted with the honour of producing the imprint’s first ever track back in 2019, the label takes great pride in showcasing the deeper side of label owners ​Third Party’​s more progressive picks.

Flamingosis – ‘Daymaker’

“Probably one of my favorite tracks [‘Daymaker’] that I have ever made. I hope it makes someone’s day better after listening to it. The video is a reflection of everything in my life that has inspired the Flamingosis project. Frisbee, flamingos, the shore, funk and soul music, cartoons/anime and living life. I wanted all of that incorporated into a music video. Big thank you to Nick Parente and his whole team of animators for their hard work in bringing the vision to life.” 

— Flamingosis

Eulene – ‘Eulene’

Eulene’s powerful, feminine attitude radiates throughout the EP. Unrestrained in her sonic capabilities and using edgy production styles to lure fans in, the singer takes songwriting to the next level. The EP manages to take a variety of genres and intertwine them, providing a continuous flow of unexpected magic and seduction. Denying any expectations and rising above all hopes, ‘Eulene’ is an entrancing pleasure to listen to as it invariably draws listeners into a dramatic and self-revealing world.

Jay Wud – ‘Dark Cinema’

Taking a raw and unconventional approach to electronic music Jay Wud manages to bring all of the year’s erraticism and combines it into a smorgasbord of sounds that take you on a journey, accompanied by a rebellious spirit to guide the way. Overall, ‘Dark Cinema’ can be seen as a musical time capsule that will highlight the strangeness of 2020 while including a bit of humour and light embellishments to show that not all hope is lost.

obli – ‘Change’

“My love and deep dive into making and listening to electronic music started a little over 5 years ago. With this EP [‘Change’] I was finally able to take some of my ideas and expand them into something more complete. This feels like my first step into a world I love so much and feel like I’m just discovering.”


Anabel Englund – ‘Messing With Magic’

It’s been a long-time coming — Anabel Englund has finally released her debut album ‘Messing With Magic on house music icon MK’s label AREA10 through Ultra Records.

Ranger Trucco – ‘Tiffany’

Global party brand Space Yacht recently pivoted from throwing events to launching its own record label back in October. Now, the label is putting out their second EP, a two-track package titled ‘Tiffany’ by Ranger Trucco. The first project of this volume for the Los Angeles-based DJ and producer, Ranger Trucco takes the reigns as the label’s flagship tech-house artist.

Rootkit – ‘Recursion’

“This album [‘Recursion’] is special because it’s my first, and I’m really excited to finally release these tracks as part of a complete package. I’ve been working on it for the past few years and it’s a collection of singles in which I traverse through the whole spectrum of my music production.”



HomeSick guides his subjects down a line of abstract thought, inviting you to question reality while the rampant basslines find a home within your pulse. Enchantingly erratic, ‘ISOLATION TAPE’ provides auditory and visual escapism within one swoop. 

Everyone You Know – ‘Charlie’

Following on from their recent release ‘Let a Little Light In’, multifaceted sibling duo Everyone You Know (EYK) have dropped their new track ‘Charlie’ accompanied by an official video that the band directed themselves. The single features a lyric sample from The Streets’Weak Become Heroes’ which has Mike Skinner’s blessing. The track embodies EYK’s signature style with synth layered beats and a continuous flow of pensive lyrics, creating an ethereal and moody track.

Todd Helder – ‘Never Stop’

“‘Never Stop’ is all about finding motivation to keep moving forward, even when times are tough. The track embraces an intense and captivating sound that instantly encourages you to hang in there!”

Todd Helder

Chris Lake x Armand van Helden – ‘The Answer’

The legendary producers Chris Lake and Armand van Helden have shared the official video for the lead single/title track of their recent EP, ‘The Answer’. Director Adrian Villagomez perfectly captures the song’s ethos of inclusion and love. The action unfolds in an unexpected setting: a desert battlefield. Amid the dunes, troops watch incredulously as an enemy soldier advances toward them, strips off his protective gear and begins dancing with abandon. Peace lies in the balance as the troops and their leader contemplate a response to the unique challenge to their territory.

*Featured image via Omnia, NGHTMRE, Maarten de Jong and Delaney Jane*

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