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Culture - Fashion - May 28, 2020

How To Crush It At Kandi: Single Strand Bracelets

Candy Kids Rejoice!

Hello Kandi Kids! Welcome to Part Two of Kandi 101, where we beat the quarantine boredom blues by learning how to make awesome pieces that you can trade at your next rave! Today, we’re going to be starting with the basics of single strand bracelets, which are the easiest to make and trade! Be sure to read Part 1: Basics and Supplies so you have everything you need to start. Here’s what you will need:

Supplies: Pony Beads, Letter Beads, Charms and Accessory Beads, Elastic Cord, Scissors

Carpet Can Prevent Kandi Blowouts!

Tip 1: Carpet Is Your Friend: Years of Kandi making have taught me two very important lessons. One, you will inevitably drop beads or break a string. Two, there is nothing more annoying than the sound of runaway beads clattering on a hardwood floor. To remedy this, try to make your Kandi in a room that has a carpet! That will hinder the escape of those beads that fly from your fingertips, and will keep your mind sane after making endless bracelets.

Time To Get Wordy!

Tip 2: Spell It Out: Choosing words can be the most creative part of creating your own Kandi! It doesn’t even have to be limited to the standard “PLUR” bracelets, although those are a classic. You can think up fun puns, use artists names or song titles, or even take inspiration from the most memorable pieces you’ve been given! Today, I’m going to be recreating one of my favourite trades, a “Be Kind” bracelet that I think truly embodies Kandi culture. You can also do what I’ve done here, which is to spell out my words ahead of time for easier selection!

Measure It Out!

Tip 3: Measure: Take a look at the picture above! That is my very handsome arm. As you can see, my wrist is much smaller than my forearm, so I can fit varying sizes of bracelets all along my arm! People come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to keep that in mind when making Kandi. A teeny tiny bracelet that fits your wrist might not go over the hand of a bigger raver! That’s why it’s so important to use stretchy elastic cord, as it’ll give your Kandi a better chance of fitting a wider range of arm sizes. As you make your bracelets, be sure to measure it so it fits properly around the section of the arm you’ve chosen. Tie it loosely and be sure to leave a little extra string so you can properly tie it off!

Themes Make Kandi Fun!

Tip 4: Pick a Theme: One way to up your Kandi game is to pick a theme for each bracelet! Try blue beads with fish for an underwater theme, green beads with flowers for a garden theme, or pick your favourite EDM artists and use the colours on their logo! Today I’ve decided to go with a gold and glitter theme, as well as using these cool mystical charms I found at the craft store!

Keep Em’ Separated!

Tip 5: Use Buffer Beads: This is an easy one: When you’re placing multiple words on a strand, like in my “Be Kind” bracelet, always put a bead in between them so you can read the words better!

Keep The Fit In Mind!

Tip 6: Check Your Fit: Once you’ve put on a good number of beads, fit the bracelet around your arm again. How does it feel? Is it too tight or too loose? Are there enough beads or is there a gap in the string? Constantly making adjustments allows you to tailor-make your Kandi to fit you better down the line. So don’t be afraid to edit!

Tie It Off To Keep It Secure!

Tip 7: Tie It Off: So you’ve chosen your words, cut your string, picked your beads and threaded them all on. Now all that’s left is to tie it off! Always be sure to double-knot your bracelets at the end, as this ensures the security of the bracelet. Nothing is more heartbreaking than spending time on making a bracelet only to have it snap as it passes over someone’s hands!

All Done!

And you’re done! One single strand Kandi bracelet, ready to trade. Now you just need to make more! An arm can fit anywhere from roughly 20-50 bracelets, depending on how long your arm is and how far up you place your bracelets. I personally make around 60 bracelets for a two-day festival, so you can use that as a rough estimate. Next week, we’ll learn the next step in Kandi making: basic cuffs! PLUR and stay safe! 

*Featured Image Via GloFX*