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Fresh Music - September 12, 2021

‘Hold On’ To The ‘Tranquility’ You Will Feel From This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

‘Hold On’ to the ‘Tranquility’ you will feel from this week’s new music from the likes of Triode, Dominant Space, Will Sparks, Cazzette and more.

Armin van Buuren x Davina Michelle – ‘Hold On’

Electronic music giant Armin van Buuren and rising star Davina Michelle are standing shoulder to shoulder throughout this unique collaboration. Telling a story of perseverance and inner strength through a brilliant, uplifting production and Davina Michelle’s gold-rimmed vocals, ‘Hold On’ is a light cast to help others find a way out of the darkness.

Talla 2XLC & Andreas Kraemer – ‘Alone’

Technoclub Pure presents another monster collaboration between the techno pioneers Talla 2XLC and Andreas Kraemer called ‘Alone’. This techno bomb will land on many dancefloors soon from tech trance to techno sets and beyond. Solid pumping and thumping basslines, dark monstrous kicks and a breakdown with synthy riffs that hook you instantly. Melodic techno at its best so better let your inhibitions go and start the dance and preferably with friends and not ‘Alone’. Peak time techno anthem alert.

TRIODE & Dominant Space – ‘Tranquility’

When San Francisco based TRIODE collaborates in the studio with the upcoming Japanese duo Dominant Space the outcome can only be an anthem. ‘Tranquility’ is a solid uplifter with psy trance influences and a melody that has the euphoric and melancholic element to it along with trancy style voices. The climax is one for the die hard trancers who like to jump and float along feeling the incredible healing power of trance in their veins. ‘Tranquility’ on ZYX Trance is a must drop item for your forthcoming sets.

Spencer Brown – ‘Blue Magic / Rainy April’

Following the release of Spencer Brown and Qrion’s single ‘Rainy April’, Spencer now releases his latest offering ‘Blue Magic’ featuring Danny Shamoun as the second half of this double A-side package.

Chicane – ‘Now Or Never (Back Pedal Brakes Remix)’

Moving ‘Now Or Never’ into a new dimension, Chicane’s stunning track receives an alluring Back Pedal Brakes Remix. Marrying the original’s soaring vocals with breakbeat production, this euphoric cut exudes a moving, and captivating atmosphere, which will leave a lasting impression on anyone who hears it.

R3HAB x Jonas Blue – ‘Sad Boy (feat. Ava Max x Kylie Cantral)’

“This is one of those records where the pieces fell into place quickly. Ava Max and I connected when I remixed ‘Every Time I Cry’ a few months ago. I heard the idea for ‘Sad Boy’ and knew I had to make the record. Her voice is powerful and bold and a pleasure to work with. I’m glad for the opportunity to create with Jonas Blue, as we’ve only remixed each others’ work but haven’t collaborated. He brings an uplifting and fresh direction to every record. It’s been great working with Kylie Cantral as well, looking forward to seeing her artistic journey take off.”


ReOrder pres. RRDR – ‘Drifting South’

Drifting South’ sees ReOrder deliver nothing but goodness under his more progressive-oriented RRDR moniker. From the deep, rolling bassline to the serene Balearic guitars to the subtle plucks underlining the song’s melodic intent, this record has surely set the course for sonic success.

Tom Staar x Jem Cooke x AVIRA – ‘Gravity (Fabrication Remix)’

Taking the original to a darker dimension, Tom Staar, Jem Cooke and AVIRA’sGravity’ receives a brooding makeover by Fabrication. Featuring a deep rolling bassline and trance synths, this thunderous rendition will keep dancefloors moving across its duration.

No Mana – ‘Electromag’

Continuing his unrelenting pursuit of making electro house great again, No Mana proudly presents ‘Electromag’, a 19-track compilation featuring singles from No Mana, Tommy Trash, Wolfgang Gartner, EDDIE, Bentley Dean, James Egbert, and more. Debuting via mau5trap, Electromag features lead singles ‘Can’t Say No’ by No Mana and Tommy Trash, Wolfgang Gartner’s ‘The Original’, and EDDIE & Bad Disk’s ‘Electro Forever’. 

Space Yacht x REAPER – ‘Critical Mass Vol 1’

“The ‘Critical Mass compilation is a glimpse into drum and bass’s momentous energy. One of my favorite parts about this diverse collection of music is that it can be enjoyed all the way from the warehouse to the stadium.”


Will Sparks – ‘My Company’

My Company’ is brimming with the same hard and aggressive beats that Will Sparks fans know and love, packaged into a four-minute track that’s impossible to ignore. The song’s thunderous bass and deep male vocals create the perfect soundtrack for the artist’s heroic comeback amid the pandemic as a modern house artist who has his sights set on playing the world’s biggest stages once again. 

CAZZETTE – ‘A Day To Sing About’

Three years in the making, CAZZETTE’s brand new single ‘A Day To Sing About’ is arguably their most beautiful yet, a message of strength rising out from the darkest of times, that CAZZETTE member Alexander Björklund calls an “ode to hope and bravery”.

Mistajam – ‘The Recipe’

U.K. music tastemaker and hit-making producer MistaJam knows how to cook up a straight-fire dance anthem and delivers again with this infinitely catchy dance floor heater. With a bumping bassline driving the energy, alluring singalong vocal hooks and a smooth instrumental arrangement, this peak-time release supplies ‘The Recipe’ for good vibes and a great night out firmly planted on the dance floor.

Weird Genius – ‘Future Ghost (feat. Violette Wautier)’

“‘Future Ghost’ is our take on making something that is very emotional to us and a contrast to our usual upbeat EDM sound. We’re super excited to be able to work with Violette Wautier. Her voice fits exactly how we pictured it when we first had ideas for the track. We had to do the work and brainstorming online as travelling abroad from Indonesia is hard lately, due to COVID restrictions. We really wish we could meet her in person but we’re still glad everything wrapped up really well!”

Weird Genius

4B – ‘There 4 You’

Brimming with driving basslines and an exuberant splash of Jersey club, ‘There 4 You’ explodes with an intoxicating display of 4B’s production prowess. As heart-stopping buildups climb in intensity, the record descends into an incendiary fusion of pounding basses and an energetic synth sequence. With an irresistible bouncy flair, ‘There 4 You’ is certain to shake up the dance floor.

Bleu Clair – ‘Amani’

Bleu Clair has reunited with Jargen on their next single together, ‘Amani’ released on Insomniac Records. The Jakarta-bred house producer has quickly established himself as one of the hottest commodities in the dance music space. Before he officially blew up, Bleu Clair linked up with fellow Indonesian producer Jargen on a weird and wonky track titled ‘Laughing Matter’. After a few years, they are finally reconnecting to explore a new dimension of their respective sounds with a moody, late-night driver that revolves around a hypnotic vocal chant.

TheFatRat – ‘Parallax’

“‘Parallax’ is an effect that, simply spoken, describes how things look different depending on where we stand. The metaphorical meaning of parallax is one of the most fascinating things in life for me. Often we are not aware that the reality that we perceive is a result of the position that we look from. We are not even aware that we are looking from a certain position. We think we see things as they are and then we are surprised when other people see them differently. The solution is not to insist on our perception but to take the position that we look from into account. The album is about how things change depending on how you look at them.”


Nicholas Gunn – Angels (Scorz Remix)

Putting his remix capabilities to the test again, Brazilian DJ and producer Scorz delivers the second remix of a Nicholas Gunn track on Armind. Supporting Alina Renae’s celestial vocals with soaring melodies and an atmosphere that’s beyond easy on the ear, this rendition of ‘Angels’ spoils listeners with their own little piece of heaven.

Kasztan – ‘Rare Earth Elements’

Pierre-Marie Maulini has served as one of the most authentic and intriguing producers on the dance music circuit in recent years under his STAL moniker, working alongside some of the most influential figures in the pop, dance and cinematic music spaces. Having teased a new sound profile in Kasztan last month with ‘Number Thirteen’, the French musician now continues his efforts in the post-rock/techno realm with his debut extended-player contribution to the scene. Presented in Dolby Atmos on both TIDAL and Apple Music, for a fully immersive sonic experience, the ‘Rare Earth Elements’ EP is available now across all streaming platforms. 

Conrank x Figure – ‘Karma Restored’

Conrank is back and this time brings a friend in the form of the legendary Figure! A combination of everything we love, loud, astonishing synths, drums causing havoc and Conrank singing like we haven’t heard him before! Consequences are the result of a problem, solving the problem is ‘Karma Restored’.

DJ Shaan – ‘Beacon (feat. Willa)’

“‘Beacon’ is pretty simple! Energy, guidance, growth and joy at the end of it! In a way my follow up to Paradise. It was a pleasure to work on this with Willa, her vocal energy and presence brings out what the track should make you feel.”

DJ Shaan

*Featured image via Triode, Dominant Space, Will Sparks and Cazzette*