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“Hold It” “Good Things Are Coming” So “Come Away” And I’ll Show You The New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Above & Beyond – “Crash”

Celebrating their twentieth anniversary this year, London’s Above & Beyond unveil another hard-hitting club instrumental, “Crash“. Referred to as the ‘20 Years ID’ by tune trainspotters in their label community. This release was one of six Above & Beyond originals heard on their Anjunabeats Volume 15 compilation, which was released in July of this year.  The track was created just as the pandemic took hold, ready for summer festival sets that never eventuated. “Crash” was finally given its long-awaited live debut in the band’s Group Therapy 400 Livestream.

In/Rotation – “Rotate Vol. 4”

Insomniac’s house-centric imprint IN / ROTATION is stepping out with the fourth installment of its ongoing “Rotate'”compilation, “Rotate Vol. 4“. The label has been on a mission to uncover the most promising talent from across the house music spectrum. From thumping bass house to groovy tech house, the crew has spent the last couple of years focusing on the next wave of producers through the periodic Rotate albums. This new edition drops with new tracks coming in from Hollaphonic, Needs No Sleep, MKJAY, Luke Andy, Arnold & Lane, and more.

Silience – “I Don’t Wanna Know”

French DJ & producer duo Silience have released their biggest single to date I Don’t Wanna Know, a cover of the Mario Winans classic. The Nantes based producers’ style is a blend of the depth and energy of Deep House and mellow side of melodic house while also integrating their love for acoustic music.

AKEOS – “Squiggle The Lines”

Fast-rising US-based dubstep producer Akeos is cutting his second Bassrush Records single loose this week with “Squiggle The Lines.” On his sophomore effort, the producer dips into an acid-dipped palette to color a dark and spooky dub that adds to the hype he’s built from his other recent releases.  

Bleu Clair – Hypnotized”

Bleu Clair is moving up the Insomniac Music Group ladder with his forthcoming “Hypnotized” EP on Insomniac Records. The Indonesian house sensation has consistently been brewing the freshest flavors from the bass house scene. He is now stepping up with a mesmerizing two-tracker, and both cuts throw shine at his idiosyncratic style.

Grand Tapestry – “Tides”

Alam Khan and Eligh navigate through the mind, body, and soul with their latest Grand Tapestry album, “Tides“. This release reflects the tides of change that the human race, planet, and cosmos are presently experiencing via six original works and three bonus instrumentals. Through further exploration of traditional Indian instruments, Grand Tapestry weaves a distinctive sound that synthesizes cutting edge hip-hop aesthetics into sacred, conscious beats.

Lucii – “Wicked”

Lucii returns to the release radar with her sophomore EP, “Wicked“. The 4-track project arrives just in time for Halloween, the DJ/producer’s favorite holiday, and highlights her knack for creating relentless bass cuts. Marking her debut EP release on WAKAAN, eager fans that have been awaiting Lucii’s next release can now rejoice, and right in time for the spooky season. With four original productions featuring Lucii’s hardcore bass music sensibilities, her new EP is sure to entice listeners the world over

Unknown Brain – “I’m Sorry Mom”

An instant bass-pop anthem that should strike a chord with any Gen-Z black sheep burning the party candle at both ends, “I’m Sorry Mom“. This track sees the rising German duo Unknown Brain deliver their take on the classic morning-after apology theme. Set to a laidback bassline and simple but effective arpeggio runs, the single is a swaggering piece of trap meets future bass meets mainstream pop. Kyle Reynolds delivers a topline that saunters confidently across the composition, his vocal diving in and out as he runs through a litany of activities guaranteed to send parentals through the roof.

Englewood – “Yacht World”

Twenty-four-year-old hip-hop/electronic music producer Englewood releases his newest EP “Yacht World”. This release is a delectable collection of good vibes and jams spanning across multiple genres including Funk, Soul, Disco, and Tropical. The project as a whole is a blissful recipe to brighten your day and get you dancing!

HOFFEY – “Good Things Are Coming”

Rising Electropop duo HOFFEY have teamed up with the genre-defying producer Vincent on the single “GOOD THINGS ARE COMING“. On the new release,  Erika’s satisfying vocals and introspective lyrics are a perfect match for the vibrant backdrop painted by Jordan and Vincent. The production is complex, clear, and controlled, building towards a chorus that sends the listener into a spine-tingling drop of bright synthesizers, dynamic bass, and crisp percussion. Guided by the twists and turns life offers, they provide a vivid sonic portrait of confident optimism.

Nuit Oceān – “Fire Divine”

Downtempo producer Nuit Oceān releases his latest EP, Fire Divine“. The EP is part of a multi-artistic approach (music, videos, photos), in a global vision for his art, in which he expresses his deep fragility that meets with a wild, untamed sweetness. The producer composes by watching series and movies, then freezing frames and replaying certain scenes in a loop. In doing so, he captures the emotion that emanates from them and recreates it while transposing it into his own musical language.

Praana – “Samadhi”

PRAANA, who recently created a spiritual awareness and mindfulness mix in partnership with the Ram Dass Foundation for Volume Two of Colorize’s yearly Colorscapes compilation, is back on Colorize with the release of “Samadhi.” An extension of the spiritual mix, and a testament to the project’s intentions, “Samadhi” is aptly named, as it means a state of intense meditative consciousness in Hinduism and Buddhism. The song features upbeat harmony, glistening synths, and ebullient vocal chants and pads. This is an inspiring, feel-good anthem from PRAANA; a declaration from an act who have made their mark on Colorize and the world of melodic house over the past year that they’re here to stay.

Pluko – “Baby Blue”

Artist and producer pluko has revealed his long-awaited EP “BABY BLUE“. This release is a genre-bending project that is colorful, full of energy, and brings a refreshing taste to the music scene today. A similar visual vibe to the previous album, this track is an immersive listening experience for fans of all genres where each track embodies its own unique flavor and sonic texture. 

Mako – “Again”

Mako releases his newest single “Again”. This release opens with a graceful piano melody with Seaver’s subtle and captivating vocals floating above an ever-changing sonic landscape. “Again” is indeed a conundrum, melding future-base sensibilities with acoustic and orchestral elements to form a dark, intriguing, and at the same time charming, electro-alternative anthem. 

Kai Stevens, Catchphrase & Kate Klein- “Jump With You”

Budding NYC-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Kai Stevens, Buffalo-based producer Catchphrase, and singer/songwriter Kate Klein’s release their new single, “Jump With You.” This new release is a nostalgic electro-pop tune and will surely be one of your new favorites!

Volkoder – “Tornado”

Volkoder & Sam Supplier release their new collab “Tornado“. Volkoder is a buzzing house producer from Brazil. Sam Supplier is a rising house artist with a rich history on the radio, with a finger permanently on the pulse. Together, they are an unstoppable force as evidenced by the co-produced house cut that has been a secret weapon in Fisher’s sets for almost a year now.

Feather – “Safe House”

Minnesota-born producer Feather unveils his highly-anticipated debut single “Safe House“. The genre-bending track enchants the listener with pop-leaning vocals and a euphoric soundscape. Opening with commanding vocals, the release gradually swells with energy before flooding with a profound melodic bassline. Straddling the lines between pop and dance music, Feather’s studio dexterity shines throughout the duration of the track with his adept instrumentation. Feather effortlessly weaves emotive sensibilities into the meticulous production in his debut single. “Safe House” leaves much to be desired from the blooming producer.

Shay De Castro – “September in Boise”

Shay De Castro makes her return to the release radar with a new 2-track EP, “September in Boise“. The EP immediately kicks off with the self-titular track, a relentlessly unyielding four-on-the-floor tour-de-force. Clocking in at almost six-and-a-half minutes, the club-ready weapon features brooding soundscapes alongside a hypnotically propulsive beat. Stabbing synths and rolling bass round out the rest of this epic heady original production. Maintaining the same high-octane tone, she effortlessly carries the same heart-fluttering energy into the EP’s second track, “Orwellian Future“. Sonically ruthless throughout its entirety, the percussive tune possesses a driving rhythm that’s rife with raw emotion and palpable intensity. In all, both tracks on De Castro’s most recent musical endeavor once again prominently feature the DJ/producer’s signature trance-laden techno sound.

WAVEDASH – “Dummo Loop”

The Texas-based trio WAVEDASH has been one of the most reliable acts attached to the Gud Vibrations camp, having made numerous appearances on the label since its inception back in 2018. Their new release “Dummo Loop” is an upbeat and lighthearted bass single with a candy-coated topline and sparkly dance-pop elements fizzling throughout the track’s run. It’s a single meant to embody the hedonistic and carefree energy felt when enjoying life’s simple and sweet nectar. 

Noya x Some Die Young – “Black ‘N’ Blue”

Some Die Young and Noya release their explosive single “Black ‘N’ Blue”. Arriving at the intersection of hip-hop and dubstep. Noya and Some Die Young share a rare kind of artistic synchronicity in their new release. They combine their respective styles into one profound listening experience. A race through steezy basslines with a quick-witted dubstep underbelly, “Black ‘N’Blue” transports listeners back to the front row. 

Nora En Pure & Tim Morrison – “Come Away”

Deep house Queen Nora En Pure teams up with Australian singer/songwriter Tim Morrison for a poignant vocal creation, “Come Away“. Expertly pairing Tim Morrison’s emotive vocal piece with a progressive blend, this release perfectly balances melodic dance with radio-ready sensibilities. Building the instrumental arrangement upon a rolling bassline, Nora En Pure employs signature keys and cinematic strings, resulting in an instant classic that will leave a lasting impression on the listener.

Obli – “Hold It”

An accomplished guitarist and touring musician obli release his debut single “Hold It“. Obli explains, “It feels weird to be making dance music during a pandemic as often when I’m working on it I envision a group of people dancing to it at a show or at a club.  Obviously, that hasn’t been the case this year.  About a month or so into the lockdown my now wife and I started hanging with one of my really good friends and we would have these super fun dance nights with just the three of us.  It felt so good to put on playlists or sort of DJ and just let loose for a couple of hours.  “Hold it” was sort of born out of those nights – wanting to hear something that just felt good and that you could dance to.”

Doctor P – “Won’t Let Go”

Circus Records icon Doctor P presents Won’t Let Go“. This track shows Doctor P’s hefty sonic flair combined with captivating vocals. The result is in an infectious track, delivering a kaleidoscope of flavors, that fans both old and new will savor!

*Featured image | via Nora En Pure, Mako, Above & Beyond, and Lucii*

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