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H3NRY THR!LL’s Top 10 Tracks to Make You Lose Concentration

by Nadine Pasterczyk

Music is meant to thrill and there’s no one that produces thrill inducing music like H3NRY THR!LL. It’s even in his name!

This year has been huge for the up and coming dj and producer. He’s been making waves with his unique records that are a perfect blend of big-room house, future house, trap and dubstep.

Most recently, he’s been rocking the house with his latest track, ‘Concentrating’ — a hard-hitting slice of G-house. With a dark and dirty bassline and spine-tingling top end synths, this one is sure to break your concentration. 

Speaking of tracks that bend your mind and make you lose control of your focus — H3NRY THR!LL has given us some of his favorite tracks that do just the same to him. 

1. Malaa – ‘Don’t Talk’

This is one of my favorite tracks at the moment. This bassline in this song breaks my concentration and just makes me want to dance!

2. Steve Aoki – ‘Inside Out (SWACQ Remix)’

SWACQ is such an insane producer and this remix really shows his talent. The drop lead is syncopated with the bass and drums so well it creates this bounce to the record that I haven’t heard! 

3. BroHug – ‘Gold On My Crown (feat. Born I)’

I have looked up to BroHug for years now and this record just makes me lose all concentration. These vocals go so well with the BroHug production on this track!

4. LOOPERS – ‘Fire & Rain (feat. IYONA)’

The sound design on this record makes me lose my concentration. It is such a groovy drop that goes so well with the melodic breaks. 


5. Relique – ‘Roll’

This track has the craziest bass sounds from any recent song. This drop is a bass shaker and makes me lose my concentration!

6. Conor Ross – ‘Came For Love’

When this track drops the synth is such a refreshing sound to the rest of the record. I can’t help but lose my concentration!

7. Micheal Amani – ‘Shifting Gears (feat. Robbie Rise)’

This track makes me lose my concentration instantly. The call and response melody with the brass lead and the vocals in the intro is so creative, and the rollover to the drop with the brass lead and the new synth introduced.

8. Guy Arthur – ‘Tokyo Drift’

This drop breaks my concentration. The sound is so massive and gives a crazy festival vibe to this club heavy track.

9. Julian Jordan – ‘Oldskool’

Julian Jordan is a massive inspiration to me and the break arp after the first drop breaks my concentration. The sound design of the sound as well as the melody is so sick.

10. Jookidd – ‘Change’

This record makes me lose concentration because the drop is the perfect combination of huge brass sounds and high pitch leads. Massive energy!

*Featured image via H3NRY THR!LL*

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