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GRiZ Bangers EP

GRiZ Takes Us On An Epic “Spaceship Ride” With His Bangers [5] EP

by Raina Weinberg

Get in aliens, we’re going raging because GRiZ just landed his spaceship to drop the “Bangers [5]” EP and it might be his best yet. Good vibes boy Grant Kwiecinski AKA GRiZ has been pumping out straight heat during this time of social distancing in the form of live streams, new releases, and group meditation through his Camp Kulabunga project. Hop on GRiZ’s spaceship, we’re taking a ride. 

In the past year, GRiZ has released over 10 new songs some of which have been a long time coming, and others you could see him creating on Instagram shortly before they were released. “The Baddest” is the intro track for “Bangers [5]” and sets the tone for the all-out dance party that will ensue. This hype beast of a song features a punching percussion and headbanging beat that is met with the confident words, “I’m bad but I make it look good.” An instant tagline that my friends and I will be slinging all summer long. 

Speaking of my friends and I, GRiZ dropped his third installment of “My Friends and I” and it’s my favorite out of the series. Bringing rhyme ninja ProbCause to spit insanity on the track and vocal queen Chrishira Perrier adding sass and class to the song, “My Friends and I Pt. 3” is the epitome of a banger. The bouncy track offers a groovy Bass House vibe with witty lyrics that include a nod to Harry Potter in the form of “Yeah I got that booty making all the boys so moody they be giving me the mad eye put the magic in this movie.” I was blessed to be one of the first people to see this track debuted at his Kansas City tour stop last year and the visuals that go with it are equally as dope.  If you’re lucky enough to see this bonkers banger live, don’t stare too hard into the rainbow portal, you might fall in. 

At GRiZMAS in Detroit this past year, GRiZ opened up night two with “Spaceship Ride” and I’ve been obsessing over it ever since. This high energy track starts with an epic beat and Grant himself slaying on the vocals. With talks of alien idols and seeing his death in the sky, GRiZ goes deep into this existential spaceship ride. I have no doubt that you’ll be pressing replay on this track that’s full of all the dopest wobbles and electrifying drops. 

GRiZ has been riding the waves of success for years now and shows no sign of slowing down. His fiercely driven creativity is working overtime and it shows on the “Bangers [5]” EP. He is a true light in a time of darkness and is setting a positive precedent for fan to artist interaction especially with his third year of Camp Kulabunga on the horizon. His music and message is a constant reminder that we are all in this together and can thrive through celebrating our differences and collective consciousness. If you’ve ever wondered what GRiZ’s Camp Kulabunga project is about, keep an eye out for my upcoming article where I discuss my time at camp and the amazing experience I had.

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*Featured Image of GRiZ Via Jason Siegel Photography*

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