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‘Getaway’ With This Week’s New Music And You’ll Feel Like ‘Dancing On The Moon’ | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Dezza – ‘Getaway’

Dezza continues to ignite the progressive world in 2020, having already released two singles from his forthcoming album, ‘Carry Me’ featuring Mike Schmid and ‘Tilt Shift’. The album’s upcoming third single, ‘Getaway’ featuring the vocal talents of LA-based singer/songwriter EMME, is a driving progressive house production with an emotive core that builds up around luscious pads, punchy percussion, saturated bass and bouncy pianos. EMME’s gorgeous melodies will seep into your brain and Dezza’s always first-rate production shines on a track that has us hyped for what’s to come from the Canadian producer’s forthcoming second album.

Angelic – ‘It’s My Turn (Luke Bond Remix)’

Remixing a classic is never easy, but studio maestro Luke Bond comes up trumps once again with a sublime interpretation of a twenty-year-old Trance anthem! Reimagined for today’s dance floor, his remix of Angelic’sIt’s My Turn’ caters to the big room enthusiasts with huge hands-in-the-air appeal.

Norni – ‘Freedom’

After gaining consecutive nods of approval from Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Gareth Emery for his first five records of 2020, Russia’s rising star Norni pushes onward with his first-ever release on A State Of Trance. Featured on the highly anticipated ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2020’ album, ‘Freedom’ is everything the Trance crowd wants it to be: pure, powerful and beautifully melodic.

Maarten de Jong – ‘Tomahawk’

Weighing in bigger and juicier than a prime cut of its namesake steak, Maarten de Jong delivers another slice of meaty 138?! goodness. Packed with punchy drums, zingy acid synth lines and a tasty main hook to boot, ‘Tomahawk’ is sure to be on the menu all summer long!

HALIENE – ‘Walk Through Walls’

Walk Through Walls’ defies electronic music convention, opening with long drawn cello strings, piano and other live classical orchestration. Its cinematic breakbeats swell into more synthesized elements as HALIENE’s voice moves heaven and earth with empowering melodies. You can feel her voice smashing through the strongest of walls.

CADE – ‘Kill Me Softly’

“As an artist, I’ve always aspired to tap into 808-driven, soulfully-melodic music. ‘Kill Me Softly’ shows a glimpse of the direction I want to take my music in moving forward. The ‘Care EP’ was my first EP as an artist, but I still cherish it to this day for its blend of R&B melodies and futuristic, electronic-influenced production. My upcoming EP will have similar sonics to The Care EP but with even more-futuristic production and elements. It will sound like 2021, and ‘Kill Me Softly’ feels like that to me.” 


D.O.D. – ‘Cardboard Box’

A great way to kick off this new endeavor, ‘Cardboard Box’ sees D.O.D. deliver his special brand of dance floor antics. Filled to the brim with jacking rhythms and funk-flavored grooves that fold open with every supercharged drop, this record keeps the crowd moving at maximum intensity until their legs give out.

Unknown Brain – ‘Dancing On The Moon’

Mysterious electronic duo Unknown Brain return after a six month hiatus with one of the most beautiful singles of the year, ‘Dancing On The Moon’. Featuring British singer Luke Burr on vocals, ‘Dancing On The Moon’ is an absolutely stunning piece of production, sublime in the melody, emphatic in the bassline and with a topline that soars effortlessly, delivering goosebumps as it climbs higher and higher.

Moody Good x SLANDER – ‘Heartbreak (feat. KARRA) [Remixes]’

Moody Good and SLANDER are stepping out with the official remix package for their collaboration, ‘Heart Break’. Released at the end of 2019, the heart-wrenching collaboration, featuring the haunting vocals of singer/songwriter KARRA, is now getting the remix treatment. The ‘Heart Break’ Remix EP clocks in at a whopping 10 tracks, with takes from Trampa, Oddprophet, Moore Kismet, Aweminus and more.

Lost Kings – ‘Hurt’

“‘Hurt’ marks the beginning of a new chapter of Lost Kings. These songs on the ‘It’s Not You’ EP speak to the cycle of relationships that we’ve been through and our fans can relate to. We wanted to touch on people being in love but also wanting to keep their independence. Sonically, we wanted to continue exploring a new frontier while keeping the truest reflection of who we are.”

Lost Kings

Dave Summit – ‘Future Dancefloor’

Dave Summit is making his debut on Wax Motif’s Divided Souls with ‘Future Dancefloor’. The Canadian producer is the second external artist to release on Divided Souls. On his cut, ‘Future Dancefloor’, Summit crafts a deep and thumping groove.

Robot Koch – ‘Glow (Alek Fin Rework)’

Los Angeles-based composer, producer, and sound engineer, Alek Fin makes music that blends pop structures with futuristic soundscapes. He chose to rework Robot Koch’s track ‘Glow’ by making use of his signature melancholic overtones and turning the original strings extravaganza into a mellow and meditative tune.

Shogun – ‘Into The Night’

Shogun has kept himself busy during the past couple of months by working hard in the studio and experimenting with new sounds to expand his already impressive discography. Joining forces with Sony last month, Shogun released two catchy, feel-good pop singles, ‘F*ck Up The Party’ and ‘Lalaland’, both of which landed a top spot on ICRT Radio Taipei. As a treat to his longtime trance family, he released the festival-primed ‘Walls‘ earlier this month, and is now gearing up to release another big-room weapon with ‘Into The Night‘. 

Barong Family – ‘BF200’

“It has been a wild ride since when we had put out our first release on Barong Family back in 2014. During the past 6 years, we have met many talented artists who wanted to take part in this adventure with us and joined the family. Moksi, RayRay, Wiwek, and more all saw the transition from Barong Family — a music label to Barong Family — a worldwide brand with its own merch lines, writing camps in Asia, documentaries, sold-out tours in North America, own stages at the world’s biggest festivals. 200 releases seem like a big number, and 6 years feel like a very long time, but for us, thanks to what we do and whom we are fortunate to work with, it feels like we are just starting, as our excitement never faded away.” 

Yellow Claw on ‘BF200

Hermitude – ‘Spotlight (feat. Daniel Bedingfield)’

It’s difficult to find a duo that has defined Australian music as much as Hermitude. El Gusto and Luke Dubs have consistently kept evolution and experimentation at the forefront of their craft, paving new directions amongst the electronic, hip-hop and pop spaces.  Now, the pair offers a new single, ‘Spotlight (feat. Daniel Bedingfield)’ via Elefant Traks/Nettwerk.

Eli & Fur – ‘Walk The Line / Big Tiger’

The opening track, ‘Walk The Line is a hypnotic groove of gradually evolving arpeggiators and tantalizing lyrics. The rhythm appears to circle around you, rising and falling with intensity. The second track, Big Tigerhas an undeniable presence with its haunting stabs and growling bassline slides. Tweaked and perfected by Eli & Fur earlier this year throughout lockdown – the track is a culmination of dancefloor escapades slowly forged by crowd reactions.

Kaytranda – ‘Bubba (Instrumental Version)’

Today, Canadian artist and producer Kaytranda returns to release an instrumental version of his second album, the critically acclaimed ‘Bubba’. ‘Bubba (Instrumental Version)’ arrives after his single with Lucky Daye, ‘Look Easy’, and features vocal-free versions of all tracks featured on the original album, with exception to those that originally debuted as instrumentals.

Joseph Capriati – ‘Metamorfosi’

Metamorfosi’ is the story of Joseph Capriati’s artistic evolution, the result of both personal and musical development, maturing influences, and meeting his heroes — an emotional message which needs to be felt.

*Featured image via Dezza, Lost Kings, Luke Bond and HALIENE*

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