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Future Pop Artist Yawdel Is So Good You Can “Taste It” | Interview

by RiMo

With an impressive talent for music production and anime, it’s no surprise that Yawdel has created amazing Electronic Dance Music. Using artwork as a way to communicate his message, Yawdel is captivating. After releasing his debut single, ‘Taste It’ ft. Zhiko, Yawdel followed with another impressive track ‘Can’t Escape’ with Laurent John. To top it off Yawdel is set to release his highly anticipated debut EP soon. Yawdel’s passion for music and art makes listening to his music and watching his videos pure joy. Ever challenging himself and looking to go in new musical directions there is a definite element of fire adding heat to his creative process. I had a chance to speak to Yawdel about his music, what drives him as an artist, and the impact an artist’s approach has when addressing mental health.

Hi. It’s RiMo from Fresh Music Freaks. I’m here today with music producer/DJ and accomplished anime artist Yawdel. How are you doing today? Your music is sensational and your artwork is lovely. Can you please tell me how and when you decided that music and anime were the paths you wanted to take?

Hi RiMo, so pleased to meet you, and thanks for your energy! Well, everything came very naturally, I mean coming from another galaxy is something that can be quite scary for humans, so I had the chance to meet some great illustrators that decided to draw how they see me :). I’m totally fine with that as I don’t know how I look to human eyes and I thought it could be a great way to come out with my music and these artworks, it’s a new form of communication for me!

You are an accomplished anime artist/character. Am I correct in saying you created the logo on your album and your official trademark/anime look? If so, where did you come up with the idea for it and what does it signify?

Thanks. I didn’t make the logo my friend’s illustrator did, but Yawdel is my name. Recently I found the translation for your speaking language, it means more or less “little atom of fire “

How would you describe your music style?

I love Bass, I love dancing and bouncing 🙂  My music reflects most of my emotions. It can be sad and heavy, uplifting, and fun too. My friend’s illustrator calls it Future Pop. I can go from style to style but I think there is always a connexion between my tracks. Something people on earth call soul. 

Your song “Taste it” featuring Zhiko is extraordinary and I think it’s a sure-fire hit with the vocals perfectly matching the dub mix. I also feel that the vocals and the dub mix could stand alone and still convey the same message. With these unique qualities, you managed to create a song with infinite possibilities. How did you create this song and what was your experience like working with Zhiko? 

Thanks again! I started some time ago with the music, I wanted to make something emotional and also powerful when the beat drops,  with a strong hook and a special sound signature. But lyrics are also very important for me, I think voice is a perfect vehicle to convey a message. I had already heard Zhiko on some of his solo tracks and was loving his voice so much. We got in touch and he really liked the track and started to record some different type of vocals for us to find the right direction. The collaboration has been really nice and cool, he gave life to my music!

I have to ask you about the video for this song. The overall quality of the artwork in the video is exceptional. What gave you the idea for the storyboard/graphic novel feel of this video and did you create these gorgeous panels/frames? 

It’s a funny story. While reading the lyrics we came up with a story of a young guy who is exploited by a terrible boss, not enjoying his life, and who finally decides to quit that boring job and environment and follow his dreams and passion. A bit later while talking with Zhiko I asked him if he had any ideas for the video. He told me that the lyrics of Taste it came from his own experience, he was working in a restaurant completely tired of the same routine (with a terrible boss and annoying customers). So one day he just took off his apron, walked out, and never went back. He started to be determined about his music and it finally paid off. That was a long story but I just wanted to illustrate that without talking to each other, the script for the video became obvious. I didn’t create the frames, my friends did it but I gave them some precise directions. 

How do you/did you stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic and what effect does it/did it have on your music production this year?

I’ve tried to eat good food, not stress too much and focus on the positive sides of things, the people I love and of course music. It has an effect on my music indeed. I felt a bit uninspired and flat, so I didn’t force things. I spent the time to learn some new techniques, played with synths and instruments without the expectation or pressure that it would become a tune. All in all, it was a time for reflection, and it will certainly impact my new productions.

Can you please tell me about your second single “Can’t Escape” featuring  Laurent John coming out on 2nd June? This soulful song certainly conveys the struggles many encounter while dealing with mental health. Why was it important for you to address this issue and what was your experience like working with Laurent John?

That song is special and I truly believe in his destiny. I started it a few years ago and had the main hook « I can’t escape » as a guide before sending this to Laurent John. He made an amazing vocal demo and I finished the production but after some time I was not feeling happy with that version so I didn’t force it and worked on it intensely last year. Laurent’s vocals are powerful and very poignant, he has this timeless tone to his voice that will stand the test of time. It was written as an exploration of the negative thought processes that inhibit those suffering with depression and anxiety, this is something lots of artists started to confess recently, I don’t hear many songs talking clearly about it and we hope this song will help people in distress.

Regarding both your music and anime; about how many hours do you spend in the studio working on music/anime and what types of equipment (set up) do you use?

Well…I would say I spend my life in the studio :). I live in my studio, to be honest. I’m surrounded by great people who draw while I make music and we inspire each other. My setup is made of computers (new and old), some very dusty synthesizers, guitars, pedals, and some various boxes humans call monitors! It’s kind of an experience to come to the studio. It’s a restricted area 🙂

Does being an anime artist enhance your music (or vice versa) and if so, how?

It does maybe because I can allow myself to do what I want and let the anime talk for me. Also as I love to change my looks and faces sometimes (on my galaxy UDFY-38135539, people change their faces every 50 years) it pushes me into some new musical directions. 

Tell me what was it like to do the “Mix Of The Week” on T. H. E. – Music Essentials and how did that come about? 

It’s an honor and a great great experience, I spend a lot of time digging into the music of amazing artists, some very established, famous ones and some newcomers. I love to tell a story with my mixes, frequencies are what I have in common with humans and a frequency is always traveling, so I consider mixing as travel, a trip.  Also listening to other people’s productions gives me lots of ideas to test and improve in my next materials. 

You’ve had an amazing run of releases so far.  What can we expect from you for the rest of 2020? 

More and more tracks! Hopefully surprising collaborations and of course some drawings and story around Yawdel. I have no limitations right now, I’ve been sent to earth to discover why this planet is so different and so far I’m just scratching the surface. I’d love to play my music live too but I’m a bit shy so a live appearance would be the next big step!

Is there anything else you would like your fans to know?

I’d like to tell my fans that the human race is quite young in its evolution and of course it has to learn and make a lot of mistakes. But I trust them and it’s never too late to make big changes, start to live in harmony with each other and the beauty that’s being called animals and nature. This is part of my mission on earth.

Thank you Yawdel for taking the time to speak with us today! Check him out below!

Yawdel: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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