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FRASE x SkiiTour’s “Too Hot, Too Cold” Is Just Right

by Hannah Berney

It’s the Canadian collaboration you never knew you wanted. It’s an ice-cold Molson on a hot summer’s day, a scoop of moose tracks ice cream before your mid-July street hockey game. It’s a new release and collaboration between DJ duo SkiiTour and multifaceted artist FRASE, and it’s set to become the funkiest anthem for the summer. It’s “Too Hot, Too Cold”.

Dynamic duo SkiiTour, made up of Whistler B.C natives Tim Livingstone and Dave Rollie, are best known for their genre hopping sets and ski-gear snow-machine parties at multiple festivals from Shambhala to Burning Man. With their fun-loving attitude and retro aesthetic, SkiiTour lays down their solid foundation of House production to back up an incredible vocal performance from FRASE. 

FRASE is SkiiTour’s next-door B.C neighbour, hailing originally from Montreal. A singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, FRASE combines his soulful voice with incredible production and DJ-ing abilities, performing incredible hybrid Live and Electronic sets at festivals like Bass Coast and Shambhala. 

Together, FRASE x SkiiTour have created an Electro-Soul anthem that’s crisp, funky, and truly speaks to the talents of everyone involved. The beginning kicks in with a looped snap and layered 808 melodies, leading into FRASE crooning “You’re too hot, too cold, but nothing’s perfect”, before launching into the verse, layering in a simple snare and bass drum. With the addition of a heavy bassline and an electric guitar, the track transitions into pure groove, with FRASE’s vocals taking centre stage against the backdrop of guitar solos and trumpet riffs. The track is truly a masterwork in terms of production, as all of the elements blend together seamlessly, with no single piece feeling out of place. SkiiTour and FRASE have created something worth listening to, because “Too Hot, Too Cold” is just right.

You can listen to “Too Hot, Too Cold” here.

*Featured Image via BEEDEE*

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