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Festival Fashion: A Guide to Razzle Dazzle Rave Bras

by Hannah Berney

Note: This post is not sponsored.

It may only be January, but EDM fans are already envisioning all the summer festivals of 2020. The warm sun, the fantastic music, the wonderful friends, and consequently, all of the fantastic outfits! One of my favourite parts of festivals is seeing what everyone has chosen to wear. From the all-black ensembles of Techno fans to the sparkly getups of mainstage mavens, it’s so much fun to watch how everyone expresses themselves through their clothes.

With that in mind, I’m going to be talking about one of my personal favourite pieces of festival fashion: the Rave Bra! Rave Bras are exactly what the name implies: bras or tops decorated for festivals and raves! They can be covered in glitter, bejewelled, light up, or even change colours! It’s all up to you and your style preference. But how do you get your very own rave bra? Where do you even start? Let’s go over the three ways you can get Rave Bras:

1. Pre-Made Bras

Pros: Easy to get, moderately priced
Cons: Mass-produced, options can be limited
Where to Find: IHeartRaves, NEONNANCY

This was where I started when I first got into festival fashion. A quick google search and lo and behold, I was finding ready-made options for rave bras and tops! Big-name fashion websites are great for this, such as the long-standing iHeartRaves or the lesser-known but still great Neon Nancy. These websites will sell you a ready-to-go rave bra, which usually has EL wire and a battery pack already included, for around $40-$60 dollars. All you have to do is snap in batteries and you’ll be all lit up for your next event! The only downsides are possible sizing issues (especially for plus-size ravers) and the fact that many people could have bought the same thing you’re wearing. But all in all, pre-made bras are a great place to start!

2. Custom Made Bras

Pros: One of a kind, fully customizable
Cons: Expensive, issues finding trustworthy sellers
Where to Find: Etsy, Instagram

Once you know that rave bras are definitely your go-to festival fashion choice, you might want to start looking into options that are more YOU. Enter Custom Made Bras! Through websites like Etsy, or even finding storefronts through Instagram, you can connect with designers who will make you a one-of-a-kind bra that’s perfectly you! Want a light-up daisy themed top for EDC? No problem! Thinking of cosplaying as Rave Princess Jasmine? Why not! Just be prepared to shell out: you are paying for someone’s hard work and time, and time is money. Just don’t be surprised if your custom top runs you into the hundreds!

3. Homemade Bras

Pros: Fashion that’s uniquely your style, inexpensive
Cons: Hard to do if you’re not crafty
Where to Find: Craft Stores/Lingerie Stores/Thrift Stores

If you’re strapped for cash but still want the Rave Bra experience, why not try making your own? All you have to do is buy a bra and start decorating! For even less expensive options, try buying multipacks of bras at big box brand stores, or even check out your local thrift stores. Then you’ve got to raid your local crafting store! Take a look at glitter, jewels, fabric paint, lace, fake flowers–the sky is the limit with what you can create. It does take time and effort (my first and only self-made Rave Bra took me over a week to finish), and if you’re inexperienced with things like sewing, or even connecting wires to make it light up, you might have a tough go at it. Just watch a couple of video tutorials and give it your best shot!

And there you have it! Whether you buy a pre-made bra, put in a custom order, or try your hand at creating something one of a kind, you’ll be heading to your next fest looking your best!

*Featured Image via edmidentity*

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