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Fresh Music - June 28, 2022

Experience ‘The Uprising’ Of This Week’s New Music And Dance To The ‘Drum Beat’ | New Tunes Tuesday

Experience ‘The Uprising’ of this week’s new music from the likes of AMÉMÉ, Kumarion, Reaper, Fei-Fei and more and dance to the ‘Drum Beat’.

Cosmic Gate x Nathan Nicholson – ‘Follow You Anywhere’

While its title might give you a sense of all things light, through ‘Follow You Anywhere’s lyrics, Tennessee-native Nathan Nicholson gets deep under love’s skin. Touching on themes of devotion, obsession and the perfectly imperfect balance of relationships, his words chime brilliantly with Cosmic Gate’s production.

Armin van Buuren x Blasterjaxx – ‘Superman (feat. 24h)’

Armin van Buuren and Blasterjaxx hammer down hard with their second-ever, stage-destroying link-up. Debuted at the mainstage of Ultra Music Festival in Miami, ‘Superman’ confidently stands its ground to instill hope, resilience and strength into all who need it. 

JODA – ‘Shape Of Your Heart’

Anjunabeats presents ‘Shape Of Your Heart’, the latest single from JODA, aka Jono Grant and Darren Tate. The buoyant, floor-filling epic straight out of an ‘80s workout video (or the director’s cut of Flashdance) is featured on JODA’s forthcoming self-titled album, out August 26.

Grum – ‘Unreality’

Anjunabeats stalwart, Grum releases his fourth artist album, ‘Unreality’. ‘Unreality’ is his most reflective work to date, putting a human connection in the digital age under the microscope. A story in two halves, the album is introspective, ideas-driven, and song-heavy, holding a mirror to Grum’s own emotional journey over the last two years.

AMÉMÉ – ‘Drum Beat’

“My latest EP ‘Drum Beat is the perfect assemblage of past and present, as it blends elements of my musical roots with current day inspirations. ‘Loca’ reaches into the Latin realm and on the other side is ‘Drum Beat’, which reflects the deep anchor of my upbringing in West African music. Together these tracks create an eclectic and energetic pairing that feel right at home on Crosstown Rebels.”


Paipy – ‘Kaleidoscope’

Giuseppe Cerutti aka Paipy strikes back with ‘Kaleidoscope’ on ZYX Trance after his first release, the very successful ‘Celestia’. On ‘Kaleidoscope’ he proves his immense talent with a solid, balanced production that employs piano chords in the blissful breakdown as well as an emotional, cinematic atmosphere. The climax is so motivating and energizing that it will carry you away on its wings and fly.

Richard Durand – ‘Ballad Of The Southern Sea’

The first Richard Durand original to find its way onto Armin van Buuren’s Armind imprint, ‘Ballad Of The Southern Sea’ near-effortlessly brings out trance’s most beloved and timeless qualities. From the serene breakdown and highly emotional melody to the track’s energetic build-up and irresistibly uplifting disposition, this ‘A State Of Trance 2022’-featured gem equals instant and lasting euphoria for trance fans from all over the world.


Psy-Punks FEDERATION, comprising singer Ben Lost, guitarist Dave Veraven and producer Richard Mowatt, disappeared at the tail end of 2014, signing off with the cryptic ‘BE THERE’ video, which many believe signaled the end of the project. Seven years later however the trio are back and drop their debut long player ‘F’, with the trio forging a unique sound that draws on 80’s goth, spider-web post punk, and thumping late 90’s Trance.

ARTY – ‘Where Have You Been (feat. Annie Schindel)’

“I’m very proud of this track [‘Where Have You Been’]. I’ve been sitting on these vocals for a long time. Annie Schindel and I originally wrote this song in 2020, and I finally got my hands on it this year, reworking the entire production. I have to say, after ‘Save Me Tonight’, it’s one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever produced.”


Allen Watts – ‘Shadows’

A sonic firestorm of epic proportions, Allen Watts’ latest belter will light up a stadium in a matter of seconds. Armed with a scorching kick-bass combo and an incredible melody that underlines the track’s uplifting disposition, ‘Shadows’ will have no trouble winning over the global trance community.

Dimitri Vegas x David Guetta x Nicole Scherzinger x Azteck – ‘The Drop’

Dimitri Vegas, David Guetta, Nicole Scherzinger, and Azteck have released hit songs in the past; however, it’s the first time all four are collaborating together to shake up the music industry. It mixes legendary dance music artists Dimitri Vegas and David Guetta with Pop superstar Nicole Scherzinger and new age DJ Azteck to make the ideal song to please their fans,  both young and old. ‘The Drop’, starts with a solid electro drum beat and hits the soul with engaging lyrics by Scherzinger’s distinctly harmonious vocals as it draws listeners into a break that heads into the climax and high percussive beats. The addictive tune will keep fans fully immersed in its house music vibes as it ends, leaving fans wanting more.

Jauz x Habstrakt – ‘Like Before’

With the festival season and Jauz’ consequential Block Party tour right around the corner, there’s truly no better time for a slew of fresh beats. The American producer is officially getting the party started, linking up with the famed French talents of fellow bass maestro Habstrakt for the release of ‘Like Before’. A whirling dervish club beat and a future-guilty pleasure in its own right, the new single is out on Musical Freedom.

Skream x Jackmaster – ‘The Attention Deficit Track’

CircoLoco Records’ third release takes the label to new heights with a four-track EP anchored by UK legend, Skream. Led by the official release of the single this Friday, ‘The Attention Deficit Track’ – one of the dance world’s most sought-after club tracks in recent months.

Shogun – ‘Striker’

An unpredictable track in nature, Shogun’sStriker’ begins with a steady beat and gradually adds in instruments such as high-hats and trumpets, embarking on a unique mystical adventure.. From silencing beats in random patterns to set the song in a minor key, the four and a half minute endeavor achieves a balanced level of uneasiness and depth, pushing his blend of high-energy trance one step further. Utilizing minimal vocals, ‘Striker’, goes against the grind, each instrument representing a different voice, a different story. ‘Striker’ is an embodiment of the beauty of juxtaposition: muted but emotional, gentle but powerful, catchy but ever-changing.


This new release is a reclamation of Fei-Fei’s throne, a deserved recrowning for her acclaimed skill and talent as well as her passion for advocating for queer, femme, BIPOC, and non-binary communities and causes. ‘MY BODY IS GOD ON ACID’ is powerful, purposeful, and serves as a symbol of all Fei-Fei stands for within her creative and personal selves.

Kumarion x Reaper – ‘The Uprising’

Reaper and I have been long proponents of drum and bass in the United States, amongst a few others. We’ve aligned together in this collab [‘The Uprising’] and the series of shows and events because we both share a common goal: in hopes to show Americans how fun and transformative drum and bass can be. We both want to help kick that door open!”


Opiuo – ‘Gravitate (feat. Jordan Dennis)’

Australian legacy producer Opiuo descends deep into the inner workings of his psyche with his latest genre-hybrid single, ‘Gravitate’. 

Dirtybird – ‘Heavy Heaters’

Dirtybird is taking a listen back to some of the finest, dark gems from across the label catalog with the release of ‘Heavy Heaters’, a 12-track compilation. 

Christian Löffler – ‘SOLO (Solomun Remix)’

A strong sense of liberation presents itself on Solomun’s remix. Shackles and bindings unleash on ‘Solo’ which offers high energy and excitement, perfectly aligning with the summer state of mind. There are still moments for deep emotions and contemplation – this aspect of Christian Löffler’s artistry has been preserved perfectly – simply now with absorbing layers of syncopated beats intertwined. Solomun has created a rework which offers an undiscovered world of emotions and experiences, a space of different hues and tones, where memories are to be made, and moments to be manifested. Adding a vibrant shade to Christian Löffler’s exquisite palette, dynamic beats resonate in this bright and electrifying new work. 

Alok – ‘CONTROVERSIA vol. 006’

“The arrival of the 6th edition of the compilation and following the recognition that previous installments have received is a huge joy to me. The concept continues to meet our main objective, which is to maximize the reach and recognition of the Brazilian electronic music scene here in Brazil as well as abroad, giving space to a vast number of arsts to create and present their music to wider audiences. With a lot of effort, today, Controversia’s releases are being presented weekly to millions of listeners around the world through the Controversia Radio Show, which was also recently featured as a label showcase on Tomorrowland’s OneWorld Radio. I had a great time plowing through the tons of demo submissions to pick the tracks and artists I currently like the most, so I hope you’ll enjoy the selecon, which includes 8 exclusive products you can hear only on the compilation [‘CONTROVERSIA vol. 006’].”


Slushii – ‘Forever With U’

Dim Mak is pleased to welcome acclaimed producer/DJ Slushii to its roster. And what better time than the present for copious amounts of Slushii? The next three months will be all about the electrifying artist as the label presents ‘A Slushii Summer’. This unique campaign will feature a new Slushii original track released each Friday this summer, culminating with a 15-track album on September 23rd. ‘A Slushii Summer’ kicks off with the single ‘Forever With U’. The euphoric, melody-rich single joins elements of chiptune and pop into an experience that’s all warm and positive vibes.  

Ray Volpe – ‘Laserbeam’

Ray Volpe’s intergalactic planetary smash single and the most played track at EDC Las Vegas, ‘Laserbeam’, has finally been blasted out worldwide via Disciple Records. Volpe strikes out with a track that’s a true shock to the system, packing booming bass and acidic squelches contrasting with an underlying calm that makes for the perfect festival season blockbuster.

Wavedash x James Ivy – ‘Chicago Loop’

Continuously showcasing their creativity and versatility, Wavedash and James Ivy’s friendship, tracing back to their teenage years, has intersected at a crucial point in their musical careers for the release of ‘Chicago Loop’, out via Create Music Group.

Delusional Records – ‘1 Year Anniversary VA Compilation’

The imprint is dually celebrating PRIDE Month and their first-year milestone birthday with the ‘Delusional 1 Year Anniversary VA Compilation’ – a 15-track package of left-field sounds designed primarily on modular sythesizers and analog gear by female, LGBTQIA+, nonbinary and BIPOC producers.

Miraclis – ‘Trapped (Audion Remix)’

Opening the proceedings is the heavy, emotive single ‘Trapped’. It’s joined by some very special interpretations from Audion aka Matthew Dear. Matthew picks up the mandate with aplomb, exposing Miraclis to the dancefloor, synapse frying, and tweaking Max’s vocal in the process. 

Ost x Kjex – ‘Songs From The End Of The World’

“‘Songs From The End Of The World’ is a love letter from the northern most frontiers of club music and a comment on the world’s current state of affairs. Inspired by the harsh times, we went back to our early influences such as industrial music, goth, wave, EBM, rave, classic house and techno to create what we consider our most technoid release to date. With the choice between submitting to pressure or going with hope, we are headed for the neon lights! So here are nine tracks we made with the dream of you dancing to it, this summer.”

Ost x Kjex

Things You Say – ‘Thank You Baby / Play The Drums’

Palm Artists’ record label Palm Recs returns for its next release via a stellar offering from Things You Say, with ‘Thank You Baby marking the duo’s debut appearance on the imprint.

Tsu Nami – ‘Never Be (feat. Jade Alice)

Tsu Nami teams up with Australian singer-songwriter Jade Alice on her new single ‘Never Be’, a wonderstruck electropop song slated for release on Lost In Dreams Records

Mindchatter – ‘Math (Westend Remix)’

“I discovered Mindchatter through a remix Walker and Royce did last year. I was instantly drawn to his voice and sonic vibe he was able to create, it was very refreshing. When Mindchatter approached me to do a remix for his track ‘Math’, it was an easy ‘yes.’ For this record I pushed myself a bit outside my comfort zone, focusing on the melodies and atmosphere to create more of a progression. I couldn’t be happier with the final result and it’s gonna stay in my sets for the foreseeable future.”


CID – ‘La La La’

The internationally renowned producer CID gears up for his highly anticipated label debut on Insomniac Records with an ear-hooking tech house slammer by the name of ‘La La La’. 

Francis Mercier x Nitefreak x Lenny Auguste – ‘Ayibobo’

Francis Mercier teams up with Zimbabwe’s Afro-house king Nitefreak, and introduces newcomer Lenny Auguste, a singer from the historic city of Gonaives where Haiti’s independence was first declared in 1804 on ‘Ayibobo’. The lyrics, sung in Haitian Creole, are a heartfelt plea for freedom and hope, and a defiant demand for social justice, amid the ongoing troubles in Mercier and Auguste’s homeland.

Juelz – ‘Eden’

Juelz searches for light amongst the darkness with his latest single ‘Eden’, an enchanting bass creation, which is sprouting up as part of the eighth season of releases for NIGHTMODE.

Bontan – ‘Gold Teeth’

Long-established house talent Bontan makes a much-anticipated return to Hot Creations with an excellent 2-track EP. Shamanic-like drums create a hypnotic sensibility right from the word go, as we’re graced with echoing vocals on ‘Gold Teeth’. There’s an air of tribalism throughout via shimmering maracas and rhythmic hi-hats, before ‘Heart Shaped Leaf takes on a techy edge. Cow bell-esque percussion undulates beneath a low-slung bassline whilst spacey lyrics repeat nearby, forming a peak-time, club-ready cut.

RIP Kenny – ‘i’m ok alone’

Arriving at the intersection of metal, punk, and melodic dubstep, RIP Kenny is the soundtrack to your adventure. Following three lead singles ‘Letting Go’, ‘Lost’, and ‘Thought I Knew You’, the mountaineer musician returns with ‘i’m ok alone’ – the final single to his aptly-titled debut album ‘Escapism’

WizG – ‘Dangerous’

“With summer and festival season approaching, I wanted to release my favorite production to date. A record I believe can be listened to in any setting. ‘Dangerous’ is filled with guitars, synths, vocal chops, catchy lyrics and more. Enjoy!”


Luigi Madonna – ‘Contempo Vol. 1’

Luigi Madonna is entering a new chapter in his ongoing evolution as an artist that celebrates artistry, progression and most importantly, the cardinal roots of Napoli’s hard-hitting strain of techno. Embarking on the launch of his debut label and event initiative, ‘Contempo’, Madonna shares the first in a series of opuses to introduce his revitalised sound profile. 

*Featured image via AMÉMÉ, Kumarion, Reaper and Fei-Fei*