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‘Every Song’ In This Week’s Roundup Proves That ‘Music Means Love Forever’ | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Steve Aoki x Armin van Buuren – ‘Music Means Love Forever’

Steve Aoki and Armin van Buuren have finally knuckled down in the studio for this collaborative, no-holds-barred monster track. Bolstering its unifying message with heavy acid lines and festival-ready beat drops, ‘Music Means Love Forever’ is a marriage of signature sounds that will have listeners fist-pumping shoulder to shoulder until the end of time itself.

Masters & Nickson feat. Justine Suissa – ‘Out There (Sean Tyas Remix)’

Supercharging Masters & Nickson’s unforgettable 2003 vocal masterpiece, Sean Tyas once again shows why he’s one of Trance’s most sought-after remixers. Enveloping Justine Suissa’s famed vocal delivery with uplifting melodies and a driving beat-bass foundation, this fierce rework of ‘Out There’ is sure to lay claim to its fair share of mainstage glory.

Talla 2XLC & Jay Frog – ‘Native American (Zyrus 7 Remix)’

Native American’ by Talla 2XLC and Jay Frog was a big success and was featured in many well-known trance DJs’ playlists. Now is the turn of the Talla 2XLC psy trance alter ego Zyrus 7 to take over and transform the original into a full on psy-trancer with razor sharp, heavy basslines coupled with driving kicks while melodic layers lead us beautifully in the atmospheric breakdown. The rock style guitar riff gets the spotlight along with the ethnic vocals that enhance its deep atmosphere even more. The main dark synthy line comes next to create mayhem and welcome you in the epic climax that sounds moody and uplifting at the same time. Highly approved for uplifting and psy-trance addicts!

Chris Schweizer – ‘Insomnia (feat. Amin Salmee)

Chris Schweizer returns to Armada with another devastating cut. Driven by a raw, unforgiving bassline and Amin Salmee’s powerful vocal narrative, ‘Insomnia’ will have fans pumping their fists in the air well into the wee hours of the night.

GXD x Elle Vee – ‘Best Of You’

U.K. production duo GXD is cranking it up a notch with their second-ever release on the label. With the incredible vocals of frequent collaborator Elle Vee soaring over thumping percussion and high-magnitude synth blasts, ‘Best Of You’ is designed to send sparks flying in every direction.

Shane 54 x Alex Sonata & TheRio – ‘Panic Attack’

Spiraling out of control after a moment of calm, ‘Panic Attack’ is a brilliant collision between Shane 54 and Alex Sonata & The Rio. Supercharged by a mightily deep beat drop that contrasts the peaceful breakdown, this cut is sure to send the minds of listeners into overdrive.

Duvall – ‘Every Song (Saffron Stone Remix)’

“When Duvall asked me to remix ‘Every Song’, I was excited to get involved as I loved his idea of using all female producers. I feel very proud to be a part of this project and to be involved with other talented women on the scene. As soon as I heard bshp’s vibey, emotive vocals, I knew the direction I wanted to take my remix in. I heard in my head how I wanted it to sound, so I got to work straight away while I was in Spain, surrounded by beautiful picturesque views that inspired me a lot during the writing process. Big views, big feels. The rolling bassline works nicely with the atmospheric vocals, and by the time I made the synths, all the core elements just fell into place. My spin has that big, club room feel that’s going to go off. I can’t wait for everyone to hear this on the dance floor!”

Saffron Stone

partywithray x ZHU – ‘#Partystarters’

A four-track release, partywithray’s latest EP — ‘#Partystarters’ opens with the infectiously funky ‘Lil Mama’, a collaboration with longtime musical compatriot ZHU that partywithray describes as “a catalyst for the vibe of the project”. Next up, ‘Good Bad Boy’ is a similarly endearing, bassline-driven, vocal-laced club jam that was released earlier this year as a single. As was the undeniably playful ‘1 Bump’, before things are closed out with ‘Smile Like Aaliyah’, ensuring the EP finishes on the most sunkissed of notes.

Shapov x AVIAN GRAYS – ‘Light Up The World (feat. KiFi)’

Making a huge impact with their first-ever collaboration, Russian DJ and producer Shapov and enigmatic artist AVIAN GRAYS deliver a stellar production in the shape of ‘Light Up The World’ featuring KiFi. The inspirational track exudes an anthemic presence from the get-go, expertly crafted to ignite the airwaves wherever it is played. Delivering a powerful message of hope, the aptly titled number bursts with scintillating synths, uplifting instrumentals and KiFi’s soaring topline. Blending a variety of musical elements, ‘Light Up The World’ is set to be an essential festival anthem that will resonate with crowds all over with its euphoric energy.

Headkube – ‘Polar Lights’

Talented producer and multi-instrumentalist Headkube is proud to present his brand-new ‘Polar Lights’ EP on Third Party’s Release Records label. The Turin-born maestro, who has played piano, drums, and guitar since he was a child, showcases his dynamic diversity across the release. 

Danny Olson x yetep – ‘Melting (feat. EASAE)’

Hot on the heels of his performance at the inaugural Lost In Dreams festival, the L.A-based producer yetep graces the catalog with his debut appearance. On it, he links up with label regular and fellow Angeleno Danny Olson on ‘Melting’, featuring EASAE. The triple-pronged effort gives rise to a cinematic masterpiece dripping with drama-packed synth swells, solemn piano motifs, thudding drums and EASAE’s indignant belting ruminating on the thought of being burned. The combination of her scorched lyrics and their woeful melodies push the whole piece past the melting point until the final flicker of the keys.

syence – ‘hate me like u love me (feat. Jake Neumar)’

US electronic duo syence have unveiled the final single ahead of their ‘Bass Pop’ EP ‘hate me like u love me’ featuring Jake Neumar. The latest offering features a rhythmic lead, soothing vocals from featured vocalist Jake Neumar with peaks and valleys laid intricately over dynamic percussion.  Bright and bold, the track is poignant and the epitome of the signature “bass pop” sound.

H3000 – ‘H3000’

H3000, the new musical project from Luke Steele (Empire Of The Sun, The Sleepy Jackson) and Jarrad Rogers (Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey), will release its cosmic self-titled debut album via Astralwerks. ‘H3000’ contains songs of love, loss, and camaraderie that channel tragedy into brilliant, affirming hope. 

Riot Ten x Young Buck x DJ Afterthought – ‘Mawlee’

“Creating this song [‘Mawlee’] was honestly the most fun I’ve had with a record in a long time. Experimenting with all-new sounds while keeping it simple – yet engaging and effective – was really a test. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Getting Young Buck on the track, who I’ve been a fan of for over a decade, was the icing on the cake. He absolutely nailed it. My boy DJ Afterthought came in with the finishing touches. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a record since ‘Rail Breaker’.”

Riot Ten

Lupa – ‘Darkness’

Journeying through her impressive debut, Lupa’sDarkness’ errs on the side of eerie. Like its predecessor ‘For The Ride’, Lupa masterfully interpolates vocal chops in her wicked productions. Combining a driving kick with a compelling melodic performance, ‘Darkness’ is emotive techno at its outright best.

STAR SEED – ‘Reasons’

STAR SEED has delivered their sophomore single on NIGHTMODE with a heartfelt follow-up titled ‘Reasons’. Making their return to the label with ‘Reasons’, the duo switched up the pace to tackle the feeling of running through memories post-breakup. It’s a very relatable electro pop song powered by a reminiscent vocal hook and emotion-stirring guitar riffs.

Cyclops – ‘UV’

Cyclops has made his debut on SLANDER and NGHTMRE’s Gud Vibrations imprint with his new single ‘UV’. The Boston-based dubstep producer is ready to unleash the fury on his latest creation, a heavy-hitting dubstep single that is filled with doom. Fueled by apocalyptic melodies and screwy synth play, ‘UV’ is destined to leave pure devastation in its wake.

Party Favor – ‘Losing My Mind (feat. Elohim)’

“It’s a perfect example of a song that on its head is very simple, right? It’s very driving and repetitive and energetic. But I want ‘Losing My Mind’ to feel sonically as though you are driving through the apocalypse, like Mad Max.”

Party Favor

Anabel Englund – ‘Midnight Rapture’

Rapture in its definition means a feeling of intense pleasure or joy.  Anabel Englund’s Midnight Rapture’ depicts a late night rendezvous edging towards euphoria as she sings “Said don’t take me home/Take me to a place you’ve never gone/Where we can lose ourselves till dawn” set to a sensuous dancefloor beat alongside the bells and guitar riffs taken from the Blondie original.

*Featured image via Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Duvall and Saffron Stone*

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