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‘Every Single Time’ You Listen To This Week’s New Music, You’ll Be Dancing Until ‘6AM’ | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

H3nry Thr!ll – ‘Tell Me’

H3nry Thr!l’s latest single, ‘Tell Me’ sees the young producer walk the line between organic instrumentals and darker electronic elements, delivering an emotionally charged cut that successfully straddles the space between the dance floor and the radio airwaves.

Example – ‘Every Single Time (feat. What So Not x Lucy Lucy)’

On the brink of releasing his much-anticipated eighth studio album, Example is beginning a new chapter. Having spent well over a decade in the game, the UK mainstay has released his brand new single ‘Every Single Time’ featuring What So Not and Lucy Lucy.

J. Worra – ‘some ppl fall (David Penn Remix)’

J. Worra’ssome ppl fall’ was already a certified jam with off-beat claps and disco-esque organ stabs that are made to groove to. With David Penn at the helm of the record’s newest nu-disco remix, the track spotlights punchy piano riffs that bring ‘some ppl fall’ to a tropical setting, as the beat builds before erupting in a fury of cowbells and deep basslines. Under his signature smooth sound, David Penn has created a rare type of dance floor cut that works in a club and by the poolside, blending the right amount of euphoria with upfront bass, and classic nu-disco grooves.

Truth x Lies – ‘Essential’

Back by popular demand, Truth x Lies is making another crucial appearance on Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION catalog with an indispensable three-track EP aptly titled ‘Essential’. Last year, they delivered a solid two-tracker ‘Other Side / Burn It Down’ and they are now upping the ante with three flawless tech house cuts on their ‘Essential’ EP, each of them showcasing their sensationally weird but dancefloor-focused thump.


“I wanted it to be a record that can be listened to through the stages of a day and night. I was writing most of it through lockdowns so I was just writing tunes that felt like being out. ‘Wanna Stay’ just has a loose fun energy about it – feels like a bunch of mates getting rowdy in the pub – which is how most nights in Australia start, ‘Butters’ and ‘Arms’ get a bit more late night club focused, which is generally where most nights lead – then ‘Bridgewater’ and ‘Glenorchy’ are those emotional kick on tunes for when you’re feeling it at ‘6AM’ – so it’s all stages of the night.”


Maxé x Lara Samira – ‘Wicked Game’

Instantly recognizable from its opening chords and with the same languid mindset as Chris Isaak’s classic love song, ‘Wicked Game’ for 2021 does house where there’s more than meets the ear. Lara Samira mixes innocence with hazy allure, and Maxé, recognizing the source material’s doomed air, offers dark, slow burning shades while keeping high energy horns at bay, including an unexpected outbreak of Mariachi imagery. Shadowy club sounds knowing exactly what you did last summer.

*Featured image via Example, LUUDE, H3nry Thr!ll and David Penn*

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