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Enrico Sangiuliano and His New Livestream “ES System” Concept are HOT

by Haley Wood

Over here at Fresh Music Freaks, we’re a vastly eclectic bunch in regard to what our favorite flavor of dance music is. But if you’re talking to me, I’ll probably ask you, “What is the best genre of dance music, and why is it Techno?”. If you like to dip your toes in Techno waters you’re probably already acquainted, but if you’re new here, Enrico Sangiuliano is one artist I’d suggest getting familiar with. Not only does this guy radiate total daddy AF vibes, but he will provide your ears with the sweet, sweet dark sounds of bangin’ Techno.

Enrico started out as a sound engineer in Italy and has slowly worked his way up to becoming a luminary that sprouted from the Italian illegal rave scene in the 90’s. His international breakthrough happened in 2015 following his remix release of DJ Boris’s “Can You Hear Me” that ended up being Beatport‘s highest selling Techno track. Enrico has since released quite a few tracks that have held the No.1 best-selling Techno artists in consecutive years 2016, 2017, and 2018.  He is often categorized with artists such as German legends Pan-Pot and has even been signed to Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label. Enrico is a perfectionist and damn does it show through his sound. During 2019 he has played Sonar, Awakenings, Tomorrowland, Sonus, and ADE. 2020 was the year we were supposed to get down with Enrico at Movement Festival Detroit and as we all know that has been postponed to September, and yes I am a bit salty.

Since the world has been turned upside down, Enrico has been in lock-down in Ghent, Belgium with Techno princess Charlotte De Witte which has resulted in some HOT streams. Most importantly though, as of May 28th Sangiuliano has launched a monthly conceptual livestream series called ES System in partnership with Drumcode and Beatport. We’ve had the exclusive opportunity at Fresh Music Freaks to share in the premiere livestream with Enrico himself filmed straight from Charlotte’s terrace. Prepare your ears, the following streams will take place in various locations around Ghent and I CANNOT wait.

Enrico Sangiuliano 'ES System' Livestream 📡

Live now from Ghent! 📡

Posted by freshmusicfreaks.com on Thursday, May 28, 2020

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