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Eli and Fur

Eli & Fur Deliver Audio Time Travel With ‘Into The Night’ | #WCW

by Kelly Fresh

Eli Noble and Jennifer Skillman, A.K.A. Eli & Fur, are a couple of young songwriters from the U.K. who busted onto the dance music scene with their debut release, ‘You’re So High’, six years ago and have been blowing up ever since. They’ve earned massive support from BBC Radio1’s Pete Tong, Annie Mac, and Danny Howard, as well as playing some of the biggest music festivals in the world, including Tomorrowland, Coachella, and Ultra Music Festival in Miami. They’re also regulars at the most popular outdoor day-to-night party in Ibiza, ANTS at Ushuaia.

In 2018, they returned to their songwriting roots with their ‘Nightblooming Jasmine EP’, which garnered 5 million streams and was remixed by Rodriguez Jr. and Dosem. Now the duo is back, having just released their new EP, ‘Into The Night’ on Anjunabeats and I have to tell you, listening to it immediately transported me back to the mid-aughts, when I lived in Italy and would fly down the back roads in the countryside blasting ‘As The Rush Comes’ by Motorcycle or ‘Rapture’ by Iio. The melodic flow of their music paired with the ethereal quality of their voices is reminiscent of the progressive house era that Paul Oakenfold dominated in 2004 and 2005. 

Check out the FMF review of their new album below:

The first song is the title track, ‘Into The Night’, and it’s by far my favorite track on the album. It comes in soft and sweet and starts to heat up at about the 45-second mark and continues into a scaling synth breakdown that builds the track way up before dropping it right back into the sweetness. It’s a teaser for sure, definitely a song that will give you goosebumps and leave you wanting more of it. 

The second song, ‘Don’t Say’, has a bassline that reminds me of ‘Paper Romance’, a 2010 track off Groove Armada’s ‘Blacklight” LP. It’s got these driving synthed out lows and mids and then highs that are thrownback like 80s laser lights. It chugs along at a good pace and almost makes you feel like you’re anticipating something, like the build-up to the final kiss of a movie, delivering relief with legit drops and that feeling of ‘FUCK YEAH!’ when they finally do kiss. Definitely satisfying. 🙂

The final song, ‘You and I’ is a bit darker than the rest, starting with a horn flare that’s quite haunting, yet enticing, like a sexy vampire or a spooky video game. The melodies are more subdued, allowing for their voices to come through much more pronounced and really carry the track. The combo of the dark beat and angelic voices is really tied together with these rolling chimes in the background that build and fall with the song, giving it a really mystical vibe. 

After the three original mixes, Eli & Fur offer three extended mixes on the EP. Overall, I think that progressive house heads will dig this album. It’s smooth. It’s melodic. It’s emotive. It’s happy. It’s haunting. It’s ethereal. And it’s well delivered. It will give you the feels and make you want to dance those feels right out into the world. That’s why Eli & Fur are our Fresh Music Freaks #FMF Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW this week!

You can find ‘Into The Night’ on all major music streaming platforms and you can catch them on tour at multiple cities. Click here for more information.

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