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A Playlist Where We All Pretend We Went To Electric Forest 2020

by Rebecca Parks

To say that Electric Forest was one of the very few things I was looking forward to coming into 2020 would be an understatement. As fate would have it though, COVID-19 has changed everything about life as we knew it. With the “old normal” went all of our events for 2020, including my beloved Electric Forest. As insignificant and small of a problem this seems, festivals are not only home for some but also an escape for many. Though, as unfortunate as it may be there is always 2021!

As COVID-19 started to run its course through the United States in March and early April, many lives began to be devastated by it, mine included. So, when Electric Forest put out its official cancellation statement on April 21st it should have been just another thing to be sad about. Instead, as I read their official statement I was filled with gratitude. Knowing many people were about to go through the same loss I had, I was grateful that the Electric Forest team had the local community’s, attendee’s, artists’, and their own employee’s best interests at heart. A global pandemic is no time to host a festival. From the spread of COVID-19 to the many layers of hardships it would bring, this was just the right thing to do.

The official Electric Forest statement says, “Sit back from your screen for a moment, close your eyes, and imagine the energy when gates finally open to celebrate the 10th chapter of Electric Forest. Imagine the moment music begins to fill the air. Imagine positive vibrations at levels we have never felt in our lifetimes. It will be an immense moment of celebration, and preparing for that energy will keep Forest HQ working tirelessly until opening day.” This momentary glimpse into Electric Forest 2021 was enough for me to help me cope with what 2020 brought and gave me something to look forward to going into 2021.

After unconsciously distancing myself from music though, I found that as the weekend of June 25th was around the corner I needed it. I wanted the diverse range that Electric Forest would have brought. I wanted to be shocked by what I stumbled upon. I wanted to get weird, laugh, jump around, be a little bit confused, cry maybe, and most of all just have a good fucking time for a moment. With that, I handpicked a few songs from every artist on the Electric Forest 2020 lineup and compiled a playlist. Playing through it will go through the lineup as ordered. On shuffle you will find yourself going from Flume to Keller Williams, then make a pit stop at YBN Cordae to eventually stumble upon 100 gecs. It’s as eclectic, random, and long as running around Sherwood Forest for a weekend would have been and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

You can check out “i tried to go to electric forest 2020 and all i got was this playlist” below and dream of a wonderfully, strange time at Electric Forest 2021.

*Feature Image via Electric Forest Official Photo Gallery*

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