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EDC LV 2017

E.D.C. Las Vegas | Hot Tips and Essential Stuff from a Veteran Headliner!

by Alex TerraNova

E.D.C. Las Vegas | Hot Tips and Essential Stuff from a Veteran Headliner!

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, is the largest multi-day music festival in North America, and attracted more than 400,000 fans over three days in June 2016.
If you are attending EDC.LV 2017 for the first time or returning to play Under the Electric Sky for the umpteenth time, Fresh Music Freaks we like to include PLUR wisdom from those that have the knowledge when it comes to Music Festivals.
We understand that many websites use Staff Writers that throw together the annual “essentials” list, but these lists very rarely capture the essence of dance music culture.
When Ashley Castro posted her list in a Facebook group we were quick to support the PLUR she was spreading so take a look at the list and see if there is anything you’d like to add!

-●The lineup doesn’t come out until May.? View it Here
-●The Set times don’t come out until EDC Week.?
-●Your box won’t ship until the end of April/Beginning of May.✉?
-●If you bought more than one wristband in one transaction, you’re only getting one box. ?
-●Yes Premier Parking is worth it.?
-●Yes the Shuttles are worth it.?
-●Don’t buy alcohol on the strip, buy your bottles? before heading out unless you’re flying.✈
-●Drink a Fat Tuesday upon Arrival, its tradition. (Unless you aren’t 21+ then sorry kiddos lol)??
-●Make sure you start hydrating months in advance. ?
-● Wear Deodorant ?
-● Download the Insomniac EDC App in June?
-●Wear sunscreen.☀?
-●Bring sunglasses.?
-● Forgot to buy a last minute rave accesory/outfit? The iheartraves popup shop ? will be at the Luxor
-●Buy a portable misting fan they save lives.?
-●Dont worry about losing your friends, have a meetup spot for after.?
-● Make Kandi and trade with strangers, it’s a wonderful excuse to start a convo and make friends!! ?✌??
-●Don’t go too hard Thursday Night or on Day 1…or you won’t make it to Day 3 lol… ?
-● Wear comfortable shoes! ? Nikes are life.
-● Watch at least 1 opening ceremony at Kinetic Field and make sure to catch the Parade at least one day as well?✨???
-●Catch the Fireworks usually happens at 1-1:30 am?
-● Take Your Vitamins, 5htp , chapstick, gum 🙂 ?
-● Explore and get to know whats around you Day 1. ??
-●Bring Water and Snacks for the traffic ? going there and leaving.
-● If you’re looking to save money ? grocery shop and buy microwavable meals, or cup of noodles ?
-● If you see someone who looks sick ? please take care of them and take them to the Med tent ⛺. It has s big red cross on it.➕
-● Bring Flavored Packets for the free water. ? and tip the vendors walking around for Ice to put in your camelpak. ? ?
-● Electric Lemonade , try it ??
-●Dont make a schedule for edc, you most likely won’t follow it lol.?
-●Just have fun, be respectful,  take care of each other and Enjoy being HOME.??????✨?♥

Thank you Ashley for the tips and we will see all of you at EDCLV in June!

A limited number of tickets are still available for EDC Las Vegas 2017. To purchase your tickets and to stay up-to-date on the latest news regarding EDC Las Vegas HERE

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