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SkiiTour Amp theatre stage shambhala

Eat, Ski, Rave, Repeat | The Legends of SkiiTour

by Darby Rayanne

Picture this. It’s 2015, you just arrived on the farm after a long journey throughout the wee hours of the morning. You’re tired, but your body pulses with electricity from the thrill of being back home at the one and only Shambhala Music Festival. You hear the eruption of screams and shouts of a thousand mouths rolling across the field to where it meets you at the dusty dirt road as you drive in. You shout back in return, a happy shout, a shout of freedom. You read the signs as they pass you by. “Welcome Home,” one reads, and you’ve never felt more so. You’ve waited exactly 364 days for this feeling, and it’s pure bliss. After finding your friends in the vast field of Starlight, you finally set up camp in the blistering hot sun. The dust is already on your hands, your feet, your lungs- but you welcome it. Suddenly, a burst of Bass pierces the once serene setting. Another wave of shouts, the weekend has officially begun. You gather your things, put on some swag, slipping into your brightest and tightest- follow the music. Grabbing a drink for the road and every friend you pass, beckoning them to come with you, you’ve been told the best party of the weekend has just begun. With your friends in tow, you blast past the Vendor Village and straight to the red and white Circus-Esque tent, finally, it’s time to party.

The dancefloor is packed, the sun is out, but yet you notice something floating down upon the crowd of smiling faces. Is that snow…? You wonder, but shake the thought out of your head, it’s August after all. Linking arms with your camp fam like a barrel of monkeys you make your way to the front of the action. Swimming through a sea of happy moving people is no easy task, but you made it, front and center. You rest your hands on the subs, the PK Bass vibrates every cell in your body, you close your eyes and fall into the universe. Bliss. SMACK! You are quickly brought back to an icy reality, literally. You wipe what seems to be a snowball off your face and glance in every direction confusingly. Finally, you realize that you weren’t just trippin’, it’s literally snowing. The crispy House beats are pulsing, the crowd is grooving, and it’s a bloody blizzard! You glance up at the stage, two dudes are absolutely vibin’ up there. The stage is full of mesmerizing dancers and circus acts. You’ve never been to a set like this. You tap your friend on the shoulder, “Who is this?” you ask.

Their mouth dropped, “You’ve never heard of them???”

You shake your head in reply.

“It’s SkiiTour! Y’know? Eat, Ski, Rave, Repeat!”

skiitour snow shambhala set
Makin’ It SNOW at the AMP | Image via www.facebook.com/SkiiTour

With tracks as bouncy as moguls and fresh as the mountain breeze, the boys from SkiiTour have been shredding the Electronic Music scene since 2010. After living that mountain lifestyle in the beautiful ski town of Whistler, Canada, Tim Livingstone and Dave Rollie have been travelling the world bringing their vibey sets to retro-ski gear filled dancefloors. These party legends play a flurry of funky beats, bass-driven House tracks, and their own “Black-Diamond” Twerk. This shit ain’t no bunny run.  

Appearing on labels such as Westwood Recordings and Fort Knox Records, SkiiTour has been taking the Canadian scene by storm. These fine gentlemen have also made some killer collaborations with artists such as Marten Horger, Smalltown DJs, and The Funk Hunters. Every SkiiTour set I’ve had the pleasure of attending has always been a blast. Their energy is unmatched no matter what venue I see them in, whether it’s Thursday at the AMP or a packed club dancefloor.

Growing up on a ski hill myself I have this particular love for these two. Their mixes have always been the soundtracks of my seasons. Whether I’m out shreddin’ the gnar or having a cheeky apres at the chalet, their sounds always fit the moment perfectly. In fact, their chill mix series happen to contain some of my favourite mixes of ALL TIME, specifically “Groomer Grooves.” When I found out about their Blue Caboose Tour, which kicked off mid-October, I was lucky enough to attend a stop in my hometown of Kelowna, BC. I ALSO discovered that they will be blessing my home mountain of Big White Ski Resort on November 30th at Sessions Taphouse. You better bet I’ll be there with my goggles on and strapped in ready to party! 

Wanna come watch these legends shred the decks in a town near you? Click the image below for more info! See you Freaks on the slopes.

skiitour tour dates
Click here for more info!

SkiiTour: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

*Featured Image via ATS Photography*

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