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The Black Sheep

Drum ‘n’ Bass is the Black Sheep of EDM

by MIke Ciro

You and the genre Drum ‘n’ Bass probably have more in common than you think. Do you ever feel like you’re an outsider in your family or even in your circle of friends? Maybe you have a completely different view on life than your parents or you aren’t as cool as your older siblings. If this is the case, you may qualify as a black sheep, and if genres had feelings, Drum ‘n’ Bass would certainly feel like one as well. It seems to get much less recognition than other genres and as I’ve grown to love DnB more over the years, I’m not quite sure why. There is no doubt that its format is a huge contrast from most genres, but that’s also what makes it such an interesting style of music. Just like House music, which is arguably the most widely accepted genre in EDM, DnB has many sub-genres to rummage through.

Liquid DnB is my favorite form of Drum ‘n’ Bass and is on the more melodic side of things. In contrast, Tech Step is strictly on the dark side, which I still crave from artists such as Noisia. There are many different variations within the genre, so you’re almost guaranteed to find one song that hits you right. Drum ‘n’ Bass is mostly derived from Breakbeats and Jungle, and both genres would easily fall under the black sheep category as well. Since it’s birth in the UK during the early 90s, it continued to develop and gradually spread to other regions of the world. Drum ‘n’ Bass is still most popular where it started and sadly, does not get near as much love in the U.S. However, thanks to the large Dubstep community in America, DnB is still sprinkled within Dubstep sets (Thank you Bassnectar), as it compliments well and is a parent of Dubstep after all.

Whether you’re getting tired of the same drop at Riddim events or simply just looking for a change of pace, Drum ‘n’ Bass might be just the refreshment you’re looking for. To get you started on your journey through such a prolific genre, I have created a top ten playlist that I hope you enjoy.

*Featured Image Via Daniel Lim*

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