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DJ Funk on the mic solo shot.

The Evolution of Booty House with DJ Funk

by Aimee Rivas

Pioneering a new sound in music doesn’t happen all the time, heck it happens once in a blue moon. So, when Chicago’s own DJ Funk started producing a whole new flavor of House music, the fans went wild for this new creation.

Charles Chambers also known as DJ Funk has been in the Electronic Dance Music scene for almost 30 years and has put his mark on the genre by establishing a new sub-genre of House. Some call it “Ghetto House” or “Booty House,” whatever you decide to call it, you will definitely know it when you hear it.

If Hip-Hop and House got married and had a kid that kid would be Booty House. The sound is a perfect blend of big basslines and catchy sometimes lewd rap lyrics. He’s perfected the sound over the decades and his album “Booty House Anthems” released in 1999 has further instilled it over generations. It’s sold over a million copies since its release. Hits such as ”Hold Up”, “Let me Bang”, and “Ho’s in the House” have all been certified classics in the genre. The album has a groovy funky feel and just takes you to a different time.

DJ Funk | Booty House Anthems

Released in 2008 “Booty House Anthems 2 hit just as hard and produced over three million downloads. His other notable releases are “Booty House Anthems 3” and his “20th Anniversary Greatest Hits Collection”. The Greatest Hits Collection is a two-disc in your face catalog of DJ Funk’s most memorable tracks.

His style is bass-driven, raw and totally not suitable for children. If you haven’t been exposed to the brilliance of DJ Funk and the sounds of Booty House, you are in need of a musical education session! DJ Funk still tours all over the US but not as often as back in the day. I haven’t seen him in ages, the last time I was lucky enough to catch his set had to be in the early 2000s. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch him on tour once again soon. DJ Funks sets were amazing, always super high energy with throbbing funky bass beats!

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*Featured Image Via Club VAAG*

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