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Lace-up your Dancin’ Shoes! deadmau5 and Steve Duda Save Quarantine as BSOD

by Jennifer Fall

Electronic Music has continued to march on, despite the numerous festival and show cancelations. A master craftsman in the EDM game is none other than deadmau5, and teaming up with Steve Duda as BSOD, they have released quite a return to roots with their No Way, Get Real EP. In other words, Quarantine is fucking SAVED! (At least for today).

Although we aren’t quite sure if BSOD stands for Blue Screen of Death or Better Sounding on Drugs, the duo first formed in 2005 as a joke between the two friends.  This was history in the making, as they topped Beatport charts with their first track “This Is the Hook,” a parody of popular dance music, in 2006 and have plans to reunite in 2020 for a select run of shows later in the year.

All Passing Lane takes off strongly, with the progressive House backbone that we have all come to know and love from the duo. If I was driving anywhere right now, this would be the perfect track to take a smooth convertible ride to.

Afterburner starts off on a lark, taking you to the typical video game-style world feels that has become common with deadmau5’s early works of art. It ends abruptly as if you finally beat that final level, and still yearn for more.

Fives is fucking DIRTY. I don’t even have a bass face, and I think this track caused the closest I could ever come to it. Where has this track been all my life? Definitely my favorite on the EP.

Pitches Love Me makes you work for the goods. We like big buildups and a disappointing drop. Well played guys, this Pitch loves you back.

The only disappointing thing about this fucking EP is that it isn’t a full Album. Cmon’ boys, ya’ll got time. 😉

Check out the EP below and let us know your favorite track in the comments!

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