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Fresh Music - June 20, 2021

Dancing Is ‘Contagious’ And This Week’s News Music Is A ‘List’ Of Danceable Tracks | ICYMI Monday

Dancing is ‘Contagious’ and this week's new music is a ‘List’ of danceable tracks from the likes of ReOrder, Rinaly, Ørjan Nilsen, R3HAB and more.

Talla 2XLC x Rinaly – ‘TechnoClub Vol. 62’

Started by Talla 2XLC in 1997, ‘TechnoClub’ is one of the most respected and successful trance compilation series of all times. For the 62nd volume of the legendary compilation Talla invited super talented rising star Rinaly to mix the second CD. The DJ and producer from Japan is living in Sweden and best known for her innovative and melodic sounds with releases and remixes on labels such as AVA Recordings, Black Hole Recordings and Future Sound Of Egypt. Both met for the first time at Luminosity Beach Festival. Now they finally have joined forces to deliver two CDs packed with 34 euphoric monsters and future uplifting classics. Be sure to get your limited edition in a black box including a Talla 2XLC flag and Rinaly and Talla stickers.

Ørjan Nilsen pres. DJ Governor – ‘Memoirs’

“It’s a little scary sharing like this as I’m not used to doing so. I’m more the happy and funny dude who you love at parties, the guy you probably would talk to about this. But I have been terrible at sharing my own stuff and even writing this makes me nervous. It was time though, time for me to speak loudly about my problems and that I did manage them, with help from my family, my friends and last but not least, you guys. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m back, that I’m Ørjan again! And hopefully, I can stay Ørjan for a long long time.”

Ørjan Nilsen on ‘Memoirs

Chicane – ‘One Foot In The Past, One Foot In The Future (Back Pedal Brake Remix)’

Starting on the moodier side of the spectrum before letting the light seep in, ‘One Foot In The Past, One Foot In The Future’ goes into full anthem mode once the chords really open up. Juggling thoughts of hope with hints of melancholy, this single taken from his eighth studio album pushes listeners straight into the Chicane dream world, both through the original album version and the breakbeat-esque Back Pedal Brakes Mix.

Ferry Corsten feat. Lovlee – ‘Our Moon (Protoculture Remix)’

Our Moon’, one of Ferry Corsten’s most alluring productions of 2020, is getting a truly wondrous remix treatment from South Africa’s Protoculture. Achieving perfect synergy between Lovlee’s emotion-laden vocals and a more progressive-oriented instrumental that slowly but surely unfolds into melodic bliss, this sublime reimagination is set to elevate listeners with each and every play.

ReOrder x Jordan Tobias – ‘Contagious (feat. Clara Yates)’

Pure vocal trance from start to finish, ‘Contagious’ sees ReOrder and Jordan Tobias team up again after last year’s ‘After Tomorrow’. Coupling Clara Yates’ heavenly vocals with an uplifting melody that has listeners reaching for the stars, this is one of those brilliant tracks that can spread to all four corners of the globe in no time at all.

R3HAB – ‘Downtown (feat. Kelvin Jones)’

“‘Downtown’ is a club-inspired record with a bouncy beat drop and a pulsing bassline that support powerful vocals from Kelvin Jones. We wanted to capture the magic of the perfect night in the city. You’re with your friends, the club’s bass is beating through your blood, your legs are sore from dancing all night, you feel invincible.”


Shapov x Nerak – ‘Illusion’

Picking up where their collab from last year last off, Shapov and Nerak lock in another big release on Armin van Buuren’s Armind label. Coupling the anthemic vocals with a dark, striding bassline and the occasional quick-fire synth salvo, ‘Illusion’ is the kind of track that has more to it than meets the eye.

Talla 2XLC – ‘No Fate’

There is a growing demand of remakes thanks to the many trance classics sets streamed during the pandemic. Zyon’sNo Fate’ is one of those milestones that is covered perfectly by Talla 2XLC with the 2021 audiences in his mind released on the beloved Technoclub Retro label. Powerful uplifting composition focused on the unforgettable piano riff and the dark spoken male vocal to create a brilliant atmosphere and stand out easily in any trance set.

Kaivon – ‘Dream’

Los Angeles based producer Kaivon has linked up with singer-songwriter Sarah de Warren on new single ‘Dream’, out via Insomniac’s Lost In Dreams label. A dance track steeped in emotion, ‘Dream’ combines sombre piano chords and poignant orchestral elements with de Warren’s soaring vocals.

il:lo – ‘List’

“‘List’ is a mosaic of small pieces of melancholy and fresh air. There was no plan, no roadmap. We followed our guts and messed around with all the samples we found.”


Cosmic Gate – ‘Feel It (AVIRA Remix)’

True to that form AVIRA’s come through, taking the track down a deeper, more progressive and sometimes even tech-tinged road. Moodily modifying Cosmic Gate’s Feel It’s feels, he’s trimmed the tempo and built deeper bass throb, percussive pop and filmic FX into his version. Mid-break, the track’s dreamlike vocal is punctuated by the analogue drama of its sci-fi-esque synth-stabs, which boom up its centre section, all before AVIRA’s arps and whoops cannon it out of the drop. 

Pendulum – ‘Elemental’

Pendulum — one of the most successful drum n bass bands of all time — have released their new ‘Elemental’ EP. The ‘Elemental’ EP will consist of four tracks, and is their first body of work to be released since 2011’s #1 smash hit album ‘Immersion’. The EP will also be available on 12” vinyl in the form of a premium phenakistoscope picture disc, which utilises the artwork to create a unique animation when played at 45 rpm and filmed on a mobile phone.

Nitti Gritti x Blunts & Blondes – ‘The Loud / Losing Count’ 

Miami DJ, producer and vocalist Nitti Gritti has joined forces with Tampa bass favourite Blunts & Blondes on new double-single ‘The Loud / Losing Count’. On the A-side, ‘The Loud’ sees both Florida artists come together on a track that juxtaposes blissed-out vocals and relaxed instrumentation with a flurry of mammoth dubstep drops. On the flip, ‘Losing Count’ applies a similar method. A Nitti Gritti solo effort, the track opens with sunkissed, vocal-laced percussion that quickly shifts tempo to make way for more behemoth drops.

Above & Beyond – ‘Flow State: Healing With Nature’

“I began recording the sounds of nature [for ‘Flow State: Healing With Nature’] at different times of the day and in different weather. I found these recordings healing, inspiring and calming. Taking them to the studio, I wanted to share this feeling with the world. So, we made these meditation tools to help others connect with nature, even those of us living a more urban lifestyle.” 

— Paavo Siljamäki of Above & Beyond

Riot Ten – ‘Control (feat. Add1ction)’

Known for his energetic and dynamic dance music style, Riot Ten is eager to share his new single, highlighting the vibrant combination of hard bass arrangements with the power of rock and roll. ‘Control’ brings up the frenzies of his album, ready to reach the top charts, lusty with density, that turned into an enticing and lively record. The track release comes right before the long-awaited sophomore album from Riot Ten promising to amuse fans and is destined to make headlines for its testament of will.  

Anoraak – ‘Karma’

After unveiling the dreamy titular lead single in May, multifaceted musician, instrumentalist, and producer Frédéric Rivière — aka Anoraak — is pleased to share his full 5-track ‘Karma’ EP. A love letter to his most beloved genre, the Karma EP effortlessly blends poolside disco with French-Moroccan singer/songwriter Sarah Maison’s hypnotizing French lyricism.

Waste Only – ‘Break The Needle’

No time to Waste: artwrk newcomer Waste Only aims to put turntables in a chokehold with a funky but dead serious piece of prime time house (‘Break The Needle’), pinned by an addictive chord stab and percussion skittering around it. With a commanding loop of vocal joining in, the producer duo claims the W with something deep and powerfully built, a little mysterious and moody, and ultimately difficult to ignore once the ‘Needle’ drops and starts going to work.

Two Lanes – ‘Reflections’

“We really got into a deeper level on the production for ‘Reflections’ EP. We brought this weird piano into the studio during the lockdown and had a lot of time to really work on sounds and integrate the piano more into the tracks. We used the time in lockdown to really develop the studio and work with modular gear and synthesizers which had a great impact on the music you’ll hear.” 

Two Lanes

Madame Gandhi – ‘Freedom (feat. Trakgirl)’

Just in time for summer and Pride, multi-hyphenate indie electronic musician and activist Madame Gandhi returns with ‘Freedom’, a joyous docu-style music video that celebrates Gandhi’s definition of freedom and her state of well-being coming out of the pandemic. With its reggae vibes and healing message, Gandhi felt compelled to rework the single that was originally created for Spotify’s EQL campaign highlighting women’s empowerment in music along with co-writer and producer Shakari Boles (Trakgirl).

Lost Kings – ‘I Miss The Future (feat. Jordan Shaw)’

“This video [for ‘I Miss The Future’] was easily the most personal video we’ve made to date. We realized how many people as well as us were affected by the past year and a half and really wanted to capture those feelings that we felt in quarantine with the help from our director Kyle Cogan. He had an amazing vision for the song that really captured both of our stories over this period of time. This past year was so difficult, but we feel extremely fortunate that we get to be putting out music again.”

Lost Kings

*Featured image via ReOrder, Rinaly, Ørjan Nilsen and R3HAB*