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Crush Festival

Crush Festival 2018 | Bringing My Passion Full Circle

by Josh Andrews

Crush Festival has so much more meaning to me than just any other “rave day” or “party.” And it’s not because of the size, Valentine’s Day timing, or the lineup.

Two years ago, I attended my very first festival, and also had my first experience with electronic music. The festival was Crush, and it changed everything for me. Going in with zero expectations and having no idea what would transpire, somehow I found myself alone during Seven Lions. Regardless, something amazing happened during that set, something magical. Seven Lions set spoke to me, cleared my mind, opened my eyes. I no longer felt alone, and the feeling of bliss washed over me. In the midst of this life-changing event, I noticed something else. As I navigated my way through the huge crowd, I spotted a camera being held up in the air, and as a photographer, this caught my attention immediately. I changed course and headed for the camera.

The man behind the lens was none other than the talented Nick Elwell. Curious, I inquired about how he began shooting at events. He explained to me about the industry, media outlets, shooting for artists, and most of all, just simply putting in the work. That moment truly stuck with me and started a fire in my soul.

Ever since that Crush, two years ago, I have not stopped taking pictures. My passion is to show people how I see things. Show after show, festival after festival, I honestly believe that this is what I am meant to do.

This year, I am happy to say that I shot at Crush Festival Arizona 2018. I have worked so hard to get to the place that I am now, and I can only dream of what is to come. Check out the pictures and see what I see.

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