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Armand Van Helden | Photo Via CRSSD Fest

An Ode to Armand Van Helden

by Jennifer Fall

There is one name that excites me more than any other name on a lineup… and that is none other than Mr. Armand Van Helden. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see the true OG House music legend Armand Van Helden gracing Miami Music Week’s DJ Mag as a headliner, and not only that… prepare for the reunion of Duck Sauce, his project with A-Trak. Shock turned to excitement, excitement turned to flight plans… and now here we are, with three weeks to go, all of us about to witness one of the most magical duos in the history of House music. They recently dropped a Disco House lover’s dream in “Smiley Face” and will be headlining Coachella in April.

Nothing could be sweeter than counting the days until I see my absolute favorite House producer. Perhaps it was the first track I ever connected within the House music genre, listening to Mystery of Sound Compilations back in 2001 that forever endeared me to him. I was a brand-new baby raver, figuring out what I liked most, and from that day forward House, and not any other genre became my mainstay. As the saying goes: “House music all life long.” I was hooked. And the name of that track was none other than his powerhouse hit “My My My.”

When I walked to his set (skipping half of Fatboy Slim‘s set… that’s how big of a fangirl I am) at Creamfields 2018 and realized I was face to face with MK, and not Armand… well, needless to say, it was the only disappointment of the weekend. I needed a redo. I get that the OG wanted to close out the House stage but I had made plans to experience HOLO. It was at that moment I experienced one of the most difficult decisions of my life at a festival yet, and I attend Ultra yearly.

So why do I love Armand Van Helden? In my personal opinion, he paved the way for all the House music greats like Benny Benassi, MK, Claptone, and many other incredible House DJs of today. I mean for goodness sakes, he worked with THE DAFT PUNK. I Literally Can’t Even. The best thing about an Armand set is he plays mostly originals, and it doesn’t get more original than Armand Van Helden.

I’ve taken the liberty of putting together an INCREDIBLE playlist of Armand’s life journey so you know exactly what you’re in store for the next time he graces a lineup. No one makes me dance the way he does. The first time I saw him was at the Upside Down House at EDC‘s 20th Anniversary. My buddy James and I literally missed Above & Beyond, and Armin Van Buuren to do so. (I sooo owe you James!) His set at CRSSD was a magical experience, and I even got the chance to meet him afterward. The most notable thing about the legend: he is just as nice and humble as you imagine he would be. You can say hello during literally any other artist… but I’m definitely going to need my dance space for Mr. Armand Van Helden.

“You don’t even know me, so why do you judge my life.” Listen here for the goods, and may your life change as well.

Can’t wait to see Duck Sauce in Miami? Neither can we! Check out our Miami Music Week House lovers list, and make your plans to attend today!

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