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bassnectar powerfully waving his arms while playing a set.

Conspiracists Agree Bassnectar Keeps You Coming Back with MIND CONTROL

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

While you grandfathered wooks might be fully attuned with the never-ending conspiracies about our Bass King Bassnectar, I thought I’d shed some light for the baby wooks… This shit is quality gold.

With Lorin Ashton being around for well over a decade, people have had plenty of time to make up some very… um… creative content.

So without further ado, here are the top three conspiracy theories.

1. Lorin is a member of the Illuminati.

This sprouts from the recurring images of the “All-Seeing Eye” in his artwork. There truly isn’t much legitimate explanation to this, but it has escalated to the point he tweeted debunking the irrational rumors.

“I am sitting here asking myself who could possibly actually believe that I am personally a member of “The Illuminati” ….and i have come to the conclusion that if you think i am in anyway a part of the Illuminati then you are:

A. People 14 years old and younger
B. the Painfully Misinformed
C. desperately bored conspiracy theorists
D. all of the above
E. all of the above, except D


…. Ouch.

2. Lorin is a political ploy.

It is without question that Bassnectar shares his opinions on our President, politics in general, and religion. The laughable idea comes into play that there is a hidden agenda because of his regular activity being so outspoken on politics. Truth is, Bassnectar reaches a lot of people. He posts on his personal website as well as his social media and speaks during his sets about his position. That isn’t to say he’s trying to influence, but he certainly can provoke thought in hundreds of thousands.

3. Lorin uses mind control.

This is my personal favorite. Due to his dominating fan base that we can all identify from a mile away (especially the die-hards at the rail), it is silly but not far off to believe he could mass-manipulate. The idea is that there are programmed, undertone, sound frequencies that we cannot identify that are meant to control his crowd. There are podcasts and research very bored people put into this, arguing that because of his heavy bass these unforeseen sound frequencies can be used for mind control.

Crazy right?

While all of this is borderline insanity, it is too good to pass up the opportunity to talk about. With Basscenter XII, Freakstyle, a POSSIBLE Bassnectar NYE (why hasn’t he announced anything about it yet?!), and DejaVoom 2020 all quickly approaching, fans can have a laugh at the madness that has resulted from his fame.

Have YOU been subjected to his mind control?

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*Featured Image Via Alive Coverage*

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