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‘Come With Me’ and Listen to Several ‘Different’ Trance Tracks that ‘Shine’ in Their Own Way

by Nadine Pasterczyk

Ruben de Ronde – ‘Different’

When yet another tidal wave of music floods the surface, it’s those standing on their self-built rooftops that survive. As one to have done so by looking past the conventional boundaries and by exploring the opportunities that lie beyond, Ruben de Ronde is a sterling example of how something ‘Different’ leads to something greater.

Coming forth with his third solo artist album, the globally renowned Dutchman and Statement! Recordings head honcho has balanced out some of his most esteemed tracks with a number of exclusive creations. Even the quickest of glances at the tracklist conveys what many have known all along; Ruben de Ronde is one of the rare-breed artists and his avant-garde take on music can only be applauded.

From ‘Lucky Penny’ with Elevven and ‘Games’ with Louise Rademakers to several never-heard-before compositions, Ruben de Ronde’s biggest thing yet is immersed in out-of-the-box supremacy, putting additional emphasis on how much he stands out from the flock of musicians that slide from pasture to pasture. Let it be known that it’s okay to be ‘Different’. In fact, it’s the best thing there is.

‘Different’ by Ruben de Ronde is out now via Armada Music.
Click the image to listen to ‘Different’ on your favorite platform.

‘Subculture’ mixed by Craig Connelly and Factor B

John O’Callaghan’s Subculture label tips its cap to summer with a fittingly superheated dual-disc music compilation. For it, the mix-reins have been passed to two of the label’s most trusted operators, Craig Connelly and Factor B. As is evermore the series’ form, our protagonists have used the platform to bring a near album’s worth of their own studio work to the release, elementally tying it to the label’s sound. Two thirds of both mixes are comprised of the producers’ own work, including many fresh-to-the-fore and upcoming creations.

Alongside you’ll naturally find a critical mass of audio from fellow Subculturists and musical like-minds. Giuseppe Ottaviani, Bryan Kearney, Cold Blue, Lostly, James Dymond and (scarcely needs saying!) John O’Callaghan are just some of the music makers contributing sonics to Craig and Brendan’s ‘Subculture’ adventure.  

‘Subculture’ mixed by Craig Connelly and Factor B is out now.
Click the image to listen to ‘Subculture, Mixed by Craig Connelly and Factor B’ on your favorite platform.

FUTURECODE – ‘The Network’

An exemplary follow-up to previous release ‘The Connection’, ‘The Network’ sees FUTURECODE whip up yet another melodically peerless record. Filled to the brim with brilliant melodies, iconic synths and a bassline that works wonders in every setting, this tune will connect fans from all over the world.

‘The Network’ by FUTURECODE is out now via Armada Music.
Click the image to listen to ‘The Network’ on your favorite platform.

Cosmic Gate – ‘Come With Me’

If ‘Come With Me’ already sounds ear-pleasingly familiar, well your instincts don’t deceive you! Track first met audience during Cosmic Gate’s set at the brightest of bright annual-trance-calendar nights, ASOT 900. Following its successful test-fire the track was hustled back into the studio to be translated into its fully-fledged, club-set model.

Musically it establishes with sub-melodies and twinkling harmonic chime, which goose the flesh, before Nic and Bossi up the mettle with steel-edged-synths. Celestially stargazing riffs underscore its turbine-beats, bass burr and ripping snares, before — through its all-eclipsing mainline, it moonshots. Cosmic Gate fans from the group’s earliest days will of course also recognize the lyrical line “come with me, follow me to the cosmic gate” from Nic and Bossi’s first ever release, ‘The Drums’. Now how’s that for a ‘20 Years’ meta-reference!?

‘Come With Me’ by Cosmic Gate is out now.
Click the image to listen to ‘Come With Me’ on your favorite platform.

Armin van Buuren – ‘Turn It Up (Remixes)’

You better crank up the volume, because that’s the only way to get the ultimate ‘Turn It Up (Remixes)’ experience. With new, diverse takes on Armin van Buuren’s banger from Sound Rush, Gian Varela, Dropgun and Clément Leroux, this remix package works best when blasted out loud.

‘Turn It Up (Remixes)’ by Armin van Buuren is out now via Armada Music.
Click the image to listen to ‘Turn It Up (Remixes)’ on your favorite platform.

Mark Sixma – ‘Million Miles’

Mark Sixma doesn’t shy away from embracing different musical influences, and he shows it once again with his new single on Armada Music. Helmed by amazing vocals, touching chord progressions and a great, progressive house-scented melody, ‘Million Miles is empowering, uplifting and ready to rock the main stage.

‘Million Miles’ by Mark Sixma is out now via Armada Music.
Click the image to listen to ‘Million Miles’ on your favorite platform.

Robert Nickson – ‘Graviton’

Marking the first in a concentrated singles run throughout summer ‘19, musical cosmonaut Robert Nickson prepares to take trance to the outer reaches once again with ‘Graviton’.

Bass pulse and drum propulsion see the track clear of its launch pad, before catalysing perc loops and striking hi-hats lines ignite its boosters. Upping the velocity further, Robert opens up the compressors and begins transmitting its bleepily infectious, galactically messaging sub-melody. Beaming the clearest of signals to the heavens above, he adds distortion and a robust techiness, bringing it its final stage escalation.

‘Graviton’ by Robert Nickson is out now.
Click the image to listen to ‘Graviton’ on your favorite platform.

Fatum – ‘The Game’

The opening track of their set at ASOT 900 in Miami, Fatum’sThe Game’ plays with the crowd before erupting in Trance madness. From the monstrous bass drones to the superb melody and blistering drop, this cut is the reason why fans from all over the world are screaming their lungs out at countless main stages.

‘The Game’ by Fatum is out now via Armada Music.
Click the image to listen to ‘The Game’ on your favorite platform.

Paul van Dyk brings back SHINE Ibiza

A whole lot happened on Ibiza in 1999. MTV staged festivals, Dalt Villa became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, KU had morphed into Privilege and – by summer’s end – trance had done the moonshot. To this most fitting of backdrops, Paul van Dyk arrived, headphones literally in hand, to make his professional debut. It was the first year of the Amnesia residency, the location of his second Radio 1 Essential Mix and somewhere that was to become a home away from home.

Fast-forwarding a decade or two (no calculators necessary), 2019 sees PvD marking his twentieth successive year performing on the island with SHINE Ibiza at Eden.

SHINE Ibiza begins its eleven-show run on July 11th with a three hour opening set from Aly and Fila and a three hour closing set from Paul van Dyk.

Paul van Dyk brings back SHINE Ibiza for 2nd year in a row.
Click the pic to get your tix!

*Featured image via Ruben de Ronde, Cosmic Gate, Craig Connelly and Factor B*

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