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Check out the Cold Power of CloZee’s “Winter is Coming”

by Tanya Rincon

Coming in hot with a cool single to relieve your quarantine blues. CloZee is treating us to a wonderfully delicious new track to stir up some excitement for her forthcoming album. For those of you unfamiliar with CloZee, you better brush up! She’s been busy and she’s preparing to add a new album into her repertoire. I’m sure by the end of this year you’ll be hearing more of her hypnotic sound. 

CloZee "Winter is Coming"
The first single off “Neon Jungle” releasing this July

This July CloZee will be entrancing us with complex yet soothing music with her full-length album “Neon Jungle”. With the first single giving us an appetizing taste of what’s to come, “Winter is Coming” is the perfect tease to leave me begging for more. CloZee has always captured me with the subtlety and commands she uses to build incredible energy through her music. This track is no exception. If you need a song to jump around the house and shake out all the stress, this is it! I love the way the bass washes over me in waves through the song. I get caught up easily in the melodic chanting that pairs so flawlessly. While I can’t understand the chanting, I can clearly understand the energy that is coming across with it. CloZee has fine-tuned an effortless blend of spiritual harmonies and Tribal Bass which shines through wonderfully in this first single. 

CloZee is preparing for a big year and she’s not letting the unexpected changes of 2020 slow her down. Coming off her recent release with Opiuo “Bam Bam” she’s riding the momentum right into her first album single. “Neon Jungle” is sure to bring emotions, organic energy, and lush instrumental vibes that will suck us in. “Winter is Coming” is out today to give you a nibble ahead of the full album release in July.

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