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‘Close Your Eyes’, Listen To This Week’s New Music And You’ll Be ‘Lost For Words’ | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Nicky Romero pres. Monocule – ‘Awakening (feat. Sarah de Warren)’

Nicky Romero returns in the disguise of his alter-ego Monocule with the eighth release ‘Awakening’, an underground gem featuring vocals by British singer/songwriter Sarah De Warren. The new track wastes no time packing a punch, opening with rhythmic synths and deep, growling basslines. De Warren’s ethereal vocal riff is carried on euphonious melodies, making for a sonic experience that is meant for late-night club energy.

Audien – ‘Wish It Was You’

“‘Wish It Was You’ is a really special song to me. Stylistically, it’s me embracing my sound and standing behind it. This music has always been in my DNA. Energetic, emotional progressive house. This is what I’m all about these days and I would consider this song the beginning of a rebirth.”


Maxim Lany – ‘Closer (You’re Not Alone)’

Creating an album doesn’t always start off with the thought of making one. Instead, it may begin as a form of self-expression: producing records simply to process the pure emotion that surges in challenging times like these. In the case of Maxim Lany, it’s most definitely the latter. And his debut album, ‘Closer (You’re Not Alone)’, has come to express his feelings during lockdown and his hopes for a positive world where people can dance together again.

SLANDER – ‘Love Is Gone (R3HAB Remix)’

SLANDER have released the first in a new series of ‘Love Is Gone’ remixes by R3HAB in celebration of their original ‘Love Is Gone’ single becoming RIAA Gold Certified. Known for minimal production on verses, while relying on basic synth notes to let vocals shine through, Dutch/Moroccan multi-platinum DJ and producer R3HB makes for the perfect artist to introduce this new round of ‘Love Is Gone’ remixes. 

Spencer Brown x Qrion – ‘Rainy April’

“After meeting Qrion at a party, we realized we were fans of each others’ music and that we lived nearby in San Francisco. In April of 2018, Momiji came to my house and we wrote ‘Rainy April’ in one sitting. The studio session sparked chemistry between us and was the first of many collaborations. We work very naturally and efficiently together and play off each others’ strengths. We kept the track as a secret weapon in our sets for three years, but in 2021 the track felt oddly fresh. We are very excited for the world to hear it.”

Spencer Brown

SAYMYNAME – ‘Insane’

The hard-hitting track is sure to be a staple at music festivals later this year as SAYMYNAME gears up for a tour, multiple festival appearances, and the release of his much-anticipated EP. For ‘Insane’, SAYMYNAME seamlessly blends hard electronic beats with crystal-clear vocals for a wonderfully chaotic listening experience that is sure to be a standout in the 2021 festival scene. 

Bingo Players x Zookëper – ‘Do What You Like’

Disco meets house with a touch of electro on Bingo Players and Zookëper’sDo What You Like’. Soft synths and delicate production set the tone, but the track’s gripping vocals and bold, bouncing beat give it potential as a modern radio hit.

David Solomon – ‘Dreaming (feat. SMBDY)’

DJ/producer David Solomon teams up with writing and production team SMBDY for the summertime groove, ‘Dreaming’. This track is crafted with rich, upbeat dance-pop production and anthemic vocals reminiscent of Coldplay. 

Mild Minds – ‘MACHINE’

“With the new set of singles upcoming, I wanted to sway between both machine and human influences, as represented by vocal tracks that explore intimate human emotion, and dance records that are inspired by machines and artificial intelligence. The choice to do this in a ‘singles format’ was to allow for a back and forth; simultaneously exploring two directions but also thematically exploring our merger with technology. ‘MACHINE’ was the only song I made during hotel quarantine while entering Australia late 2020. It was made almost solely on a prophet 5 synth. I was exploring topics of AI and robotics at the time and imagined a future where these two technologies would combine and be capable of building structures by themselves.” 

Mild Minds

LP Giobbi – ‘Close Your Eyes (feat. HANA)’

The house music powerhouse LP Giobbi has connected with the fast-emerging songstress HANA on a stunning collab ‘Close Your Eyes’. Available exclusively for steaming on Spotify, the forthcoming release finds the multi-hyphenate artist and FEMME HOUSE founder LP Giobbi showcasing her mastery over the keys, as she props up HANA’s heavenly vocals with a piano-led groove that works its way around soothing vocalizations, gentle acid warbles and shuffling percussive arrangements.

Insomniac – ‘Lost In Dreams: 2021 Festival Compilation’

Maintaining momentum through an expertly curated assortment of releases that embody the burgeoning label’s sound, Insomniac has released the debut 2021 Festival Compilation for their future bass, vocal driven and melodic dubstep imprint Lost In Dreams. With the label’s namesake festival making its debut at the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center on Labor Day Weekend, September 4th and 5th, the compilation comes at the perfect time to showcase the full scope of the label’s identity.

Like Mike – ‘One Night (feat. Mr Eazi)’

The song ‘One Night’ was written by Like Mike during a hectic summer in Ibiza. The concept behind the song centers around two people briefly connected through only “one night.” A fleeting, sexy moment that lasts for one night only, with a beat and melody that invokes the desire to dance and release one’s inhibitions.

Mindset – ‘Everyone Sounds Like’

“I wrote most of this EP in response to losing my laptop. At the time I was completely devastated – it took awhile for me to come to terms with the reality that all of the music that I ever made was gone. As an artist, losing my life’s work felt like the end for me. But In hindsight this loss was the catalyst for ‘Everyone Sounds Like’. 

The name ‘Everyone Sounds Like’ started as an ironic joke, it isn’t all that deep. Most of the names of my songs spawn from the emotions that I’m feeling, places I’ve traveled to or a city that I wrote the song in – like ‘Brisbane’. Sometimes it’s just an ironic phrase like ‘Riddim For Punkz’.”


Pagano – ‘Define The Light (Remixes)’

One of Italy’s most impressive long-standing artists, Pagano returns to the release radar with a series of eclectic remixes for his track ‘Define The Light. Co-written with Brunetti, who also features on vocals, the composition is a lyrically inspiring ethereal vocal project, studied in 4 varying interpretations. The ‘Define The Light’ Remix EP is out now on all streaming platforms via Pagano’s own KISM Recordings.

Jerro – ‘Lost For Words (feat. Panama)’

Much like their previous collaboration, Jerro and Panama effortlessly fuse their individual styles to give listeners another emotive sonic experience. ‘Lost For Words’ continues the melodic, downtempo instrumentation that Jerro has become known for and aligns gracefully with the previous two singles from Jerro’s upcoming album. The latest offering is bursting with captivating melodies and Panama’s entrancing vocals, creating a hypnotizing soundscape from beginning-to-end. An impressive addition to the ‘Coming Home’ album rollout, ‘Lost For Words’ continues to set the tone of what’s in store for Jerro’s debut, full-length LP.

*Featured image via Nicky Romero, Spencer Brown, Qrion and LP Giobbi*

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