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‘Clap Your Hands’ Because ‘We Can Dance Again’ To This Week’s Music | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Armin van Buuren, Reinier Zonneveld & Roland Clark – ‘We Can Dance Again’

Designed to resonate strongly with dance music fans, ‘We Can Dance Again’ is a cross-genre high-five between electronic music icon Armin van Buuren, Techno maestro Reinier Zonneveld and house stalwart Roland Clark. A best-of-three-worlds creation loaded up on firepower, this track will blow the doors of clubs wide open to reinstate the full dance floor experience. 

Cosmic Gate x Greenhaven DJs – ‘Retrospection’

Cloaked behind the only ID on the Puerto Vallarta livestream’s tracklist (and the set’s close-out number no less) was ‘Retrospection’, Cosmic Gate’s first studio link-up with the Greenhaven DJs. Drum-punch, cybery FX, saw-toothed-synths, chasm-deep drops, a deeply warped bass and a leadline every bit as lethal as it is minimal, all pressure-cook its production. Another fragment of ‘MOSAIIK’s second musical mosaic drops into place as ‘Retrospection’ goes on release.

KhoMha & Nezzah – ‘Magia’

One of the rare vocal pieces of Colombian heavy-hitter KhoMha, ‘Magia’ immediately showcases the surreal amount of production magic it’s infused with. From Nezzah’s contemplative vocal delivery to the authentic arpeggios and soaring guitar tones, this track will be on top of any trance fan’s mind for a long time to come. 

2phargon – ‘Feel A Little Strange’

Lee Mortimer today releases his new EP ‘Feel A Little Strange’, under his alias 2phargon on Dirtybird. The project sees him being a bit more experimental with his sound, digging in classic synth sounds and modern, digital groove boxes.

Elephante – ‘Heavy Glow’

“‘Heavy Glow’ is about identity. It’s about coming to terms with who you are compared to who everyone else sees you as or expects you to be. ‘Heavy Glow’ became a metaphor for the part of you that shines through in the nighttime, and can be hard for other people to really see. It can feel like a huge weight on your shoulders, but ultimately defines who you are.”


Dave Neven x Nicholas Gunn – ‘Love You More’ 

Overflowing with uplifting intent, Dave Neven and Nicholas Gunn’s first-ever collab is a vocal trance gem of unrivalled potential. Coupling an energetic production and soaring melody with golden vocals and highly emotive lyrics, ‘Love You More’ is the kind of track that instantly sweeps trance fans off their feet. 

Tempo Giusto – ‘The Unicorn Master’

Unicorns aren’t often viewed as horned menaces, but Tempo Giusto’s latest offering to Who’s Afraid of 138?! aims to change that. Sonically trampling anyone who dares set foot on the dance floor, ‘The Unicorn Master’ is for all intents and purposes a fairy-tale figure gone rogue.

Kungs – ‘Clap Your Hands’

A feel-good anthem with a children’s choir, ‘Clap Your Hands’ by Kungs is a joyous and sun-kissed tune that advocates lightness and playfulness. The track is infused with Italo-disco vibes and comes complete with a darkly funny and apocalyptically-inspired video. 

The Crystal Method x Hyper – ‘Post Punk (feat. Iggy Pop)’

The Crystal Method (who is Scott Kirkland) has teamed with pioneering UK breakbeat producer Hyper for a unique single — ‘Post Punk’ featuring legendary Stooges front man Iggy Pop. ‘Post Punk’ will appear on The Crystal Method’s seventh studio album ‘The Trip Out’ set for release April 15, 2022 on Ultra Records.

Audien – ‘One Last Dance (feat. XIRA)’

“I worked on this song [‘One Last Dance’] with XIRA during the pandemic when I was going through a lot of stuff — like a tremendous amount of stuff. This song is the direct result of that. Love you guys, hope it helps in some way no matter what you’re going through.”


Vintage Culture – ‘Amanhã’

Vintage Culture has unveiled his cinematic new single ‘Amanhã’, out today on Cercle Music. Channeling an irresistibly refined big room sound, ‘Amanha’ pairs urgent synth stabs with hypnotic melody loops – expertly building the atmosphere in a way that only Vintage Culture knows how.

Light Scene – ‘You Got It’

With their hands on the pulse of the electronic and rocks sounds of the now, Light Scene creates nuanced music for the eager listener. Best defined as chill, rhythmic melancholy, the duo’s ‘You Got It’ is the perfect intersectionality of intoxicating melodic emotion. Swathed in haunting captivation, ‘You Got It’ opens with solemn piano chords. Contemplative percussive elements quickly set the stage as arpeggiated guitar punches take hold. Stirring vocals from Drew Weikart sit serenely atop of the track’s spellbinding production, as Light Scene flex their hand at innate indie-electronic mastery. Drawing its authority from a less-is-more, stripped back production style, ‘You Got It’ is the exciting first release of the year from Light Scene.

Kreative Nativez x Idd Aziz – ‘Elementary’

One of the top Afro House releases of the season, ‘Elementary’ is an exuberant collaboration between legendary Kenyan vocalist Idd Aziz and Zambian producer duo Kreative Nativez. Infusing the track with the spirit and rhythms of their homeland (including subtle samples of a local elementary school), Kreative Nativez creates a mesmerizing background for Aziz’s soaring vocals.

Samplifire x Dirtyphonics – ‘Molitor’

Samplifire and Dirtyphonics have hit the ground running in 2022 with their latest collaboration ‘Molitor’. The mind melting track brings Samplifire’s dub flair into play with the signature drumstep style of the acclaimed Dirtyphonics duo. A suspenseful hook welcomes you into the track and builds into an eruptive first drop of metallic subs and head banging bass, and then the real fun begins. The second build takes you into a drilling drum beat and a relentless medley of layered sounds and sharp textures that will keep you on your toes. The changing nature of ‘Molitor’ puts you on a sonic journey through hybrid dubstep, to hard techno, that will certainly not leave you where you started. 

dj poolboi – ‘easy’

In ‘easy’, dj poobloi’s production style pivots once more as Flowdan’s signature deep vocals envelope us into the world of old school hip hop. Flowdan’s unstoppable rhythmic delivery sets the pace for the single, as the basslines and snares find themselves rising and falling around them, bringing the energy while still providing the space for slick, impactful lyrics.

The Galaxy – ‘Wicked’

Moody, fidgety, jacking house, pierced with bugged bass tones, microchipped vocals jutting out at various angles and rhythms making the most of fluff on the needle: hearing The Galaxy getting ‘Wicked’ administers a body shock that’ll flip your system. It’s actually as much about keeping composure, building drama on the low and its lyrical tics demanding action, before submitting to a bucking bronco of a static-filled groove, testing anyone who dares to ride it. A deviously addictive turn of events as The Galaxy heads towards the darkside.

DRAMA – ‘Don’t Wait Up’

Brilliant masters at intertwining euphoria and melancholy, ‘Don’t Wait Up’ sees DRAMA channel the wide range of influences, that is seeing them reshape the modern love song. The EP traverses everything from Chicago house, lovesick saxophones, strutting guitars, soft piano chords, luscious soundscapes, and more. After six years working together, the duo have refined their singular style of bittersweet messages for the dance floor.

Faybl – ‘Island’

American startup duo Faybl’s newest release – ‘Island’, will take you back to the cathartic, high-energy dance anthems of the early 2010s in the best way possible. The duo’s signature sound is on stunning display with the new track, which opens with soulful vocals belting out heartfelt lyrics like “even if it hurts, even if the tides turn violent, I will be your island”. Faybl slowly build into a goosebump-inducing drop full of big room energy and soaring melodies that make this gem into a tearjerker on the festival stage. Whether you’re a newbie to the scene or a tried and true veteran, this track about offering support to each other during hard times is sure to ignite your emotions and your dancing shoes.

Eric Sharp – ‘The Gift’

Eric Sharp’s aesthetic ethos extends to the most important elements of his life. In alignment with the producer’s commitment to sobriety, health, veganism, Jewish heritage, surrealism, and, of course, his trademark facial hair, ‘The Gift’ reaches equilibrium through a remarkable sense of sonic balance. The track’s pulsating kick drums and introspective synth chords meld with sections of glitchy, techno-inspired tones. These elements blend together to create a cosmic, dance-fueled harmony, occasionally falling to a simmer to give way to Zhao’s poetry.

Bob Moses – ‘Never Ending’

A high-energy burst of bittersweet euphoria, ‘Never Ending’ is a prime example of the dazzling complexity within Bob Moses’ musicianship. To that end, the track seamlessly merges its elegantly simple melodies with more off-kilter and unexpected elements (dusty house beats, jagged stabs of synth). Lyrically, Vancouver-bred musicians/producers Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance document a moment of ephemeral bliss and the intense longing that comes with it (from the chorus: “I wanna live like this is never ending”).

*Featured image via Armin van Buuren, Reinier Zonneveld, Kungs and Audien*

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