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Recaps and Reviews - January 6, 2020

Cityfox Took Me on a 27-Hour Odyssey

Cityfox NYE NYD party

This past weekend the greatest New Years’ Eve/Day Techno party in the United States went down, and boy was it an amazing time! I’m still trying to digest the entire night and take in what happened. From the insane production to the perfect line up, Cityfox Odyssey‘s 27-hour marathon delivered, yet again another proper indoor festival experience. It’s with enormous gratitude I experienced a proper start to the new year!

Starting my New Year’s Eve Odyssey experience right at 11 pm, I rushed in with my friends. Every second counts and we were welcomed with a speedy check-in, from grabbing our wristbands to getting on the dance floor. Within 10 minutes we were exploring this amazing event and checking out all the different rooms. It was clear the minds behind Cityfox went all in and spent months of planning this epic party.

As it hit 11:50 pm, I made my way slowly but surely back to the Great Hall of Avant Gardner to catch the Techno legends themselves, Sasha & Digweed, kick off the new decade. As it so often happens, I bumped into my friends in the last 15 seconds of the countdown. The final seconds of 2019 were emotional as I reflected on the year behind me while held in the embrace of my best friends. It was something I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

As counted down to one, I said goodbye to 2019 for better or worse and said hello to 2020 with a wonderful confetti shower and Sasha & Digweed taking over the decks, you can’t go wrong with these two whenever they play. Playing a set for the ages and rocking the Kings Hall, it was a balanced set of melodic and groovy tunes. Around 3 pm I decided to check out the lovely Ida Engberg, some of you may know her as Adam Beyer’s wife but I know her as a Techno goddess after this set. The production in the room known as the Void was insane thanks to a special art installment, which perfectly matched the intensity of her set.

After seven hours of partying straight, I decided to take a break and rest up to do the entire finale of Dixon b2b Âme. This extended set was one I could not miss so I returned at 6:15 pm fully rested and prepared for the madness. The slow start to the set was a nice change of pace, but then they hit us with strong bass Techno tunes. Both DJs were enjoying themselves on stage and complemented each other’s style. It was a special way to close out New Years Day.

Yet again, I was WOWED. Cityfox always outdoes itself and continues to push the standard on massive Techno events in the United States. It just goes to show that Techno can be done here in the states with proper planning, and in my opinion, lives up to Techno giants such as Awakenings and Time Warp. Till Cityfox Live we’ll be daydreaming of all the amazing moments of the night. Be sure to save the date on your calendar on February 29, 2020, to experience the only live Techno festival in the United States back at Avant Gardner!

*Sasha & Digweed at Cityfox Odyssey | Image Via Cityfox*