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Chris Lake’s “I Remember” Brings Us All Back

by Hannah Berney

With the whole world in lockdown, ravers are looking at their last pre-quarantine shows with nostalgia, remembering when we could all dance the night away. And now, House music legend Chris Lake has brought us back to a simpler time with the release of his newest single, aptly titled “I Remember”.

“I Remember” is Chris Lake’s first release since signing to the Astralwerks label, which is not only hosting his future releases but is now also the home for his own label, Black Book Records. With the combined experience of the now 25-year-old Astralwerks and the sheer star power and popularity of Chris Lake and Black Book Records, it’s without a doubt that this partnership is going to create some incredible music. And “I Remember” is no exception.

The track features a funky vocal sample taken from the 1987 House classic “You Used To Hold Me”. Chris Lake gives a classic rework of the track, and with the first hit of the soulful lyrics singing “I remember when you would say, that you’ll love me in every way”, the key turns minor before transitioning into a heavy synth and crisp high hat in the first breakdown. He brings back the lyrics into the second breakdown, turning into that classic Chris Lake production with multi-layered effects and constant switches. The bass is heavy and thick, bouncing alongside the synth, as the singer declares “You used to hold me, you used to feel me, you used to kiss me, you used to touch me, you used to please me, you used to squeeze me, you used to love me, you used to touch me,” making the lyrics almost as teasing as the buildup to the drop. The third and final breakdown gives us a quick fakeout before launching right back into the beat, kicking it into high-octane funk.

“I Remember” is a classic Chris Lake track, and with it’s crisp, clean, and well-produced sound, it’s guaranteed to bring back feel-good memories of your last show.

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*Featured Image via Corey Wilson*

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