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“Carry On” It Will Be “Alright” And Have “No Doubt” I Will Always Bring The New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Indecent Noise – “Everything is Connected”

Aleksander is the Warsaw-based keyholder to monikers like Raw Tech Audio & ACIDØ; the A&R warden of the Mental Asylum label and through his Indecent Noise guise, the institution’s foremost resident. Indecent Noise over the last 10 years has become perfectly linked with the sound of the 303, leaving a size twelve musical bootprint on planet trance. His new album “Everything Is Connected” represents his first LP foray. It is made up of no less than fifteen studio-hot cuts from the Pole. The album splits its track deck between solo offerings, co-productions & vocal collabs, topped off by some I.N. remixes and a less-than-expected cover.

Steve Brian – “Hold You Down”

Steve Brian is revving up for the release of his upcoming album “1986″ which is expected to drop later this fall, Steve Brian’s upcoming album is not only a representation of his music career thus far but also a look into the German DJ-producer’s personal life. His new single Hold You Down” is a continuation of the personal story Brian wants to share with us. As Brian begins the song with his signature euphoric sounds, collaborator Michael Jo brings raw, powerful emotion with his striking vocals. Singing of being that special someone to hold you down, Brian and Jo bring us back to a time where we’ve all wanted to do the same.

Divide & Dissolve – “We Are Really Worried About You”

Divide and Dissolve members Takaiya Reed and Sylvie Nehill are very excited to announce the signing to Invada Records. Along with the announcement, they release their new single and video for We Are Really Worried About You”, from their forthcoming album “Gas Lit” which is set for release in January. Divide and Dissolve on their release, “‘We Are really worried about you’ is a call to transformation and freedom. This song and video seek to undermine and destroy the white supremacist colonial framework. We are weaving together our fight for Indigenous Sovereignty, Black and Indigenous Liberation, Water, Earth, and Indigenous land given back. Decolonise now.”

Egopusher – “Beyond”

The Swiss duo Eqopusher comprised of Tobias Preisig and Alessandro Giannelli release their sophomore full-length album, “Beyond“. The song structures are full of unexpected turns and the arrangements evoke futuristic, alien architectural objects or the advanced visual technologies of psychedelics.

HVNNIBVL – “Reasonably, Relative”

Buffalo-based singer, songwriter & producer HVNNIBVL releases his newest EP “Reasonably, Relative”. This new release masterfully blends multiple genres including electronic, pop, R&B, punk, and hip hop across six tracks. HVNNIBVL self-produced, wrote, sang on, mixed, and mastered every track on the project as he does for all of his music.  The project’s new offering features HVNNIBVL’s delightfully autotuned voice over a fluffy soundscape grounded by light trap-inspired percussion.

Slow Magic – “Carry On”

Slow Magic announces a brand new album, “it’s the end of the world, but it’s ok.” with lead single “Carry On” featuring Paperwhite. An honest testament to trying times, Slow Magic and Paperwhite weave words and sounds of empowerment in Poignant new track. He lends his lustrous emotive soundscapes to a spirit-lifting lead single. Signature Slow Magic synths and drum patterns create a warm blanket of positivity as Paperwhite sings affirmations of “If the stars burn out tonight we’re gonna carry on.” For a world in crisis, Slow Magic’s music is a constant reminder to look inward and to the future, and to find solace in carrying on.

Stance – “Me”

An exploration of self-empowerment when hope seems lost, STANCE push to lift spirits in their newest single “Me.“. A sonic mirage of future bass, STANCE creates powerful soundscapes of bright inspiration. Crescendoing synths set the stage from the get-go, wrapping listeners in a comforting blanket of bliss. Unfurling into broader synth work intertwined with a swelling kick, STANCE displays their penchant for all things serene. The new release is a reminder to look inward during trying times and to find strength and solace in our own energy. Composed during the lockdown, The track is off his forthcoming “Discordance” EP explore motifs of guilt, joy, uncertainty, and growth.

Solarstone – “Summer Fills The Sky”

Last month “When I Dream” became the first single to be dispatched from Solarstone’s Ibizan album/loveletter, “island“. Joining it today, “Summer Fills The Sky” expands on “island’s” mission to musically encapsulate the 2020 White Isle expedition. This new release is Solarstone’s musical backing to that first full, uncheckable moment of rapture that every island tripper experiences. When the journey’s done and viewed from balcony or beach, the point between the ocean below & the heavens above melts into one.

Kai Wachi X Dylan Matthew – “Run” (Remixes)

Kai Wachi and Dylan Matthew’s emotionally-driven single “Run” has garnered a staggering amount of support since the original release in March.  The momentum behind it shows no signs of slowing down this year, Kai Wachi and Dylan Matthew have recruited seven diverse producers to lend their remix skills to the powerful single for “Run (Remixes)“. Each of the seven remixes offers a distinctive take on the original while expanding on the organic qualities. The remix pack offers listeners a chance to experience the track in a reimagined way. With each of the recruited artists lending their distinct artistic flair, “Run” continues to resonate deeply with listeners across the electronic music space. 

CLB & Formula – “Moving Forward”

After spending the last five years showcasing new, exciting, and underrepresented music from underground artists via their legendary Hollywood residency and parties across the globe, Space Yacht announces the launch of its record label division. Along with this announcement, they have also released their first single on the label. CLB & Formula’sMoving Forward,” is the leading the newly-minted imprint and is a testament to the brand’s commitment to championing budding talent, as well as its ability to adapt amid the nightlife industry shutdown.

Westend – “Collide”

Westend resurfaces on the Insomniac Records catalog with his debut EP, “Collide“. Each of the four cuts offered is simultaneously equal in magnitude and uniqueness.  It’s a fresh four-tracker outlining the mixed bag of moods on a crash course that amounts to one impressively cohesive package.

German Brigante – “Slope”

Spanish talent German Brigante releases his new single “Slope“. The new track boasts electric synth riffs that navigate amongst a captivating vocal hook. The new release is a signature tech house weapon sure to add energy to any DJ set in the coming months.

Kat Saul – “Alright”

Alt-pop sensation Kat Saul releases her new single and video, “Alright”. “The new track is an anthem that celebrates taking a chance on love, despite the risk of heartbreak. As with many of Saul’s tracks, it weaves infectious pop melodies and self-aware lyricism with alt-rock inspired instrumentals. She remains unrestricted by genres, expectations or trends, and, instead, writes straight from the heart.

Ted When – “Guide Me Home” (Jubilee Remix)

Guide Me Home” (Jubilee Remix) is the second in a series of seven remix singles created in partnership with Fool’s Gold Records. All seven remixers are members of Fool’s Gold’s community of artists.“Collaboration is in Fool’s Gold’s DNA. As a label founded by DJs, we’re always looking for new sounds and new contexts, something fresh to layover something classic,” note Fools Gold founders A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs. “So when the opportunity presented itself to team up with an iconic label like Motown and our longtime friends at Blacksmith to help introduce an exciting new artist like Ted When, it was a no-brainer. The remix EP puts a FG spin on Ted’s unique voice and original songwriting, showcasing a wide range of sounds from the label’s friends and family with the anything-goes spirit of a handmade mixtape.”

Keiks – “Dance All Night”

Keiran ‘Keiks’ McLean releases his new dancefloor destroyer “Dance All Night“. This new track is certainly a great place to start on that front, with Kieks showcasing his powerful production prowess via strong kick drums and irresistible rolling chord patterns. Bringing a real tech-house feel to the rhythmic weapon. The only downside of the single’s warm melody is that many clubs remain closed due to the pandemic because this one really packs a punch on the dancefloor!

GRiZ X Jauz – “No Doubt”

Multi-instrumentalist producer GRiZ and bass music icon JAUZ have released their heavy-hitting collaboration, “No Doubt”. This releasee is a full-body banger that harnesses their combined sound design prowess to create dubstep’s next anthem.

*Featured Image | via Indecent Noise, German Brigante, Kat Saul and Steve Brian*

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