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Art - March 22, 2021

‘Break Free’ And Let This Week’s New Music Flow Through Your ‘Bloodstream’ | ICYMI Monday

‘Break Free’ and let this week’s new music from the likes of Ferry Corsten, Ruben de Ronde, Talla 2XLC, Allen Watts and many more flow through your ‘Bloodstream’.

Ferry Corsten x Ruben de Ronde – ‘Bloodstream’

A deep, dark and melody-focused masterpiece from two bona fide dance music mainstays, ‘Bloodstream’ shows just how broad the skill sets of Ferry Corsten and Ruben de Ronde are. With evolving arpeggios and deep bass growls pushed into pole position to interlock the rousing melodies with melodic techno’s signature suspense, this hybrid production offers its creators’ fans a whole new world to explore.

Talla 2XLC & Allen Watts – ‘Suburbia’

Following on from bona fide bangers ‘Helix’ and ‘Equinox’, Talla 2XLC and Allen Watts deliver their third collaborative effort to send sparks flying on the Who’s Afraid Of 138?! imprint. A colossal track from two of Trance’s most productive producers, ‘Suburbia’ harbors more than enough energy to get the global Trance crowd roaring at max volume.

KSHMR – ‘Harmonica Andromeda’

“The creation of ‘Harmonica Andromeda’ made me fall in love with music all over again — there’s a journey in every song. It’s the most creative music I’ve ever made and the most challenging, filled with sharp turns and surprises. I hope the world loves it as much as I do.”


Super8 & Tab – ‘In This Life’

Taken from the second part of Super8 & Tab’s These Little Stories’ album, ‘In This Life’ sees the Finnish duo whip up their own brand of magic again. Transitioning from their raw trademark bassline into a heavenly, vocal-inspired breakdown with a pure, uplifting melody, this record entices listeners across the globe to take a deep breath and embrace the wonder all around them.

Cosmic Gate x Diana Miro – ‘Blame’

Premiered during their Miami Open Skies livestream last weekend, GRAMMY-nominated electronic music act Cosmic Gate’s first 2021 single, ‘Blame’ is out now. Given lyrical and vocal smoulder by singer/songwriter Diana Miro, it finds Nic and Bossi bringing music with a more introspective edge. Marked out with dramatically drawn strings, pulsing percs, twisted synths and sub-bass-boom, over seven mood-brooding minutes, the track moves emotively from simmer to sear.

Dezza – ‘44° North, 63° West’

Inspired by and a celebration of the small coastal province of Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada that he calls home, ‘44° North, 63° West’ sees Dezza at his musical best. Featuring singles ‘My Breath’, ‘Settle’, ‘Getaway’ and ‘Carry Me’, this sophomore effort is a glorious collection of progressive house productions that puts Dezza at the forefront of the genre, cementing his name as one of its most important creators.

MAKJ – ‘Night Ends’

Love can be a truly beautiful thing, especially when you’re so enanmored you shudder at the thought of ever being apart. Many songs have tried to capture this feeling, but none have done so as strikingly as MAKJ did with his brand-new release on Armada Music: ‘Night Ends’.

Alesso x CORSAK – ‘Going Dumb (feat. Stray Kids)

Multi-platinum selling and GRAMMY-nominated Swedish electronic artist and producer, Alesso returns with his latest hit single ‘Going Dumb’. Alesso has been joined by Chinese producer CORSAK across both of the single’s edits, and K-Pop supergroup Stray Kids adding their vocals to a Korean-English hybrid hit!

Kryder x Mark Roma – ‘Pleasure Or Pain’

Since ‘K2’, Kryder’s been able to genre-surf at will, with his most recent remix work (on ilan Bluestone x Maor Levi’sHold On’ and Solarstone’sWhen I Dream’) putting him in a trancier state of mind. That’s tipped over into his own music, and most specifically into the trance-progressive trappings of ‘Pleasure Or Pain’.

NBLM x H3NRY THR!LL x Biometrix – ‘Superman’

From the very start ‘Superman’ loiters with rude intent in the bottom ends of the production spectrum, threatening to do realistic damage to bass bins the world over. Aggressive synth sections thrust up against raucously reverberating basslines, rhythms shuddering, stuttering and spitting as Biometrix’s vocal swaggers across the topline with an arrogant confidence. For fans of H3nry Thr!ll’s harder, more bass-heavy work, this should tick all of the boxes (and will probably kick them to the curb while it’s at it).

Riot Ten – ‘Get Out’

Whether it’s heavy dubstep, melodic trap, hip-hop, hardstyle or house, Riot Ten has it mastered. Following ‘Poppin’, the lead single to his forthcoming LP, Riot Ten returns with the explosive sophomore single ‘Get Out’. This spitfire collaborative effort with STARX is out now via Dim Mak

Henry Carlin x Jay Hayton – ‘Break Free’

Henry Carlin and Jay Hayton have teamed up to deliver ‘Break Free’, a dynamic aural embodiment of both producer’s signature styles. Released via In My Opinion, the record label of Norwegian trance legend Orjan Nilsen, the track signifies a momentous step in the careers of two of the industry’s fastest-rising talents.

Lycoriscoris – ‘Utsurou’

“Memories and retrospection are the fundamental concepts that inspire my music. For instance, my own artist’s name plays on the name of the Lycoris flower. In Japan, it’s often found near cemeteries, which is, of course, a dark connotation — however, one day when searching in the Language of Flowers (Floriography) I discovered that the word Lycoris also means ‘I’m looking forward to seeing you again’. I realized how this dark flower also hides a beautiful and positive message. I think my music, and my new album ‘Utsurou’, has the same kind of dualism as the Lycoris flower.”


Lime – ‘Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonight (Jacques Greene Remix)’

An atmospheric, emotion-tinged rework that builds in intensity across its five minutes, Jacques Greene turns ‘Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonight’ into a fluttering ambient techno cut that maintains the electricity of the 1982 original.

Helloworld – ‘Voices (feat. Pauline Herr)’

Helloworld is making their debut appearance on the recently launched Heaven Sent imprint with ‘Voices’, featuring Pauline Herr. The melodic bass upstart Helloworld is making its introduction with the first official single, ‘Voices’, kickstarting the project with such a strong entry point. It has been a year in the making, after Helloworld reached out to esteemed singer/songwriter from Los Angeles Pauline Herr. Her tender vocal delivery cuts through the space with ease, filling the void with a spacious melodic bass beat that lets the message come through loud and clear.

JaySounds – ‘I Know What You Came For (feat. Bianca)’

JaySounds has unleashed his sophomore single on Night Mode with a straightforward house number called ‘I Know What You Came For’, featuring Bianca. The Aussie sensation has become a force to be reckoned with from Down Under. Last year, he made his debut on the gamer-centric imprint Night Mode with an electro-fueled collab alongside Jacknife. He’s now dishing out his own standalone single for his follow-up release, teaming up with another Australian talent named Bianca on ‘I Know What You Came For’, an empowering cross-over house record about standing your ground and letting your true colors show through.

Jaded – ‘The Lights (feat. Indira May)’

Jaded has made their debut appearance on Insomniac Records this week, with a new house single called ‘The Lights’, featuring Indira May. The three-man outfit from the UK have become a beacon for the vibrant London underground scene, having formed the project after crossing paths in the city’s celebrated club and rave circuit. In the last couple of years, they brought their knocking percussive persuasions to a solid list of tastemaker labels from the likes of Sweat It Out, Toolroom, Higher Ground, All We Have Is Now and more. Jaded is now capturing the essence of seizing the night on their latest offering, ‘The Lights’, moving in with a playful and daring groove that rubs shoulders with a sultry vocal topline from singer Indira May.

Renato S x Rosh – ‘Bombs’

“It was amazing to work with Renato S on our track [‘Bombs’]! The idea was to create a high energy rave track and we hope that you are happy with the result. The future looks bright and I hope you’ll see me at a show somewhere in the world this year!”


Flamingosis – ‘Cosmic Feeling’

Electronic and future funk producer Flamingosis reveals a brand-new animated music video for his single ‘Cosmic Feeling’. Noted as his first release of 2021, ‘Cosmic Feeling’ will be featured on his forthcoming album project set to debut later this year.

*Featured image via Ferry Corsten, Ruben de Ronde, Talla 2XLC and Allen Watts*