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Fresh Music - August 29, 2021

‘Behind Closed Doors’ We’ve Been Listening To This Week’s New Music ‘Day & Night’ | ICYMI Monday

‘Behind Closed Doors’ we’ve been listening to this week’s new music from the likes of Craig Connelly, Ferry Corsten, DJ T.H., Rinaly and more ‘Day & Night’.

Armin van Buuren x Timmy Trumpet – ‘Anita’

Unlikely collaborations are bound to produce unlikely results, and Armin van Buuren and Timmy Trumpet first-ever creative collision is a testament to that. From the hardstyle-inspired kick drums in the intro to the infectious trumpets, catchy vocals and devastating psy-trance-flavored drops, ‘Anita’ is one of the most playful and impactful anthems you’ll be hearing this decade.

DJ T.H., Rinaly & Gid Sedgwick – ‘Who I Await’

ZYX Trance presents the ultimate collaboration of the summer by  DJ T.H. from Germany, the Japanese trance starlet Rinaly and the British singer Gid Sedgwick called ‘Who I Await’! You can expect a great package of two must-have versions. The original extended is solid uplifting trance written by the book with roof raising melodies and dynamic vocals that will stand out from the crowd. Pure vocal trance enjoyment from the first beat to the last. Andre Visior remix goes in a more techy direction with groovy addictive beats and superb synthy lines and mesmerizing vocals on top. Long atmospheric breakdown and euphoric climax ensures your satisfaction.

Shapov x NERAK – ‘Circles’

Globally renowned for his distinct progressive blend, Russian DJ and producer Shapov returns to Armada Music with a 3-track EP titled ‘Circles’, teaming up with fellow countryman Nerak. Opening with a dark and mysterious cut, ‘Vetra’ explores a melodic soundscape with chiming synths and an alluring vocal piece, further demonstrating Shapov’s musical maturity. For the three offerings, the pair craft a poignant production ‘Heaven’, which features a soft vocal, soaring synths and melodic sensibilities. Closing the EP in emphatic fashion with ‘Illusion’, this collaboration blends a driving bassline and dramatic synths with an enchanting vocal piece. 

Ferry Corsten – ‘Poison (feat. Lovlee)’

Ferry Corsten and Lovlee embark on another collaborative journey that’s at least as tantalizing. From the crystalline vocals to the broken beats to the potent bassline surging through its veins, ‘Poison’ is bound to have a lasting effect on all who grant it a listen.

Andrew Rayel pres. AETHER – ‘Ascendit ad Paradisum’

Delivering another epic cut under his AETHER alias, Andrew Rayel takes listeners on a journey steeped in musical brilliance. With gorgeous vocal chants lighting up the backdrop and tantalizing chords soaring higher and higher, ‘Ascendit ad Paradisum’ will have fans on cloud nine from start to finish.

Analog Sol – ‘Trinidad Dreams (AVIRA Remix)’

Diving a bit further underground to maximize the song’s floor-thrilling output, Canada’s AVIRA delivers in full on remix duty for Analog Sol. Juggling tribal percussion elements with snappy rhythms and deep bass roars steeped in suspense, this reimagination goes way beyond any fan’s wildest ‘Trinidad Dreams’.

Craig Connelly – ‘Behind Closed Doors’

Six years after touching down on the A State Of Trance label in four-fold, U.K. creator Craig Connelly hammers down with another one of his high-octane concoctions. Moving from the energetic build-up into a magnificent breakdown rife with soaring synths and uplifting intent, ‘Behind Closed Doors’ instantly achieves the melodic perfection so sought after by Trance fans worldwide.

Zack Martino – ‘Snow White (feat. Kyle Reynolds)’

Staten Island’s Zack Martino returns to the Armada imprint and his roots with ‘Snow White’ featuring Kyle Reynolds. Fusing house with splashes of Zack Martino’s punk influence, the new release is an homage to the artist’s musical past, present, and future. Widely renowned for his infectious chart-topping dance anthems, Zack Martino shines once again with this exhilarating summer romp

NGHTMRE – ‘MOSH (feat. Smokepurpp)’

Continuously breaking barriers and shattering expectations, NGHTMRE has teamed up with rapper Smokepurpp on ‘MOSH’. Paired with terrorizing 808s and menacing rap flows, this brutal hip-hop cut is out via Ultra Music.

Wenzday – ‘The One’

“I wrote ‘The One‘ originally as a poem after my breakup earlier this year. I never intended it to be a song or even be heard by anyone for that matter. I just needed to get how I was feeling on paper-the anger, the sadness, the confusion of how you can go one day being with a person you care about to all alone the next. One day I was in the studio and I wrote the musical part of the song as you hear it now and after trying for hours to make a sample or a top line work so I decided to sing my own words. This is the first time I have sung on my own track and the process was extremely cathartic. I am so excited for everyone to hear my own words in my own voice.”


Gammer x Riot Ten – ‘NGMF’

An exuberant blend of hard dance and dubstep, ‘NGMF’ perfectly encapsulates Gammer and Riot Ten’s sounds from start to finish. Vocal interjections swim throughout pulsating synths, before a detonation of heavy bass boosts the intensity and transforms the track with fiery vigor. A reckoning for headbangers and hard dance fans alike, ‘NGMF’ is certain to demolish crowds with its incendiary energy.

Edwin – ‘Day & Night (feat. Claire V)’

Day & Night’ kicks off smoothly with a light piano melody and soaring instrumentals before the emotive vocals from Claire V flood the soundscape. The single exudes feel-good energy from start to finish and incorporates cinematic elements throughout. The enchanting progressive melody of ‘Day & Night’ captivates with its resonant sound, taking listeners on an uplifting sonic journey. The awe-inspiring, anthemic single serves as a memorable introduction to the work of Edwin.

Cassie Marin – ‘Busy Body’

On ‘Busy Body’, Cassie Marin’s otherworldly vocals float across a sea of indie-electronica beats and melodic synths delivering sharp-witted lyrics that explore the binary of being both the watcher and the watched in the digital world. In an era dominated by social surveillance, the song invites listeners to reflect on our culture’s technological obsession, where social media likes and follows have become the new markers for petty social politics.

Luis del Carmen – ‘Warlocks’

Angelo del Carmen stands as one of the most exciting rising talents in the electronic music scene currently, pursuing multiple sound profiles in order to stretch his creativity and scope to the fullest. Having debuted his techno-leaning Luis del Carmen moniker last month with his ‘We Collide’ EP on IAMT Red, Angelo now returns to the release radar to further cement this budding alias with a brand new offering for Numen — his 2-track EP, ‘Warlocks’. 

Surf Mesa – ‘Another Life (feat. FLETCHER x Josh Golden)’

Astralwerks has released Surf Mesa’s new single, ‘Another Life’ featuring acclaimed singer-songwriters FLETCHER and Josh Golden on vocals. Introduced by emotional guitar melodies, the song quickly takes flight. The intimate dancefloor duet imagines a world where the pain of loss has been paved over, permitting love to bloom anew.

SOLON, VY-DA & Able Faces – ‘New Way Out (Third Party Edit)’

Release Records label bosses Third Party have dropped their first slice of new music since ‘We Found Love’, as they launch their edit of ‘New Way Out’. The track represents an aural embodiment of their famous progressive sound. 

Win & Woo – ‘Knots’

“Every once in a while you meet that special person that turns your life around for the better. ‘Knots’ is about allowing someone to love you and breaking down the walls of your past. This track is a testament to trusting yourself as an artist. We wrote the song 3 years ago with Blair Lee and when we went to write the album in Joshua Tree we never had a doubt that it had to be on the project.”

Win & Woo

Alex Hobson – ‘Hands (feat. Katy Tiz)’

Hotly-tipped Manchester based DJ and producer Alex Hobson has unveiled his infectious new single ‘Hands’ featuring Katy Tiz via RCA UK. Featuring a sample of Crystal Water’s timeless classic ‘Gypsy Woman’, Hobson combines euphoric piano chords with infectious breakdowns and is topped by the stunning vocals of Katy Tiz to create a club-ready banger.

*Featured image via Craig Connelly, Ferry Corsten, DJ T.H., and Rinaly