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Bass Coast 2019 | Debuts Stunningly Unique Theme

by Darby Rayanne

Well freaks, my guess was way off. When Bass Coast first released a post with their logo bubbling underwater, I was convinced that we were setting sail this year with an under-the-sea theme. Yes I know, assuming things makes a you-know-what out of me, but I digress. Though I was looking forward to embracing my inner mermaid, Bass Coast’s 2019 theme, Duality, is stunningly unique. Over the past few weeks, Bass Coast’s Instagram has been fluttering with activity. A series of mysterious posts were released hinting towards this year’s theme. Even though I found myself puzzled by the reflective geometric shapes, when the final announcement rolled in today it had us all buzzing.

Duality is defined as an opposition or contrast between two aspects of something; a dualism. Black and white, yin and yang, light and dark, stillness and movement. It seems almost poetic. It is time to get those creative juices flowing! I am eagerly awaiting the moment when everyone comes together July 12th-15th to witness each individual’s take on duality and how it will blossom into dress, signs, and decor. As I begin counting the months until the gates open, I will be in wonder of how duality will be transformed into Bass Coast’s mesmerizing essence.

Bass Coast takes place July 12th-15th in Merritt, BC. Curious to know more about Bass Coast 2019: Duality? Click image below for more info!

Bass Coast 2019 Duality Merritt, BC
Bass Coast 2019 Duality | Click Image for Info & Tickets!

*All Images Via @BassCoastFest IG*

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