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Awe-Inspiring Art and Turnt Totems of Electric Forest 2019 | Photo Gallery

by Speed Raver

Electric Forest is more about atmosphere and experience than the music, and one of the main components of that is the incredible art installations and structures throughout the venue (primarily within Sherwood Forest) that transport attendees to a magical new world. Additionally, the totem landscape of Electric Forest is generally the most impressive, hilarious and diversely wacky of any U.S. festival. Check out the art and totems that dazzled us this year below.

A live painter in the early stages of her new piece on the first day

These artful umbrellas hang above the main trail from Ranch Arena to Sherwood Forest.

Veggie Squad Let Us Turn Up The Beat totems Electric Forest
The Veggie Squad – an iconic staple of Electric Forest totems
ADE (Alien Dick Energy)
I saw some stunning body paint art throughout the weekend, though this tattoo canvas floored me.
Handmade Moments provides relaxing yet goofy entertainment at the cozy new Honeycomb stage. The multitiered design features plenty of spots to rest with numerous vantage points of the surrounding area.
Countless exchanges of “Happy Forest!” rang out each day, but encountering the dopey mug of Forrest Whittaker with this phrase would infect you with a grin even bigger than his.
A Dirtybird totem glows under the sparkling laser light shining on the umbrella canopy.
Disco house was king in the Carousel Club, a bumpin’, circus-like tent stage at the back of The Hangar.
Spin around under this spaceship-like structure long enough and the aliens beam you up.
The VW hippie van is a wonderful hang-out spot and photo op that gets upgraded each year.
infinity temple led mirror art installation
The Infinity Temple by Florentine Farms was the most eye-popping new installation.
The Fairy Door Portal and two of the fairy doors. HobbyGypsy Creations makes 24 unique doors with inspirational quotes inside them for each Electric Forest. Click here for their album of all of this year’s doors.
The time is now, to live in the present.
Jen under the Moonflower
The Moonflower glows in the night-light
I came up to this group and asked, “What’s his name?” A hilarious wave of embarrassment came over them as they realized they forgot to christen this totem that takes five people to carry. I don’t recall what they came up with, but I dubbed him Slinky Slippy.
The jellyfish umbrella is a classic totem design, and a handful of different ones can be found floating through the crowds each year.
This giant flower installation would bloom overhead entranced festivalgoers laying down to gaze upon the trippy projection-mapped designs morphing across its surface. After a while, it seemed to even pollinate them with a mysterious spray.
Supremely trippy animations projected onto this wall next to The Honeycomb stop passersby in their tracks to absorb the visual splendor.
Projection mapping on the Seven Chakra Pagoda. This installation in Reincarnation Village has three inhabitable floors that progressively shrink as you ascend, and four tiny, inaccessible levels above those.
A blacklight-reactive painting
George Cooney taxidermy raccoon at festival
This taxidermied raccoon was rescued from a backwoods Kentucky McDonalds parking lot, where he was stationed in a canoe. He was dubbed George Cooney and given new life in the festival circuit. After five years and many memories, his owner is now retiring the adorable rascal.
Busted out of Area 51 for his first festival.

The terrarium tree-creature totem

Speed Raver Electric Cycle
Speed Raver charges up at the Electric Cycle windmill.

While different versions of the dancing goddess have been part of the Forest the last several years, this wizard is a new statue that displayed mesmerizing visual magic at night thanks to magnificent projection mapping.

Jardín de Sueños Electric Forest
Seeing double in the Jardín de Sueños
Jardín de Sueños Electric Forest 2019
“E.T. Glow Home”
Funky Fred LED dragon totem
Funky Fred the LED Dragon. All of his lights are controlled from an iPad.
Carry the love of this place wherever you go.

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