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Music Festivals - January 23, 2021

Armin van Buuren Announces ASOT 1000 Celebration Weekend

History has been made in the trance scene with the 1000th episode of the A State of Trance radio show where Armin van Buuren has unveiled the dates of the ASOT 1000 celebration weekend!

This past week has marked a monumental milestone in the world of trance music. Armin van Buuren’s radio show, A State of Trance has hit its 1000th episode — an achievement that deserves nothing more than massive celebration. And this historical moment received just that. 

Leading up to the milestone event, ASOT broadcasted a seven-day-long countdown of the Top 1000 Trance Tunes ever! This countdown, along with the five-hour celebration on Thursday, January 21st had reached over 50 million fans across 121 different countries. During this special broadcast, Armin and his team unveiled the Top 50 Trance Tunes and the ASOT 1000 Anthem

Click the image to stream the ASOT 1000 Anthem, ‘Turn The World Into A Dancefloor’ on your favorite streaming platform.

This episode had fans dancing the whole way through, which did exactly what Armin van Buuren envisioned since he started the radio show in 2001: to ‘Turn The World Into A Dancefloor’. Dancing wasn’t all we were doing while watching from home, we were cheering with joy when Armin announced the dates of the ASOT 1000 Celebration Weekend!

With such a huge achievement, comes an even bigger celebration. This year, we will be having a one-time-only two-show ASOT weekend! The weekend will kick off on Friday, September 3rd with a show that pays tribute to twenty years of A State Of Trance. The second show on Saturday, September 4th is a more “usual” celebration of ASOT in line with the previous milestone celebrations and is meant to have fans looking forward to all that’s still to come for A State Of Trance.

In order to gain access to the exclusive fan pre-sale that starts on January 28 at 1pm CET (7am EST), fans need to register before midnight on January 27 here. The regular ticket sale starts on January 30 at 1pm CET (7am EST). 

Click the image to register for pre-sale tickets!

*Featured image via A State of Trance*