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Gabriel & Dresden at Dreamstate 2019

Are you ready for ‘Remedy’, Gabriel and Dresden’s Much-Anticipated Album is Heading Our Way This Week!

by Aimee Rivas

The day has almost arrived my friends, the day we’ve all been waiting for since we first heard Gabriel and Dresden were back in the studio. This week we will finally get to hear ‘Remedy’, the duo’s third full-length artist LP, in its entirety. As the singles off the release started trickling in, the anticipation for the full album has been massive. Gabriel & Dresden are legends in the genre and we know this new project will be a masterpiece.

‘Remedy’ is described as “inspired by the comfort we can find when wrapped in nature”. This paints a picturesque view of the enchanting ambiance that is awaiting us. If it’s flow is anything like their 2017 critically acclaimed album ‘The Only Road’, we can only imagine the atmospheric and passionate delivery we will hear on this new release. Having road-tested the new tracks all over the world, including opening for Above & Beyond at ABGT350 in Prague, we’ve caught a glimpse into the hypnotizing and timeless feel of what’s to come.

Gabriel & Dresden at Group Therapy 350 in Prague via Above & Beyond

Gabriel and Dresden have partnered once again with Sub Teal who provided vocals on several tracks on ‘The Only Road’. Her presence on the new release is apparent and her beautiful and soulful lyrics give a hint of familiarity and elegance. They’ve also teamed up with UK-based singer Jan Burton for several songs including ‘Keep on Holding’ which has been heard throughout their sets at the end of 2019.

Like ‘The Only Road’, ‘Remedy’ was funded by their dedicated Kickstarter audience. Through Kickstarter, they created amazing ways for the fans to be involved in all aspects of making the album. They could get a thank you in the credits or even have the opportunity to come to their studio and make songs with them. Fans loved the way they were able to be involved and become a part of the project.

‘Remedy’ is available for preorder now and will be out everywhere on Friday, January 17th on Anjunabeats. Gabriel & Dresden are also hitting the road for the North American Remedy Album Tour this weekend with their first stop at Canada’s Igloofest. So far, there are sixteen dates on the tour and more are still being added. If you do not see a city near you, do not fret, they may be announced soon. We will keep you updated with any new dates and be on the lookout for their World Tour which is being revealed later this year.

Gabriel & Dresden tour dates for the Remedy Album Tour!
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