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AnGy KoRe & Gabriel Padrevita Ignite Parking Lot at Basscafé Techno Drive-In

by /\bz Groove Machine

Italian DJ AnGy KoRe and German DJ Gabriel Padrevita performed b2b in front of an eager collective of fans at the Basscafé Techno Drive-In in Heinsberg, Germany at the end of May 2020Dozens of cars filled the safely spaced parking lot, mirroring the image of a drive-in movie theater, but for raging Techno! This collaboration marks the first time AnGy KoRe and Gabriel Padrevita have performed b2b, though they’ve been releasing tracks together intermittently for over two years. Both of these artists started their musical careers at a young age, so it’s no wonder that their youthful passions drove them together.  More recently, they’ve been pairing up to cook crowd-pleasing recipes to Techno music and warming our hearts during a time of uncertainty.  No matter what they’re doing, they always can be seen laughing and having fun with each other, which makes them so fun to follow during the quarantine.

The Basscafé Techno Drive-In is one of the early attempts to return to live music in the Covid-19 era.  EDM fans know first hand how important it is to see, hear, and feel not only the music, but the energy of fellow ravers as well.  Although a structured drive-in is not quite the same, this was finally an opportunity to feel the beats and interact with other fans from a safe distance.  Basscafé Techno Drive-In attendees could be seen blowing bubbles, grooving next to their cars, and even taking funnel shots.  We may be far from the days until we can return to the festival atmosphere we know and love, but drive-in style shows may become much more popular in the meantime.  Just remember to BYOF: Bring Your Own Funnel. 

Basscafé Techno Drive-In Attendee blowing bubbles | Photo by Basscafé

These Techno wizards aren’t the only ones taking the show on the road. More and more DJs and entertainers have announced parking lot tours in lieu of the ability to have large gatherings. For example, No Parking on the Dance Floor is taking over drive-in movie theaters across the US to bring music to deprived fans. Keep an eye out, because one may be swinging into a city near you sooner than you think!

AnGy KoRe and Gabriel Padrevita have found ways to thrive together in a time when we’re all stuck inside.  They have made a series of live streams whipping up some delicious recipes to Techno music, including pizza, sushi, burgers, and even carbonara on the menu!  Titled “How to kill your boring coronavirus quarantine,” the two skilled Techno DJs will trade off mixing, mashing, and morphing music and ingredients together throughout the live stream, which has typically lasted around an hour.  Meanwhile, their antics and chemistry are on full display as they dress up in costumes, make silly faces, and embrace all of their beautiful weirdness throughout the stream.  Follow them on the socials below so you don’t miss the next Techno recipe! 

AnGy KoRe and Gabriel Padrevita making Schnitzel | Photo by AnGy KoRe

AnGy KoRe: Facebook | SoundCloud | YouTube

Gabriel Padrevita: Facebook | SoundCloud | YouTube

*Featured Video from YAM Agency on YouTube*

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