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Our Favorite Techno Demon is Set to Annihilate Us with AM 444

by Patrick Boyd

Stuck at home, music has been the only thing keeping me going. While we are spending an unprecedented amount of time within our own four walls, some of our favorite artists are hard at work continuing to produce for the community. i_o has been doing just that. The new single “Annihilation” with Canadian singer-songwriter Lights was released on the 15th. We have seen several live stream performances on Twitch and Insomniac’s Countdown Virtual Rave-A-Thon. The most exciting is yet to come with the conclusion to i_o’s three-part album project AM 444 set to release on May 29th. His bass-driven, warehouse shaking, ominous sound is about the closest obtainable feeling to the dingy rave that I would die to be immersed in right now. So hold onto your hat Dorothy, because we’re not in Kansas anymore. 

While still being relatively new to the scene, i_o has made his mark. Found by deadmau5 and signed to mau5trap Recordings,  i_o started out as Trap artist Fawks and has since evolved to become our favorite dark Techno demon persona. He brings a feel of big room Trance into a uniquely demented flurry of Acid House and big room Techno vibes. His sound evokes Bass face every single time. He has spent a decent amount of time on the festival circuit and more recently had his 444 Tour cut short due to the virus whose name shall not be spoken. The 444 trilogy commemorates an obscure underground New York City venue that reminds him of the first experiences he had with raves and nightclubs. Each installment of the trifecta champions a different realm of dance music that helped Garrett define himself as an artist.ACID 444″ is the first part and is rooted in the beginnings of Techno and i_o’s warehouse days with tracks like “Kill Process”. “NRG 444″ came next and has more of a confrontational uptempo peak hour type feel.

Creating a world of their own dubbed EDEN, Lights and i_o provide the voice of a different reality. One immerses us into a digital paradise with the intent of escapism while the other is in a dire state of consciousness. It sets the scene for conflict between hope and despair perfectly defining the world we currently live in. AM 444 promises to evoke more emotion and contain “lengthy melodic tracks.” This emotion can be heard on his new release, Annihilation. Upon first hearing it, I thought it was a bit heavy on Lights and not enough i_o. To me, it’s too lovey-dovey feeling and not enough no bullshit bassline bump. But surprisingly enough, the track grew on me as I continued listening. A video found on i_o’s Instagram hints at a track called “Run” and seems to have heard my wants. He gave me exactly what I wanted. It begins with a powerful vocal from Lights and transitions into the i_o sound I crave so much. The track fizzles out right before the buildup and has left me yearning to experience the drop.  

Be sure to give these first two parts a listen in the days approaching and then we can all start our Friday May 29th out with a brand new EP to get us through these trying times. Also, be on the lookout for the 444 merch partnership with Infinite Future Gear that is rumored to be dropping at 4:44 am that morning! (clever huh?)

Mini Doc on the story of i_o

*Featured Image via Artist Facebook*

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