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ABGT300 | Did you Miss it? All the sets are Live! | What We Know About ABGT350!

by TerraNova.Lov3

For many, it was bittersweet when the location announcement for ABGT300 came and we all found out that Hong Kong would be the destination…

“So far to travel…”,

“Do I need a visa?”,

“Hong Kong is so expensive!”,

“I’m sitting this one out but I’ll be there in spirit!”,

“I’ll watch the live stream!” was a lot of the sentiment we got here in the US. Even Fresh Music Freaks decided not to travel and incur the expense. It was hefty even if you found cheap flights. Coupled with the fact that we, along with 25,000 other Anjuna family were spoiled with ABGT250 and the majestic outdoor setting at the Gorge, in Washington state we all just stayed home or attended viewing parties elsewhere.

The weekend was still magical and we most definitely got our fix…

So if you don’t remember her is a little recap and more…

Friday saw Above & Beyond take to the seas for a 1 hour deep DJ on a traditional junk boat in the middle of Victoria Harbour; set against the dramatic city skyline. The set, featuring world exclusives from Ben Böhmer, Dosem and Tinlicker is available to watch.

Saturday night saw Jono, Paavo and Tony’s broadcast ABGT300 (their 750th radio show in total) live from a sold out Asia-World Expo center. The marathon 8-hour show saw Ben Böhmer, Spencer Brown, GRUM, Andrew Bayer and Ilan Bluestone take to the stage, in addition to an immersive 2-hour headline set from Above & Beyond; transforming the arena into a neon-lit street market scene.

Above & Beyond debuted four new original productions, including ‘There’s Only You’ (feat. Zoë Johnston) and ‘Flying By Candlelight’ (feat. Marty Longstaff), taken from their forthcoming ‘Common Ground Companion EP’. Typical of the inclusive spirit of Group Therapy, this year’s Push The Button moment saw members of the China Trance community and Anjuna family unite on stage to hit play on ‘Sun & Moon’.

 As a celebration of the two-month mark coming up and preparation for ABGT350 we have collected all the videos. 


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Ben Bohmer

Spencer Brown


Unfortunately, Grum’s set is not available on YouTube as of this posting.

Andrew Bayer

Above and Beyond

Ilan Bluestone

Sunday, Provided a downtempo, reflective end to the weekend, things moved back to the city for Anjunadeep Open Air: Hong Kong. Taking over the harbourside at Nursery Park, the day began with a meditative moment courtesy of a rare Above & Beyond Yoga set led by Paavo and local instructor Chaukei Ngai. Anjunadeep mainstays Luttrell, James Grant and Jody Wisternoff, Ben Böhmer, Dom Donnelly and Penelope provided the soundtrack at the sunset over Kowloon Bay.


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Unfortunately Above and Beyond’s | Yoga Set is not available as of this posting.

Dom Donnelly & Penelope

Unfortunately, Ben Bohmer’s Live Set is not available as of this posting.

James Grant & Jody Wisternoff


So where do we go from here…

Well we actually have nothing to announce when it comes to ABGT350 except that there is a planning group on Facebook and here is that link!

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